{ Okay, so now I got another 100 followers reaching an insane number. Like how did this even happend? I was on a hiatus, explained it and thought that I might get unfollowed for being considered maybe weak, maybe a not worth role player, maybe a drama queen, but you guys prooved me wrong. I wanna thank you to ALL of you, those with who I had the chance to interact with and those who followed me.♥

I swear I made it so far thanks to all of you! You guys are like my second family. I wanna thank those who actually worried about me, like waking up one day with a lot of concerning messages among with cheerings and so, made me stay, and continue being my character, I had serious issues with my way of portraiting her, it was just- ugh. But seeing that you all actually love the way I do it, cheered me. Also thanks for those who didn’t unfollowed me, because recently people were doing so just because of the ships and blah blah. You guys are wonderful, I have strong bonds with some of you and that cheers me to go on. ♥ I thought that due to my hiatus I might lose people, but all of us need a break sometimes. Also, I wanna thank those who helped me with my headers, theme, url /recently changed./ I’m sorry for being such a cheesy bothering potato. ; w ;

Also! Hello to my new followers! I am a turtle Sakura, hidden on her shell waiting to try to approach you all! ♥

                                                B E A U T I F U L    P E O P L E

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