orc status update

fivedayslater ha contestado tu pregunta “ok so tumblr wouldn’t let me make another post yesterday because this…”

The shoulder might work. It won’t hurt so much and you can make it bigger. Only problem is if you’re wearing sleeves you can’t show it off

that’s not a bad idea and thank you for the feedback! every follower should be like you. but there are a few reasons i don’t dig the shoulder, like 

1 it would make me think of bucky’s shoulder star, and while references (and communism) are the bomb diggity, it also has a lot of ussr brainwashing implications i don’t jive with

2 i don’t want it to be big. the insignificance is part of the appeal, like, its a footnote to say YEAH THIS IS A VARIETY WITH A 1/8K OCCURRENCE THAT PEOPLE GET RABIDLY EXCITED OVER, YOU MAY HAVE GONE THROUGH HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF POKEMON TO GET HERE. heres an itty bitty red star to commemorate it. ★ it’s nintendo’s little nod like u did it bro. u achieved the dream. 

3 im thinking of getting a shoulder patch of the x men logo provided marvel spends long enough not ruining everything i like about the x men. we’ll see

but maybe a variation of the shoulder, like somewhere along my collar, or my neck? under/behind the ear is a popular place for tiny tattoos like that, which is also a good place for something that’s meant to be insignificant and identificational. hmmm.

for a brief time near 3am this morning scatterbug was my most powerful pokemon on pokemon rumble world. i had 82 pokemon. i was level 12.

up til then my best was a kadabra i caught on a two star mission that i didnt have the balloon for. it had two moves and a secret ability and was 20 points stronger than anything i had.

this scatterbug was a good 30 points above that, that’s how badass it was. it was amazing. i named it the destructor