1) by Inio Asano

2) by Philippe Caza

3) Gantz by Hiroya Oku

4) Miyamoto Musashi by Takehiko Inoue

5) Dylan Dog by Fabio Celoni (from “I raminghi dell'autunno”, Dylan Dog n. 333)

6) Gon by Masashi Tanaka   (via)

7) Berserk by Kentaro Miura

8) by Davide De Cubellis

9) by Andrea Pazienza

10) by Glen Orbik

basic Eliksni naming convention

Eliksni names appear to have a suffix attached to their names, which is identified below:

-iks (Variks, Taniks)
-is (Drevis, Vekis, Chelchis)
-sis (Riksis, Draksis)

-or (Aksor, Grayor)
-( r)ixas (Virixas, Parixas)

-ek (Yavek)
-ar (Keldar)
-kin (Paskin)
-ik (Beltrik)

literally no idea, or possibly just uncreative usage:
-las/as/s (Skolas)

- Prime Servitors seem to favor the “-iks” suffix (Sepiks, Orbiks, Kaliks, Simiks)
- Any name ending with a “s” seems to be most common. The letters “i” and “k” are also widely used in conjunction with other letters

Ghost Fragment- House of Judgement

Message from Corsair Kyla Merva to Petra Venj, forwarded to Queen Mara Sov

[The following was found aboard an abandoned Fallen Ketch, detected on intercept heading with Vesta-POST1 on <<REDACTED>> and has been identified as a pre-whirlwind relic by Variks the Loyal. Corsair forces still investigating Ketch. Orbit of origin appears to be Saturnalian or further. Ketch is estimated to have been completely abandoned for multiple centuries, markings belong to one “House of Stone”. Said House is long extinct. Attachment may offer insight into Fallen political structure.]

{The following has been translated from [Eliksni]}

An Edict from the Last Council

Let it be known to the race of Eliksni that our home has been lost to us. Our very way of life has changed. The Great Machine has fled, leaving us only with our Ketches and our weapons to forge a path to it. Our Ether slows to a trickle and we cannot survive unless we separate and try to find the Great Machine. Thus, our race must scatter until Kell of Kells rises and Great Machine is found. Let this document be the last edict of the Council of the Elders…

<<Data Corruption–recovered data displayed>>

…that to persist, the Council of Elder Houses, consistent of: 

Ancient and Revered House Rain, they of Prophecy and Ether

Mighty and Powerful House War, they of Blade and Fury

Keen and Skilled House Forge, they of Craft and Art

Guiding and Learned House Royal, they of Crown and Oath

Wise and Just House Judgement, they of Law and Order

Shall dissolve itself into the hands of its child Houses, the Kells and Archons of which will distribute Ether to the subjects thereof as determined by said Elders and their respective councils of Barons and Captains…


…That House Rain, which has lost all it once had, shall be consigned to their stories and prophecies and their Servitors of the Orbiks line be split among the new Houses, that they should be remembered by all those who survive with pride and peace…

…That House War be divided into many Houses, consistent of:

House Devils, under Raksis, He who is called the Bloodborne

House Winter, under Draksis, He who is called Unrelenting

House Wolves, under Virixas, He who is called the Alpha…

…That House Forge be divided into many Houses, consistent of:

House Stone, under Celchis, He who is called the Yearning.

House Iron, under Kardis, He who is called the Steadfast…

House Flame, under Vulkis, He who is called the Skilled

…That House Royal be divided into many Houses, consistent of:

House Kings, under Tarqis, He who is called the Shadowed

House Dragon, under Raenis, He who is called Firetouched…

…That House Judgement, in the interest of the continued peace and justice under this new system of rule, divide itself among the newly formed Houses as scribes to advise and counsel the Kells thereof. That said scribes shall possess only the military authority entrusted unto them by the Kell with the consent of his or her respective House council…

…That said scribes are as follows:

Viriks, under Raksis the Bloodborne, Devil Kell

Driviks, under Draksis, Unrelenting, Kell of Winter

Triviks, under Celchis the Yearning, Kell of Stone

Liviks, under Kardis the Steadfast, Kell of Iron

Steliks, under Vulkis the Skilled, Kell of Flame

Remiks, under Tarqis the Shadowed, Kell of Kings

Viseriks, under Raenis the Firetouched, Kell of Dragons

Variks, under Virixas the Alpha, Kell of Wolves…