Sensitive Negotiations, B-side: Part 1

Her fingers sift through the loam, brushing over papery skin. She pushes further, cupping the whole of an orbia bulb, feeling the small fissures between pieces.

“There, do you see?” Shirayuki pulls back, gesturing for the novice to try as well. He’s just about Ryuu’s age when they met, eyes the large, limpid brown common among Lyrias folk. “Just like that.”

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Colors Reflected in the Raindrops

Chapter Masterpost

Day 7 - Protect 

Shigure patted the dirt down around the tiny sprout, careful not to crush its leaves.

“Good job, Shigure!” His mama took hold of his shoulders and squeezed them as she looked at his work. The light, misting rain clung to her hair and made it glow. “Ready for the next one?” Shigure bobbed his head.

Shirayuki reached into her pocket for some seeds, thunder rumbling in the distance. Shigure cupped his hands to take the seeds from his mother when a scream split the air. Shigure dropped the seeds, reaching for his mama instead at the terrible sound. To his horror, she turned away from him.

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