Okay the story goes like this:

So my school sponsors international trips every January for a week. This years was to Spain and Italy, and my favorite teacher was going to basically be the leader on this trip. He was a total dork but that’s what made him cool. Make sense?

Anyway, we’ll call him CK. So when we were in Rome, we all decided to get gelato, and we walk into this one place and the guys serving us there are great. Super enthusiastic and just dishin’ out samples left and right, but they wouldn’t always tell you what it was.

Well, we all look around and see the Viagra gelato. We all avoided it like the plague. Nope, no way, how could you have Viagra gelato??

So anyway, CK walks into the gelato store after talking to the rest of the group. Immediately one of the servers hands him a testing spoon, topped with the suspicious blue dessert.

Not even questioning it, CK eats the Viagra gelato, and he turns to me and my friend and asks what flavor it is.

By the way, he said it tasted like candy.