"Call me daddy?

"Daddy?" Sehun repeats obediently into his phone.

 Luhan splutters on the other end. “No— you— this— what’s this new demo track?”

Sehun laughs. “It’s just the demo version hyung; you know the producers will change it.”

Luhan pointedly ignores him as he continues. “How is anyone going to look at your comeback track the same way? What about your image? What about your future?”

“Do you like it?” Sehun interrupts.

Luhan chokes in the middle of his passionate oration. “What are you saying? Of course not, that sort of concept—”

“That’s a pity. I would’ve called you that anyway, if you wanted.”

“Called me what?” Luhan asks, audibly disgruntled from the interruption in his tirade.  


Sehun hears a sharp intake of breath from the other end and his mischievous grin widens.

“I’m boarding the flight now. You better be waiting for me at the airport.”

Luhan’s voice is steady, but Sehun can hear the underlying strain.

“I got it.” He smirks wickedly. “Daddy.”

Luhan hangs up.


a bunch of random headcanons about haddiyah

  • she has a black cat named Umbra. he started following her in one if the cities she was passing through and never left after that. she doesn’t consider him as her pet, and he is free to go as he pleases. he’s a companion. umbra means “shadow” in antivan: she named him that way b/c he’s like a second shadow, he follows her everywhere. 
  • she has sharp pointy canines - all qunari do. she knows how to make good use of it, whether it’s with an inviting smile or a threatening sneer
  • she has nipple piercings who look like this. as mentioned by canon, Rivaini people are pierced and tatooed to show their wealth and status, and I like to think some of these signs are not always visible
  • Rivaini tradition makes all Rivaini excellent storytellers and avid listeners; haddiyah is an excellent orator. her favorite public are children, her stories involve a dashing pirate rogue who jumps out of windows an awful lot to escape assassins and jealous spouses
  • she likes massages a lot and is very good at giving them. 

with free choice and dignity, you may fashion yourself into whatever form you choose. To you is granted the power of degrading yourself into the lower forms of life, the beasts, and to you is granted the power, contained in your intellect and judgment, to be reborn into the higher forms, the divine.”

…Whatever seeds each man sows and cultivates will grow and bear him their proper fruit..

—  Oration On the Dignity Of Man

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Brian bendis chert oration of wanda

His characterization? It barely counts as a characterization. Wanda isn’t in House of M or Disassembled much at all. We learn about her new retconned history by having a white guy explain it to us. Except that it’s only half-explained and full of implications the guy who wrote it hasn’t thought through at all. It doesn’t have anything to do with any other Wandas, except John Byrne’s WCA version and the terri-bad X-Men Evolution version, and it’s not really like either one of those.

I don’t mean to get Serious Business on everybody, but you might’ve heard that a black, mentally ill homeless man was shot by Los Angeles police the other day. This is part of a long history in the US of police violence against black men, but it’s also part of a long history of police violence against the mentally ill. There have been many, many cases like this.

There is a narrative that the severely mentally ill are all inherently violent and dangerous. This isn’t true. People with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators of them. We, as a society, are okay to recognize that pretty, young white girls who have Depression and Anxiety aren’t dangerous. They just have an illness, but we are not willing to extend that same compassion and understanding to people with dangerous mental illnesses and dangerous skin tones. Part of where we learn that people with, in particular, Schizophrenia (that’s the mental illness Bendis’ Wanda has a very distorted version of) are dangerous is through the media. Through the news and movies and episodes of Criminal Minds and comic books where people who can’t tell what’s real from what isn’t are automatically rendered murderers by that condition.

I’m not blaming Bendis for police shootings, but we are all responsible for what we bring into this world. No story is without context. What we write and what we do affects other people. This isn’t just about Wanda. it’s about how stories like that affect people’s perception of real human beings and how those perceptions harm already vulnerable people. Wanda’s not real. I’m not in the camp that thinks she deserves better, but real people with severe mental illness do deserve better. They deserve to not be painted as monsters because someone wanted Spider-Man to be on the Avengers.

It’s funny because Bendis thought he was writing a Beautiful, Tragic Woman Torn Apart by Trauma story, and some people read it that way, House of M especially. You can’t throw a rock on Tumblr without hitting somebody who thought that book was so awesome and tragically beautiful. But the universal thing I’ve noticed about people who think that story was moving and inspiring, they all think Wanda just had Depression. Or PTSD or maybe Bipolar Disorder. They didn’t pay attention all the times she said “I don’t understand what’s real and what isn’t.” The psychosis didn’t even register. In order to find her beautiful in that state, they ignore the reason she’s like that. They always have to say ‘she’s not crazy, she’s just traumatized” because they couldn’t empathize with her if she was this Other thing.

People who think Wanda is just “crazy,” they see the Schizophrenia (or Schizoaffective Disorder or whatever you want to call it). They may not know what psychosis is, but they get that she’s the bad kind of mentally ill, not the tragic kind. I don’t like seeing House of M romanticized at the expense of real people who suffer from psychotic disorders, but I don’t like seeing this whole thing written off as “he made her crazy” as if no real person has ever heard voices or had hallucinations. Basically, I hate everything, and people with severe mental illness get screwed over from all sides.

I have no idea where I’m going with this. I could probably talk about this forever, but I try to keep this blog mostly free of ~negative Bendis vibes.~ There’s a ton of complaining about Bendis in the world. Other people have said what I would probably say anyway. I don’t care enough to do it all the time. I like Wanda, and I like talking about her in ways besides complaining. I would rather talk about other things I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy instead of rehashing the same conversation we’ve had for the past 10 years.


"I was sitting next to this girl on the plane the other day, a Latin orator. She was like, ‘What are the band called?’ It was really hard to tell her. They’re two words that really fucking should not be together" -Alex

when i was younger i used to think there was a time & place for i love yous, a precious reserve, they were only meant for few people and only at specific moments, as if they could be wasted, as if the more i said it the less it meant. now i say it as often as possible, to friends i’ve known for days or years, to strangers, to dogs on the street. & i mean it, every single time, my heart near brimming with it, a boundless leaping thing.


How to Remember Anything (runtime ~20 minutes)

For those who have never seen it: a totally useful Ted Talk by science journalist Joshua Foer (who is also the founder of the absolutely awesome Atlas Obscura). He talks about covering the U.S. Memory Championships where he learned how humans can train their brains to remember a lot in a little bit of time. But more importantly, he talks about why we ought to strengthen our memory in an age when one can outsource the storage of most information to the web.

Related: Last year, Clive Thompson published a fascinating book about how technology is changing the way we think (mostly for the better). Maria Popova reviewed it on Brain Pickings, covering some of his most important observations, namely: the difference in transparency between traditional public storehouses of information (i.e.: the public library) and modern storehouses (i.e.: the web). And in this context, we wrote a bit about the perils of algorithmic curation.

February 20, 1895: Frederick Douglass Dies

On this day in 1895, abolitionist Frederick Douglass passed away. After escaping slavery from Baltimore, Douglass headed north and joined the abolitionist movement. He became one of the most well-known and eloquent orators of the 19th century. 

To learn about Frederick Douglass and other abolitionists of the 19th century, head on over to PBS Black Culture Connection

Photo: Frederick Douglass (National Archives).


From the Nerevarine, to the Dragonborn.

So here is a very belated birthday present for the-orator who is one of my favorite artists on tumblr and in the TES community as a whole.
I figured, what better way to celebrate that to have two of Tamriel’s heroes swap stories in a tavern’s candlelight.

Valkari of course belongs to the orator
Vilvanni, my Nerevar, belongs to me.
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