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Lint licker was my favorite part!

Everyday Carry: Med School Edition

-Whitecoat Clipboard Silver
-Mass. General Pocket Medicine 5th ed. By Marc Sabatine M.D.
-Littman Classic II SE Stethoscope
-Cherokee Surgical Green Scrubs
-Master the Wards: Internal Med by Conrad Fisher M.D.
-Red Kap Medical Student White Coat
-Luminox 0215.SL Sentry watch
-Curad 3G Vinyl gloves
-3M 1" Surgical Tape
-BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok 23G
-Orbit Peppermint Gum
-Cole Haan Slim Card Wallet
-Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
-Hospital ID
-Papermate Pens: Black, Red, Blue
-Pen Light
-iPhone5 charger
-Sony earbuds

anonymous asked:

do you know how many calories have pink orbit gum(bubblegum for kids)? one piece. thanks xx

we dont give out tips on dieting or restriction, this includes caloric contents -h