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Hi! So I was recommended to you when it comes to finding fanfics. I was looking for some qmi stuff, but I want more bromance and not really romance. I know that stuff is pretty hard to find so if you can't think of any that's okay! No worries. :)

Hahah I don’t think anyone has ever recommended me to recommend anything :’D  But hmmm let me try to find you some bromance qmi! Most of these will probably include some traits of romance too though, it’s difficult to find fics that focus solely on friendship. 

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My Questions:

1. What was the first K-Pop group that you absolutely fell in love with?

Super Junior ^^

2. Which is your favorite song at the moment?

Hot Times- SM The Ballad

A Short Journey- Super Junior

3. Name your 5 favorite Kpop groups.

  1. Super Junior (including all their sub groups)
  2. Girls Generation
  3. Sistar
  4. CN Blue
  5. IU( sorry i dont really like a lot of groups)

4. Who is your ultimate bias and why?

Choi Kyuhyun.

I could write a story about him but I wont. Kyuhyun is just amazing. He has the talent the looks and the personality. I wish him the best in everything. Its very touching to watch him grow as a singer and a entertainer. Im happy he is stepping out of his comfort zone to achieve something he wants to do.

5. What do you love about Kpop?

Super Junior . LOL jk but I can’t really talk for the whole kpop community because honestly this sounds selfish but Super Junior is mainly why I like kpop. They are far more than just a ordinary group to me. But I really enjoy having all of the awesome fandoms. I know not all fandoms cooperate as one but I am so happy to say that I know for a FACT that if you are a true ELF you would never hate on any fandoms for petty reasons and ElFs always try to work things out and make sure not to make Super Junior look bad.

6. Since when are you on tumblr and how did you discover it?

uh I started my main tumblr in February 2012 but then I discovered Super Junior and then changed my blog into a kpop themed on and I started that In May 2012. My friends were constantly on it so i decided to hop onto the bandwagon. Glad i did (: 

7. Do you have friends outside of tumblr that love Kpop?

Yes, but not ELFs. I have a lot of SONE friends.

8. Have you ever tried Korean food and did you like it?

yes. i have tried kimichi and it breaks my heart but i hate it. Maybe since I live in Canada they just make it weird. It is always good to try food from where it is originally originated from and then make a good comment about it so I will definitely give Korean food a try again before deciding on whether i like it or not

9. Have you been to any Kpop-concerts?

NO -.- Sadly. 

10. Who is your OTP if you have one? 

Kyuminwookie. LOL But any of them three together is good for me

11. What’s your favourite K-drama if you have ever watched any?

My favourite has to be “innocent man/nice guy” I really want to take this opportunity to elaborate on how amazing and captivating it is. It is definitely not like your average lovey dovey drama. No part of this drama was funny to me. it was such a serious and indulging experience. I made one of my guy friends watch it and ever he said he would rewatch it. Keep in mind he hates dramas. i think it deserves WAY more attention and I just really hope people give it a try. The actors and actresses were SO amazing in it.

My Questions

  1. top 5 blogs on tumblr that is Super Junior related?
  2. top 5 favourite Korean dramas.
  3. If you had a korean name what would you like to be called?
  4. Favourite Song at the moment?
  5. Which Korean individual would you like to meet and spend a whole day with?
  6. Favourite Kpop Leader?
  7. Favourite Kpop maknae?
  8. Your ideal man/women in the kpop world?
  9. What’s one thing you wish you could have right now?
  10. What do you think of daily lives if kpop idols? 
  11. Super Junior or Big Bang?