When I was a kid, I thought Team Magma was a team of devil worshipers due to their horned hoods and red outfits. (I totally didn’t think they were evil geologists) My sister asked her boyfriend if he liked ‘pirates’ or ‘satanists’ more in order to choose what version of oras to give him. So that’s kinda why I drew them messing with a ouija board.


I ship Shelly and Tabitha SO HARD like omg.

I have a headcannon that both Shelly and Tabitha are transgenders. (Tabitha a trans male, Shelly a trans female) Both Maxie and Archie are very accepting of the fact their admins are trans. (Matt in my headcannon being related to shelly was the first to be chill with it . ) not a whole lot of people know, and when they found out they were both trans, well something more to bond on. 

Basically i love these two nerds.

The Gardevoir/Gallade Wedding

Something I realized a while ago but forgot to post. The Pokemon Gardevoir and Gallade..through their evolutionary forms..are literally an entire Wedding Party

Ralts: The Ring Bearer
Kirlia: The Flower Girl
Gardevoir: The Maid of Honor
Gallade: The Best Man
Mega Gardevoir: The Bride
Mega Gallade: The Groom

(You probably already knew this but I thought I’d share ^-^)