Fresh Orange Ricotta Honey Cake

Based off of this post.

Castiel bounces on the balls of his feet anxiously, heavy boots crunching in the snow as his blue eyes scan the street. He’s bundled up in his peacoat and bee-themed scarf, mitts and hat, and focuses on the way snowflakes gently land on his covered hands to keep himself calm.

“Cas, hey!”

This is by far the stupidest decision he’s ever made.

Dean approaches with a spring in his step and a wide smile on his face, freckles standing out starkly against his winter-pale skin. His eyes are big and green and he winks as they stand in front of A Little Something Bakery, his hands stuffed into his pockets. “So, you ready?”

Castiel clears his throat, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth as he nods. The truth is that no amount of preparation will ever make him ready to pretend to be Dean’s fiancée for two hours, even if that venture is in the quest for free wedding cake samples.

Especially if that venture is in the quest for free wedding cake samples.

This is because Castiel is, in no uncertain terms, completely enamoured of his best friend. So, when said friend begged him to play fiancées in order to get free cake, Cas was a little bit powerless to resist. How bad could it possibly be, right? He gets to eat cake and pretend he’s engaged to Dean Winchester.

Unfortunately, in the time between saying ‘yes’ and arriving at the bakery, Castiel has come to his senses. He’s also been struck dumb by the fact that they’re actually doing this, and he’s spending more time sweating and trying to slow his heart than actually listening to what Dean is saying.

“…That sound good?”

Cas feels heat rise to his cheeks. “Sorry, what?”

Green eyes roll good-naturedly. “Just follow my lead, ‘kay huggybear?”

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