orc dude

A crazy idea about who is the third ranked hero in Boku no Hero Academia

After seeing Sakamata in the last chapter (the orc hero), a character that first appeared in Horikoshi´s first series (the snake heroine is too), called Oumadoki Zoo, this idea came to me. What if the the third hero in the ranking is Shiina, the main character from the Zoo manga,  the Rabbit man in the following images. 

In his manga he was a cursed human transformed into a rabbit monster and with a childish personality, with the power of turning animals in more or less humanoid and inteligent monster, but the orc dude was a villain and originally a normal animal, but now he is a hero, so maybe some traits and details will change if he actually is the third best hero or simply a hero. 

And since I am talking about him, I would like to point out how Deku mask, aside from being a obvious reference to All Might, could also be one to Shiina. Just look at the rabbit-like ears and the shape of the eyes of the mask, then look back at Shiina (Hori just have to make a hole in the right ear thingy of Deku´s mask to make it completely obvious) Also, Kouda´s scarf in his little flashback during the exam is the same as Shiina´s.

There have been a lot of cameos of characters from Oumagadoki Zoo, mostly in the background and some as secondary heroes (like the Orc and the Snake woman), but I think that it would be cool to Shiina to come back as a relevant character such as the third ranked hero.