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Feeling Alive- Part 14

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


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Part 13 (Second Chances)

Tell Her

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 15/17: Second Chances

Word count: 1106

Warnings: At this point there’s just a blanket warning for swearing

I can’t believe I’m saying this… But I have finished the last chapter! Have you any idea how long it’s been since I finished a fic? I’ve just checked. It’s been six months since I finished a fic. I’ve started many (oh, so many) but not finished them. And that’s down to you guys. The Ace Gang. Your interest and support of this story gave me the motivation to keep writing, and see it through. I quite literally love you all. This is just a shorty that’s necessary for the plot but the next one is the 5k monster (yep, now 5k) and then the epilogue! I know some of you are sad that we’re nearing the end, but don’t fret- I have started work already on a new series that I think (I hope) you are very much going to like. Onwards!

“No, again. He’s not going to electrocute you, Y/N, get up in his space!”

You groan and glare viciously at Wanda, whilst Bucky politely pretends to need a drink of water and vacates the floor. “I’m trying,” You hiss, when you’re certain he’s out of earshot. Wanda gives a careless shrug.

“Not hard enough,” Clint signs, and you’re forced to turn your glare on him, as well. “Don’t give me that.”

To be fair, you blame Wanda the most. It had been her idea that the four of you get here early to teach Bucky the final segment of the show routine; not to mention it’s her choreography that’s forcing you into such close proximity that it feels like you’re breathing the same air. Buttons is bad enough, thirty full seconds of dirty, teasing dancing, but somehow the final song is even worse.

Bucky’s walking back out onto the floor, and you pull yourself together. It’s your job, you tell yourself, and give him a weak smile.


You shrug. “Let’s just get this done.”

“Couldn’t have put it better, Y/N.” Wanda jams her finger down on the play button, and the music starts again. “Off you go!”

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