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His Highness groaned.  Something was beeping, and his head hurt like it was about to explode.  Kriff, he hoped his head wasn’t beeping because it was about to explode.  He blinked slowly, and carefully turned his head, trying to figure out where the noise was coming from.

The source was the speaker above the status panel.  He forced his eyes to focus.  Even with his vision going all fuzzy, he could tell that there was something different about the status panel.  It didn’t usually have that many letters on it.  Finally, after a great deal of blinking and staring, he was able to read the message.

Dearest Finn,

Don’t let this one get away.  She’s definitely the one for you.

“‘Dearest Finn’?  That’s 'Your Highness’ to you,” he grumbled.  "Whoever you are.  And it’s not as if she’s trying to get away.“  He looked down at the Chosen Orphan, who was sprawled across his legs, apparently unconscious.  Well, he’d been unconscious too, until the beeping started.  That will happen when you free fall ten meters without warning.

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Sam knows how to swim, it’s a requirement for pararescue, but he has bad memories of water. cue Riley helping him get through them….I didn’t really mean Riley giving Sam handjobs in the water but I have no problem if that’s where you take it :)

Three times Sam had timed himself that day and he could not for the life of him get his time under ten minutes. He knew that under 10:07 was all he needed, but dammit he wanted to hit the real mark, the one that made him a shoe-in for the PJs.

He reached out of the pool and set the timer going again. He would get it this time, he would. Sam Wilson never failed anything that was right that he put his mind to. He would make it this time.

At the end of the ten laps, he reached over the lip of the pool still gasping to check his time.

“10:03,” said a voice from above him. “Decent enough.”

Sam wiped the water out of his eyes and looked up. The guy–he’d seen him around, of course, because they were all trying to place in the same program and they’d been doing their tests in the same places. He’d waited in a hallway with this guy two days before and they hadn’t said a word. The guy had nodded before going in, just a quick almost-smile in Sam’s direction.

“I’m gonna do better,” said Sam. He was only sort of talking to the guy.

“Seems to me you need to relax,” said the guy and Sam realized he had the smooth Southern drawl Sam always associated with his aunt’s home in Georgia. Out of this guy’s mouth, it didn’t sound safe and warm like home. It sounded warm, though, just….a different kind.

“Yeah?” asked Sam, challenging.

“You’re over-thinking it,” the guy said and carefully placed the timer back on the edge of the concrete. Then he shucked off his shirt and stripped off his white-boy cargo pants. Sam raised an eye as, yep, there went the tighty-whities too.

“I’m not sure you’re thinking at all,” he started to say but was cut off mid-sentence when the guy dropped into the water beside him with a small splash.

“Sam, right?” the guy asked, ignoring Sam’s almost-sass.

“Yeah,” Sam agreed because everything else was confusing. The guy moved closer and everything was silent in the pool except for their mouths moving the water, their hands slipping in and out of the surface of the pool.

“’M Riley,” the guy–Riley–said. “I’ve seen you around.” As if that was the explanation that was clearly necessary.

“Sure,” said Sam, still unsure of where this was going.

“I’m gonna try something, OK?” Riley said, moving even closer. “Give a holler if–well, if anything comes up that needs hollering about.”

His grin was so completely smug that Sam almost wanted to lean back just to fuck with him, but there was also a blush across apples of his cheeks and he was so damned pretty too.

Sam leaned the wrong way, towards Riley, and their lips met briefly. Just a quick kiss and Riley would have kept it closed and weirdly chaste–considering he was buckass naked in the pool with a guy he’d only just exchanged introductions with–but Sam licked at the seam of his mouth. Riley’s hands slid up and down Sam’s waist and torso under the water.

Then Riley pulled back.

“OK,” he said, definitely smirking now. “Try it now.”

Sam blinked and tried to remember what he was supposed to try before his head cleared. Right.

Riley reached up and grabbed the timer from the edge of the pool and raised his eyebrows at Sam as if to say Well, what are you waiting for?

Sam rolled his eyes but he did kick off and, yes, this time he finished in 9:45.

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1/2: Because I really like your blog (I like coming to see what kind of metas you've come across), but my personal line of "okay" is being crossed so damn fast with John-apologists, I would appreciate if you could tell me why you re-blogged the "don't hate John too quick" post and not, say, any of the take downs about what exactly people who are talking about abusive-John are really talking about (since the "rot in jail" line is really the least of it.)

2/2: [For example abaddons-updo has been writing some great posts on the subject (like #67632952343 in which she talks about the unreliable narrator or #67582797898) and ssjdebusk (#67558440373) even did a comparison of werewolf marks vs human marks.] I would just appreciate knowing if there was something in that post you wanted to examine closer or you actually agree that John was not abusive so I can react accordingly. Thank you.

I haven’t seen ssjdebusk’s werewolf post yet; thank you for pointing it out. And thank you for the kind words about my blog, and for taking the time to ask about this.

