orbitz drink

If Tumblr as we know it existed when I was a teenager

“Friendly reminder that 311 stands for KKK and if you listen to them, you’re racist trash uwu.” Note: this was a real rumor in the 90s.

“Daria and Jane are madly in love and are going to live happily ever after in Boston. I don’t make the rules sweaty :)”

“Dear 👏 white 👏 people 👏 the 👏 Ruff 👏 Ryders 👏 anthem 👏 is 👏 not 👏 for 👏 you”

“Dawson Leery is a fuckboy.”

“Gentle reminder that The Oblongs is ableist garbage and anybody who watches it or follows Angus Oblong can unfollow me right now.”

“SMH, of course the only WOC has to be the "scary” one.“

*someone is doxxed for shipping Xena with a male character*

"Sweet Valley High upholds white supremacy.”

“Okay, but consider this: trans boy Lindsay Weir.”

“The autistic character of the day is: Laney Boggs.”

*insert twenty page manifesto about how problematic Marilyn Manson is here*


*insert Y2K hysteria here*

“Cishets are banned from Lillith Fair this year.”

*insert Bill Clinton meme here*

“Stop reblogging that Bill Clinton meme! He’s a literal predator! Monica is only 22!”

“What Would Jesus Do? bracelets are endemic of how Eurocentric and Christian centric our society is.”

“The Mango skits on SNL are transphobic.”

“Free Tibet!”

“Small haul today! Choker necklace, blue lipstick with glitter, and belly chain from Afterthoughts*. Elmo baby tee and Raven’s Revenge candy tube from Spencers. Toe socks and carpenter pants from Rave. Deftones CD and Orbitz drink from Sam Goody. Total saved: $100**”

* Now known as The Icing.

** I’m terrible at inflation and remembering prices from roughly 20 years ago. I’m sure that this is way off.


Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation introduces Orbitz, a non carbonated fruit flavored drink with little floating balls in it … A ‘texturally enhanced alternative beverage’, resembling a lava lamp.

I remember thinking it was pretty cool looking at the time. The novelty didn’t last long with consumers and it disappeared from shelves.

As you can imagine, the discount travel site took over the .com address to become the Orbitz we all know now.

A 90s beverage if I’ve ever seen one.

- Dan