orb city

Precursor “Orbs”

Haven City’s main currency. As real precursor orbs became rare, Haven city began smelting down precursor metal and minting their own coins named after their predecessors. In less wealthy districts of Haven, a single orb is still a relatively large amount of money, so certain merchants have taken to splitting the coins into halves and quarters to increase their sales range. 
True Precursor Orb artifacts contain about 400x the precursor metal as an orb coin, but their history makes them even more valuable to the right customer.

(Pssst: They’re transparent)

Please note that this is a headcanon pertaining to Jakwagon fic. As Jakwagon fic attempts to expand on the world of Jak TPL, II and 3 canon, all headcanons are extrapolated from extensive world research, but in the end, they are just headcanons. Enjoy!

winged-descendant || EXPECTATION

♦ ♦ → ☆ ; Dang, it ! To think I could find my way home,

                                            The boy looked around the busy streets of Tokyo , the bag of groceries held between his nimble fingers, hues of green orbs looked around the city in search of a bus stop of some sort. Kaito did live in the city his intire life, yet he didn’t know it by heart like his mother did. With a shrug he began walking, head tilting to the side at the many stores and shopes he had passed with each turn on the street. Be it as it may, Kaito was one to be clumsy but not as clumsy as he bumped into another, his body stiffened as he took a step back.

                                                            I-I’m so sorry !