Can I ask why a lot of people feel worthless and unloved? I never thought of ANYONE as ‘worthless’ and I love each and every single one of you. And I really hate it when I see depressing posts relating to other people’s problems. For as long as I’ve been on this askblog community, I’ve never thought that anyone should feel this way. While I know that depression a lot of the time I can’t just say 'cheer up’ because it doesn’t work like that.

But I really do love you and I hope that y'all feel better. If not soon, then sometime. Have a nice day, Everyone.

Okay I often see people complaining about their art, and it needs to stop

Not that you can dislike your art, but the fact that you are calling yourself a “bad artist” just because it’s not colored/anatomy is wack/ or anything you can think of.

To me, good art consists of several things

How you enjoy making the piece

How you like the finished product

and how said art influences others

If you make said art with your heart attached to it, with all of your effort, who cares if it looks bad? You shouldn’t okay? It’s great, you put your best effort and put your heart and soul into it.

If you enjoied making the piece, you should enjoy viewing the finished product! Even if you spot a flaw, that’s okay! It’s a mistake and you will likely not make it again, That’s how mistakes work.

Art, to me, is never about getting attention or ‘just because’ It’s about expressing yourself, expressing your feelings( good, bad, and the ugly)

So please, never shame your own art ever, It may have flaws, but like everyone else, nothing is perfect. So please, keep going! I’m sure you are or will be a fantastic artist, even if that’s not what you’re going for!

To all followers

… I feel like I need to take a moment to say


Thanks for following me, I’m sorry that I’m really slow, I’m sorry that I’m not very interesting, I’m sorry that I’m not all that great

But I still love you, Each and every one of you helps me along my day.

Thank you, to each and every single one of you.


As part of my new years resolution I’m going to try really hard and curb my social anxiety and try to send more asks /not be scared to ask for /start a roleplay

feel free to punch me if I fail