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The majority of women I meet are going to end up alone.

I used to go out a lot, but not as much recently because I got tired of wasting money on bar drinks. I would also meet lots of women through random interactions or friends (in a nonromantic way), I never tried to date them. But I would ask them questions. I would probe their psyche with my own RedPill curiosities.

Most of the women I met were in a bar setting, and generally between 22-28 years old. Here are the seemingly unanimous findings when I’d probe them.

  1. Single. (most of them were attractive)
  2. Had tons of guys orbiting them, usually multiple men per female. Would use them for attention then quickly dismiss them or would declare their ‘friendzone’ status. Would sporadically bounce around from guy to guy getting attention and 'being one of the boys’.
  3. Most didn’t want children (although some wanted marriage 'eventually’- [Translation: free obligations from men but no responsibility of children]).
  4. Most of them acted like men despite some dressing feminine. Would talk about gross shit. Literally had one of them talk about 'what they coughed up yesterday’ and another how they were super constipated (different chicks different days). They were attractive also, so it blew my mind they would talk about nasty shit like that to me (someone they barely know).
  5. Most admitted to being promiscuous but not wanting real commitment. One 21-year-old told me, “I have had A LOT of sexual partners but only one boyfriend.”
  6. Most were majoring in useless degrees (communications, psychology) or had no real tangible ambitions.
  7. Most admitted to using guys for free stuff but had no intentions of anything else. Many made fun of guys offering to buy them drinks. They accepted the drinks, then joked about them to me. (I’m very disarming.)
  8. ALL of them drank (it was a bar scene, granted) but several excessively. Many of them did drugs, some of them hard drugs such as cocaine. Many had 'troubled pasts’ with substance abuse or mental issues. Several admitted to taking mental medications.
  9. Most of them talked about maybe settling down 'eventually’. This often came from women in the 25ish age range. My first thought was, oh yeah, when? You’re 25, which is young but in 5 years shit’s gonna change, so eventually is when exactly? I mean think about it, if you’re 25 now, let’s say you decide at 28 that you’re ready to date. It might take a few years to find a guy you like (if that even works out), so you’re already in your 30’s. What fucking dude wants to marry a woman already in her 30’s?

These are just my own observations from probing and it seems like the vast majority of women I meet are either gonna 1.) end up alone. 2.) end up a single mother. This is a seriously WIDESPREAD thing. Almost all the 20 something women I meet are 'waiting out the timer’. And all the women I know 'personally’ are currently approaching their late 20s or 30. None of them have a “real” relationship going on. Most of them are still 'single and proud", banging multiple dudes or are in some ambiguous form of a relationship.

It overwhelming seems that they are in this illusion that the party will go forever. That the 50 male orbiters at the bar will ALWAYS be there. That their looks won’t fade or that they won’t lose their neoteny after 30. The vast majority of women I meet in their mid to late 20’s all claim 'they look 16’ - you would be shocked how often women have told me this (newsflash most of them don’t) and even if they do, looking young doesn’t change the fact that you’re 30 or becoming barren. I expect in 5 years, that almost all the women I know will be either alone (banging less desirable men for attention) or a single mother once they pass 30.

I think this generation right now between 20-30 years old is going to be the biggest group of disenfranchised women in HISTORY. They will be the first generation of women REALLY impacted by third wave feminism because they will be the first to TRULY waste their mating years on a large scale.

In addition to this: EVERY SINGLE FRIEND OF MINE IS NOW MGTOW. NONE of them have even heard of the term. One is older than me and financially successful. The other 4 are late 20’s and completely have given up on the idea of women beside’s a lil’ fun. (they are all good looking guys and are not 'losers’ either). I see SERIOUS changes coming over the next 5-10 years in society.


Small centers of gravity dotted into our shared universe, the sandbox a black hole. Hours zooming by, moms in tight orbits, monkey bars, and He-Man. And then, light-years later, roaming them at night as teenagers. Rusty swing sets, flimsy vodka pop bottles, first cigarettes and fast kisses. It felt like we were the Masters of the Universe. And we tried not to cough. Shooting through outer space a million miles an hour, while longing for sandcastles.