orbital brief

- Operation: BLIND FAITH (Briefing) -

Halo 3

Commander Miranda Keyes, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, and Sgt Major Avery Johnson brief the Marines participating in Operation: BLIND FAITH’s surface engagements . Among them several hardened veterans of The Battle of Earth as well as the Battle of Installation 04 - all eager to see the war’s end.

Operation: BLIND FAITH marked the final engagement between the Covenant Empire and the United Nations Space Command. Its the only known UNSC operation conducted outside the known galaxy.

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dskmedic  asked:

Hello there! Could you write something with Zenyatta's S/O getting scared after seeing his new Halloween skin for the first time?


 - - - - - - - - - - -

Halloween was quickly approaching and Zenyatta had been working on a costume for quite a while. He was beyond excited to show you his hard work- with the help of Genji. Zenyatta had to make sure to not let the surprise slip, it almost happens on multiple occasions he was lucky for his student to be by his side.

Last year with the skull and brains painted onto him was done at the last minute with your help. Everyone commented on how adorable he was trying to be scary. As nice as those compliments were Halloween was a time to be scared so he wanted to scare everyone.

You showed him your costume a week before the party, he adored it you were adorable.
“Would you like me to do ‘Skullyatta’ again?”
“No thank you. I already have a costume.” His excitement was seeping through by his orbs orbiting quickly for a brief second.
“A secret is it?” You hummed amused watching as Zen seemed to fidget with his fingers- something he never did. Just one week till the party and you’ll see, just had to be patient.

The week seemed to pass by quickly yet slowly as you thought. You were to excited to see Zen’s secret costume. He was very honest. The party was in full swing after 40 minutes of waiting for people to arrive with lousy looking costumes, ones most likely bought from the dollar store.

Everyone’s chatter quickly died down but you were too deep into the conversation you were holding with Hana to notice the eyeballs orbiting around you. They never left your eyes, no blinking just staring. You screamed at the top of your lungs as you felt metal tentacles lightly wrap around your neck.
“I’m sorry my love.” He felt really bad for scaring you but he couldn’t help but chuckle happy his plan worked.


After five years traveling through space to its destination, our Juno spacecraft will arrive in orbit around Jupiter today, July 4, 2016. This video shows a peek of what the spacecraft saw as it closed in on its destination before instruments were turned off. Watch our noon EDT Pre-Orbit Insertion Briefing on NASA Television for more: https://www.nasa.gov/nasatv or http://youtube.com/nasajpl/live

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