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Anastasia has probably gone the longest without a change of clothes because I liked what she was wearing so much. I rooted through most of the clothing bins and located a lot of stuff that had just been sort of stuffed in wherever there was space. I try to organize my stuff so that everything belonging to a particular doll is in the same drawer, but things were getting a little chaotic due to lack of time for play. So I found the clothing that orangebabydolly gave to me when she decided to sell her dolls and I put it on Anastasia.

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Anastasia doesn’t worry too much about dressing up or down, but I find that her size limits what I am able to buy for her. She’s got a first version ShinyDoll body, which has the torso girth of an average SD-sized doll, but very slender limbs. These are the only jeans I’ve been able to find that fit her, and I think I bought them from Contemporary Artist Dolls at some convention or other. Either way, they actually fit in the waist and aren’t too absurdly long. The lace top is Luts and the boots are DollHeart. The tanzanite necklace and onyx ring are orangebabydolly, the bracelets are Balinese silver and bone. But this shot is missing her most important accessory:

Lex. [Lex belongs to idrisfynn.]
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Boyfriendo is wearing Volks almost from head to toe. The jeans are from 4D and his wig is from Anotherspace. I include his wig because he changes hair as often as he changes his shirt. I could even include his body since he’s changed it to an SDGou since there were shot. He might be even more fashion conscious than his much wealthier girlfriend, but she’s more than happy to spoil him.
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This is why, no matter how annoying it is to find clothes for this girl who is supposed to be a super lean fashionista, I haven’t settled on another body for her. To this day, nothing beats a ShinyDoll for posing. I don’t care for the changes made to the later versions of the body (MSD sized feet, fatter thighs), and Doi Shin cast a longer neck on this body and made me some tabi feet that she always wears so I’m a bit attached to it as well. Once she gets in front of the camera, I forget whatever was dissatisfying me about her anyway.

It has been three months now and I’ve kind of given up, but if anyone sees this necklace on a doll in Houston, Texas, please let me know. I consider it stolen property since the person to whom I shipped it never paid me my $100 despite multiple attempts to contact her. 

The beads are antique African trade glass, the red stone is an ancient natron-etched carnelian from the Indus River valley, the framing beads are North African silver, and the clasp is antique horn. All of these came from my personal collection, so it is impossible to duplicate. At this point, I don’t want the money, I want the necklace back.


Pauline now wears the very first gemstone ring I ever made - the aquamarine on her right index - and the most recent gemstone ring I’ve made. In the beginning I was mostly concerned with making each ring as flawless and symmetrical as possible, simply to demonstrate to myself that I could. Now I more enjoy making things that look like they already have a history of use and wear, so this chipped and lopsided apatite on an old Balinese silver bead is my new version of perfect.


Just found a piece of ancient history for sale on eBay! It’s one of the really good ones, too!

Amazingly, I even still had some of the original promo photos from 2006. I’ll spare idrisfynn some embarrassment and only post one of them. We had a cheap pocket camera, a crappy desk lamp, and no face-up skills, but at least it meant that customers always said the jewelry looked even better in person! 

Also, I still kind of miss Idris Fynn being an El. >.>

A choker of graduated natural emerald rondelles. When this necklace previewed, someone wrote to us to say “But those aren’t actually emeralds, of course.” Fluffy, poetic names for necklace designs just aren’t our style, if we call it an emerald it’s really an emerald.
And who doesn’t want their eye candy to wear more eye candy? BJDs are all about the visual feast.


I fully intended to participate in Workspace Wednesday, but got involved in other things. My work space must always be cleared away to an empty table at the end of the day because our apartment is very small, so a blank white drafting table wouldn’t be terribly interesting. So here are some things that have come from the table which I no longer use for drafting.


Two things I loved making from start to finish. Sometimes I have to tear a thing apart three times before I get it just right - bird ring, I’m looking at you - so it makes my memory of a thing not entirely positive even though i love it when it’s done. Sometimes my focus is perfect and my nerves aren’t spasming and everything goes right the first time. These two pieces were some of those.

I turn on the work lamps, start laying out my tools and my utterly reliable assistant appears. Sergei would like to remind everyone that 90% of the energy emitted by an incandescent light bulb is actually in the form of heat and he is happy to assist in absorbing all of that otherwise wasted energy.


Traveling back in time to 2010 and the very last orangebabydolly release made by Maggie. I had already taken over all of the sterling silver fabrication because it was too painful, but her macrame work was still flawless even with peripheral neuropathy.

Models were my Supia Roda, idrisfynn’s Volks Tony, and my Soom Deneb.