orbit trap

and yours is the light

because who doesn’t like fluff, heart to hearts and a little bit of stargazing

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It’s different, being on the drilling platform, but also startlingly similar to the Ark. Metal walls, slightly rusted and scratched due to exposure to the elements, the faint monotonous drum of the waves beating against the tower sounding just like the machine hum in space keeping them orbit, a steel trap. If Bellamy concentrated hard enough he could almost pretend that they were still there, before everything went to shit.

They’re not though, something he’s painfully aware of as they’re lead down the cramped hallway by one of the men who ambushed them on the beach who’s been tasked to show them to their quarters. For one thing, they wouldn’t be stopping in front of a room the size of a shoebox and telling him he’s required to share it with Clarke.

He flings the door open, it’s hinges creaking loudly, to show a small room, no more than six feet in width. ‘For you two,’ the man repeats, looking between them, when they do nothing but gape the first time around.

The two of them share a glance, Bellamy’s jaw working. ‘What,’ he replies, flatly, crossing his arms over his chest.

The man regards him with a quirk of an eyebrow. ‘There is not much room. Luna said that this would not be a problem.’

Bellamy opens his mouth, to tell him that yes, this might be a bit of a problem, because for all he and Clarke are trying to fix things between them, there’s still a long way to go and he’s nowhere near ready to spend a night in a box with her.

Instead though, he gets cut off when Clarke lays a gentle hand on his elbow, stepping forward so they stood side by side. ‘It’s fine,’ she tells the man, ‘Tell Luna that we say thanks for her hospitality.’

The man’s eyes flit down to where she’s grasping his elbow, just for a fraction of a second, before meeting their eyes once more. He seems to be holding back a smirk and Bellamy wishes he still had his gun. Thankfully, he doesn’t say anything, instead jerking his head at Octavia and Jasper. ‘You two are down the hall,’ he says, before pivoting on his heel and expecting them to follow. Bellamy stands with Clarke, and watches them until they turn a corner, out of sight.

He sighs loudly, leaning against the wall. ‘After you,’ he says, gesturing her towards the door with a wry smile. She rolls her eyes but says nothing as she ducks into the room, and he follows after her, pulling the door shut behind him.

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