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Mermaid moodboard : Inuit mermaids

Like Sedna, or Sanna; the drowned goddess, Inuit mermaids were once humans. They were women from all ages who drowned by falling under the ice or being washed away by a powerful wave. 
Sedna welcomed thoses women she saw as sisters and granted them the gift of breathing underwater and an orca tail to show that they belonged to the underwater world. She painted their hands with black lines with her hair which symbolizes her own fingers and hands which were cut by her father and from which all the fish sprang out.
Inuit mermaids are benevolent spirits guiding fishermen in winter, leading the fish where they will be needed and calming Sedna when she is angry because of her hair entangled by the currents..

Respectable Zoological Facility Checklist: SeaWorld (Orcas) Edition

[ ] Spacious, naturalistic enclosures that closely resemble the animal’s wild habitat.
[ ] Enclosure is stimulating and allows animal to behave like its wild counterparts.
[ ] Enclosure allows animal to hide from humans when it doesn’t want to be seen/interact.
[ ] Safe for animals, guests, and employees.
[x] Animal habitats are clean and free of debris.

[ ] Enrichment toys and/or exercises that encourage natural behaviours and challenge the animal mentally/physically.
[x] Vets on hand to closely monitor animal’s health.
[ ] Animals show little or no signs of stress, including stereotypical behaviours, chronic illness, physical injuries, lethargy, etc.
[ ] Animals are kept in compatible social groups.
[ ] Animals are fed a healthful diet that meets their nutritional needs, and that they would eat in the wild.
[ ] Animals are not drugged.
[ ] Animals are not used in petting schemes or circus-like shows to generate extra profit.
[ ] Animals were obtained legally and ethically.

[ ] Animal welfare as #1 priority.
[ ] Does not have a shady history or list of scandals.
[ ] Maintains a decent level of transparency and does not lie about business practices, finances, animal well-being, etc.
[ ] Commitment to education and conservation. 
[ ] Little to no use of artificial insemination. Animals are not used as “breeding machines”.
[x] Participates in the rehabilitation and release of animals.
[ ] Does not keep animals that suffer as a result of captivity.

these are just some of the things I think about when researching any place that holds live animals. Feel free to add your own!