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Transient Killer Whales by Tory Kallman on Flickr
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Monterey Bay Whale Watch All Day Trip 4/20/14

10 Interesting Facts About Orca or Killer Whales

1 >> Killer whale or orcas are not actually whales. They are oversized dolphins.

2 >> An Orca can only half sleeps with one eye open. Only one half of its brain goes to sleep while other parts remain awake. That’s why one eye remains closed and another opened. It is because, it has to come to surface often to breath air.

3 >> A ,other orca guides her young until it becomes capable enough to gather its own food.It protects and teaches the baby for a considerable amount of time.

4 >> Orcas live in large groups which are called as pods. Some pods can have more than hundred members.

5 >> A killer whale can live more than 100 years !!

6 >> Wild orcas never attack humans. There is no record till date.

7 >> Killer whales can talk to each other by using their own language! Yes, they can “talk” to each other.

8 >> Killer whales or orcas can’t breath from water like a fish. So, they have to come to the surface often to fill its lungs with air.

9 >> Orcas are one of the smartest animals on earth excluding humans. Some people believe that lack of hands has prevented them to become as intelligent or more than humans.

10 >> Orcas have their own “cultures” that passes from one generation to another in the pod. Their culture consists of language, hunting techniques, courtship rituals, training of the young etc.

Links To The Russian Orcas on Instagram

Attacks( on whales and trainers):

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Rubbing against tank walls:

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Threat displays, or signs of aggression and blowing bubbles:

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Video showing the orcas picking the bottom of the tank:

1.     https://instagram.com/p/7SFZrQgWtw/

And, erhm…

1.     https://instagram.com/p/7SWx9vFSjh/


Mother nature can be beautiful and cruel at the same time. 2015, aboard the @solmarv in Roca Partida, Revillagigedo Archipielago. Two adult male orcas attacked, killed and consumed a baby humpback whale. We were deeply overwhelmed and there was an intense vibe of awe and sadness amongst all of us. As @erick.higuera (videographer holding the camera from the panga) said: it is sad but at the same time beautiful to observe and witness natural events that may only be seen once in a lifetime.
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I just watched Blackfish on Netflix. Wow. That is without a doubt the best documentary I have seen in a long time. I am truly disgusted by the things that have been going on (and still does) in Sea World. Orcas do not belong in captivity and this is a perfect example of why.
What shocked me the most is that there are actually people who can find themselves defending the actions in Sea World like it’s not a big fucking deal. Are you kidding me? That is inhumanity at its highest.

The fact that there to this day has not been any orca attacks on human in the wild, but several in captivity should be argument enough. How can you support this? And furthermore blame the owners?
Tilly did not kill because he is a killer, he killed because he was frustrated. Sea World needs to realize that. Likewise with all the other orcas. They belong in the wild and I’m pretty sure you’d go insane if you had to spend your entire life in a fucking bathtub.

I genuinely hope that Sea World will shut down for good and that tourist will stop supporting a business of cruelty. If you haven’t seen Blackfish yet, you should go right ahead and do it.

Never capture what you can’t control.


The Sonic Theorist: The REAL Reason the Orcas attack Sonic!

look like the boy too shy

Author: foolanyfriend
Pairing(s): Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Minor Background Relationships
Characters: Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, Nathan Miller, Raven Reyes, Kyle Wick
Rating: Teen & Up Audiences
Word Count: 3474
Summary: “Bellamy, she’s not going to bite you,” Octavia says, rolling her eyes. “Well,” Miller smirks, the dark green scales of his tail catching the light as he idly flicks it back and forth, treading water. “You never do know with those royal types.”

for keywordlydia. so the other night this happened. now this has happened. the 100 and mermaids, what can i say?
i wrote this in like 4 hours, and it’s unbetaed, so apol for any errors
title is, of course, from “Kiss the Girl,” from the Little Mermaid. enjoy! :)


“Bellamy, she’s not going to bite you,” Octavia says, rolling her eyes.

“Well,” Miller smirks, the dark green scales of his tail catching the light as he idly flicks it back and forth, treading water. “You never do know with those royal types.”

