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2 years after ‘Blackfish,’ Sea World is losing money — but have they changed their ways? 

In 2013 Blackfish, the documentary about SeaWorld’s treatment of orcas revealed a dark world of questionable practices and ethics at the marine-based theme park. In the years since, stock shares dropped by 45%, dipping 33% in one day in August 2014. The company has invested $10M in PR, but actual changes to the parks? That’s a different story.

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here's a challenge for you! i challenge you create an orca-themed coord! be as subtle or as overt as you like. (you don't have to answer this right now, also, but an indication that you got this message would be stellar! tumblr is really rude to me with messages...) thank you and i look forward to the result!

Orcas have always made me think of maids because of their white bellies that remind me of aprons but they’re also so elegant so I wanted to do something a little on the Classic side that includes an apron so that the orca didn’t just come in through the accessories, but the base of the coord as well. I think it’s really cute!


“Shachimaru’s Theme” from Ōkami


Orca’s Theme from the Okami soundtrack. One of my favorite tracks, it’s so happy and lovely! I’d ride on Orca just to hear this sometimes.

Future Fish: Chef Haruka x Fireman Makoto AU

Written by: my-ships-have-canons.tumblr.com, August 2014

This fic is really long (I’m not exaggerating- 10 pages); it is also heavily detailed and slow-paced. If you are looking for something quick to read, this is not it. However, if you do have the time to invest in it, then I hope you enjoy it.
The story is based on my idea of how the Future Fish! AU would work.

Warning: This fic contains some mildly graphic imagery.

Rating: SFW! I apologize if you would prefer NSFW content (and I can write some for you on request, if you want), but it didn’t feel appropriate for the storyline.

**While mainly focusing on the MakoHaru ship, it contains some elements that may be interpreted as MakoRin. There are also elements of other ships like SouRin and SouMako, so this could be interpreted as a multishipping fic, depending on how you read it (I honestly didn’t intend for it to be that way, but here it is). The story also features some cameos from supporting characters that are, in my opinion, quite interesting.

***There may be a part two of this fic, depending on how I feel, but I can’t guarantee anything. Please let me know what you think of this (your reactions, good things, bad things, where improvements can be made, etc.)!

Future Fish: Chef Haruka x Fireman Makoto AU


The story is set in November, 5 years after Haruka and Makoto’s graduation from high school. Haruka has graduated from a university with a master’s degree in culinary arts, and, after combining his savings with a portion of Makoto’s earnings, has purchased and remodeled a seaside restaurant, which he has just recently opened. Haruka and Makoto’s childhood friend, Aki Yazaki, works as a waitress at Haruka’s restaurant.

After receiving an associate’s degree in health services/ paramedical technologies, Makoto has been working as the active captain of the town’s main firefighting brigade for 3 years. His unit works closely with the police department, and he is in frequent contact with the head of police, Rin Matsuoka, and his chief lieutenant, Sosuke Yamazaki.  Makoto has saved many lives, and is a popular local hero.

Haruka and Makoto live together in a seaside cottage located exactly halfway between the firehouse and the restaurant. They have lived there for 5 years, and hope to live there for many more.


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