I reposted crowleyandthegoats’s post because I agree with her interpretation of the cop’s behavior, since it’s exactly what I thought when I watched the episode.

I didn’t reblog abadddons-updo’s posts because I strongly disagree that there’s only one possible interpretation for the things we hear reported about John in this episode (or, indeed, for the last six seasons), and still less that it must necessarily assume the absolute worst about John.

I do not believe John was evil or that he deliberately and maliciously abused Sam and Dean.  I do believe that the way John raised Sam and Dean damaged them badly, and that some of his actions constitute abuse by neglect.  I believe he made terrible mistakes in child-rearing because he was suffering and broken and walking a knife-edge of fear and insanity and, even though he dearly loved his sons, he was not actually capable of being a good parent for most of the boys’ formative years, despite which they turned out to be good men.  

bold-sartorial-statement answered:There’s a bagel on the Tumblr logo today. (Why? No idea.)

It was a Donut for Donut Day :) AKA that day where I hit up every Dunkin’s on the way home (I pass, like, four).

oranges8hands answered: It’s a doughnut & is used to celebrate volunteers in WWI who served soldiers doughnuts. It’s the first June of the yr. Not related to D-Day

Oh, I’m all up on Donut Day! I was referring more to this bit of weirdness.

dorkilybeautiful answered: Hellatus.


@carnilia said: So there is international donut day today, but if you mean the bagelpocalypse happening in SPN fandom, it was totally random bc a popular spn blog was making bagel puns and then more and more people got involved until it became bagelpocalypse.

Thank you! Man, this fandom, I don’t even know…

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(1/2)re: Grace and Consciousness post -Not sure I agree with "body & soul minus consciousness = coma." Ruby's S4 body came from a brain-dead person who specifically was no longer in it ("You didn't want me to take a body with someone in it, and I made sure that the spirit was gone" 4.9.) There's also an argument that ghosts are souls who lose consciousness (lose control over themselves). In 4.15 when we see Tessa send a soul to the next stage, it's done without further interaction with the body.

(2/2) I only remember three other comas on the show - Dean in 2.1 (who was at that intermediate stage between death and choosing to either stay behind/go to the afterlife but moved as a ghost), Callie in 3.5 (who was a spirit), Cas in 5.21 (which offers no new information but is often used to suggest Jimmy is gone for the same reasoning as Ruby). [They never used the word coma for Bobby in 7.10 and it’s probable he was just unconscious.]

Hmm, good point on the verbiage there. I would posit that the metaphysical difference between brain-dead and comatose in SPNverse is that a brain-dead person’s soul has moved on, since their only animating force is outside mechanical intervention, while a comatose person’s soul has been separated from the body but still has a chance to return (as Dean did in 2.01).

In the case of ghosts, I say they still have consciousness because they have a (limited) sense of identity, even if they’re not usually aware of the fact that they’re dead. They’re not always fully self-aware but they do have some idea of who they are and that something’s very wrong.

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Top 5 characters you would bring back to life


I…mostly want to leave the canons alone, usually, like they hurt but if it feels right for the story I’m gonna leave it alone.

I’ll snuggle up with AUs tho. Or steal the Nac Mac Feegle’s idea that they’re already dead and when the “die” they get born back in the “real world” so like…if a character dies they just get booted over to another canon.

Like, Colin Creevey is DEFINITELY Link’s little fanboy from Twilight Princess.

[spoiler] from Journey Into Mystery is now fighting the Heartless.

Several characters in Kingdom Hearts are enjoying peaceful civilian lives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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ugh so not looking forward to this plot point. While cheating is definitely not the end all/be all (and I can't imagine Scott "hating" his mom for trying to find comfort while in a bad marriage) I don't trust Davis or fandom to deal with whatever it is Melissa did, whether its cheating or not. (And also I'd rather discuss/have the show explore the actual flaws she's already been written with rather than whatever shoehorned drama Davis put no thought into we're gonna get.)

Oh, totally agreed. I’m also concerned that they’re heading towards a redemption arc for Scott’s dad that will come at the cost of putting blame on Melissa. Mostly because this show doesn’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to letting male characters off the hook while punishing female characters. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t really like the way the show’s been handling any of this plotline. For being the lead character on the show, Scott’s backstory really isn’t given much effort or screetime (even compared with some minor characters) and trying to shoehorn it into the nogitsune plotline as a way to create drama (in a plotline that is already plenty dramatic) is just… ugh.

(from SPN): Zachariah, Metatron, Azazel …yeah this is a weird one


NO, WHY. D: I actually hate Azazel the least out of this group, which is weird, but he’s not morally ambiguous at all, he’s just ebil. So, with the world’s strongest prenup penned by Crowley, I’d marry him. I’d fuck Zachariah, with the lights off, my shirt on, and maybe a bag over his head (plastic). I’d drink with Metatron, and I hope he likes strychnine.