“Shut up, both of you,” Bellamy growls, glaring at his sister and best friend. “I’m not doing it; I’m not risking my job for some stupid game of truth or dare.”

Octavia tips her head back and laughs, the flowing mass of her hair twisting about her face in the current. “Calm down, Bell. Last I checked, senior members of the Royal Guard don’t get fired for playing innocent party games.”

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This is the famous video of Sri Lankan orcas attacking a pod of sperm whales. It became rather famous when it was first released and is the most publicized news story about the Sri Lankan orcas.

The orcas involved in this attack were: OM004 Ripple, OM005 Titan, OM006 Crush, and OM007 Moon.


waiting for the sun // a connor kenway fanmix
a mix for the freedom fighter

I. fire 
~ noah gunderson II. psyche ~ massive attack III. orca ~ wintersleep IV. angel of war ~ alessio nanni/daniel lessner V. the wolf ~ fever ray VI. who did that to you? ~ john legend VII. freedom ~ anthony hamilton & elayna boynton VIII. judgement ~ half moon run IX. where i live ~ woodkid

Great white shark versus orca   Which is the greatest ocean predator – the orca or the great white shark? A shocking encounter off the Californian coast reveals the answer. When wildlife-watchers in a boat off the Farallon Islands witnessed an orca attacking a great white shark, they were astonished by how easily the fish was overpowered. However, much of the action took place out of sight, under water. Scientists have pieced together the evidence to construct the likely sequence of events that led to the shark’s apparently timid demise. From the eyewitness accounts, it was clear that the orca didn’t bump into the great white by chance. It deliberately changed course to intercept its victim. The shark appeared unaware that it was in danger. Swimming at top speed, the orca took the shark by surprise, ramming it hard on the flank. The massive impact stunned the shark, leaving it momentarily confused and vulnerable. With the shark dazed, the orca grasped it behind the head and turned it upside- down. The shark panicked and its brain released calming serotonin that sent it into a trance. This made it far easier for the orca to drown its prey. Soon the shark was dead and the orca could start tearing it apart. CLASH OF THE TITANS: ORCA Orcinus orca SIZE: Adult male up to 9.5m; adult female up to 8.2m. WEIGHT: Male up to 5,600kg; female up to 3,600kg. TEETH: 40–52 large, conical, inward-curving teeth in upper and lower jaw. MAX SPEED: Bursts of 50kmph when in pursuit of prey. TYPICAL PREY: Mostly fish and squid; also seals, sealions and other marine mammals and seabirds. Consumes up to 200kg of food daily. MAX PREY SIZE: Several records of orcas attacking and eating grey whale calves. HUNTING TECHNIQUE: Often works in teams to corral fish or to distract prey to isolate or weaken it before delivering the killer blow. SPECIAL SKILLS: Uses echolocation – a form of sonar – to detect shoals of fish under water. DISTRIBUTION: Found in all of the world’s oceans, but most abundant in cooler waters at high latitudes. GREAT WHITE SHARK Carcharodon carcharias SIZE: 4–5.5m fully grown; occasionally over 6m. Females generally larger. WEIGHT: Usually up to 1,000kg; rarely up to 2,200kg. TEETH: 3,000 razor-sharp, triangular teeth arranged in several rows that rotate towards the front of the mouth, replacing broken ones as needed. MAX SPEED: Often reaches 40kmph. TYPICAL PREY: Mostly big fish, including tuna, rays and other sharks; also seals, sealions, dolphins, turtles and seabirds.
max prey size Sometimes attacks and kills smaller great whites HUNTING TACTICS: Solitary, ambushes prey from below with a powerful surge. SPECIAL SKILLS: Excellent sense of smell: can detect a drop of blood in 100 litres of water. Electromagnetic sense picks up the magnetic field produced by muscle activity in its prey. DISTRIBUTION: Found almost worldwide, from the subtropics to cooler, temperate seas; some populations highly migratory.   DID YOU KNOW? Great white sharks will sometimes eat whales but usually only after they’re dead. There are numerous records of sharks scavenging whale carcasses.