Aries: New years midnight. Fireworks go off and music plays. Everyone is kissing and drinking champagne. Pulling your coat tighter to you and bracing the cold. Eyes glitter and hands shiver

Taurus: Arizona, dry and barren. Sitting atop a cliff and watching an orange drenched sky set over a green and beige land. Standing up and screaming in an empty void. No one hears you but you feel good

Gemini: A birthday party at an amusement park. The anticipation you feel while waiting in line to ride the biggest ride at the park. Eating churros and birthday cake ice cream till you throw up

Cancer: Late night movies and pizza. Building blanket forts and crawling under with pillows and food. Cuddling and burrowing your face in the nape of your s/o neck. Staying up and talking and laughing long after the movie ends

Leo: The feeling of the ocean on a hot summer day. Picnic-ing on the hot sand surrounded by friends. Walking along the beach at sunset. Singing iconic songs around a fire and staying up way past midnight

Virgo: Walking the streets of a rainy city. Taking cover under a tarp. The warm you feel when you walk into an aesthetic coffee shop. The sip of coffee. Curling up on the couch and reading a good book

Libra: Hiking in the woods. Deep breaths you take to push yourself forward. Motivating others to keep going. Hearing the sound of the waterfall in the distance. Crisp water. The cool wind against your neck when you reach the top

Scorpio: The neon lights of Vegas. The electricity in your blood from the excitement of the city and its’ people. Stuffing yourself at an over priced buffet. Viewing the city from a skyscraper. Hearing muffled honking and screams from below

Sagittarius: Keeping a journal in your bag. Crossing off things from your bucket list. Bungee jumping in a foreign country. Trying new foods and cringing at the smell of it. Starting over. Creating a new persona in a new place

Capricorn: Art museums. Interpreting a piece from your point of view. Driving home in wonder. Being inspired to create your own art. Splashing red on a white canvas and calling it “abstract art”. Dreaming of being a millionaire

Aquarius: Making eye contact with someone from across the room and not looking away. Looking down at the ground and blushing. Time stopping. There’s only the two of you, everything goes dark. Your future flashing before you

Pisces: Pointing to a random place on a map and traveling there. Taking so many pictures that your camera becomes a part of you. Wearing aesthetic clothes. Looking at little cakes in a cute cafe. Eating ice cream by the pier

Please Watch “Orange”

Ok everyone. I’m sure some of you have probably heard of this anime, and those people who have heard of it have probably strayed away from it for the same reasons I did. 

I am a huge fan of romance anime. I’m basically addicted to anything involving love, but I was weary of this show, called “Orange,” because (1) you learn from within the first few minutes of the first episode that the love interest is going to die, (2) it looks really cliché, (3) it is not very popular, and (4) it looks sad. 

I was wrong. So very wrong. 

(1) Yes, the anime has its bleak, raw moments, but those moments were the ones that I never had anticipated that I would appreciate the most. Something that definitely became an admirable point of the anime was its very real, non-sugar-coated portrayal of depression, mental illness, suicide, and grief. This series does what most shojou romance series shy away from and actually shows the audience what depression is like through Kakeru, the fated-to-die protagonist, and the seriousness of suicide. 

As someone who has personally battled with clinical depression for years and has been to therapy and counselling, this anime hit home for me. The faking smiles, pretending everything is okay, the self-loathing, thinking you are at fault, thinking you are a burden to others, denying yourself happiness, not allowing yourself forgiveness, and the thoughts of death; they are all things that I could relate to. They even included how you can still experience moments of true happiness even if you are depressed, but how it never really goes away. Sure, this anime might not be as light-hearted as others, but it’s the heart-rending instances in this show that give it so much impact and substance. 

(2) This anime does have some clichés (i.e. cultural festival, giving chocolates on Valentines Day, new kid at school sits next to the main character), but the plot completely colors these events in ways that make them so much more meaningful and different than you have ever seen them. One of my main concerns going into this show was that I would be bored, but I ended up watching it all in one sitting simply because of how much I needed to know what would happen. Additionally, the secondary characters are wonderfully fleshed out and are actually important to the plot, instead of feeling like accessories. 

(3) I know this anime was based off of a manga (which I had once picked up on a whim, but put down once I saw how sad it was probably going to be), but I have never heard people talk about it, like ever. Even when the show came out (which it did recently), there was no buzz about it. Although the lack of chatter surrounding Orange only made me more pessimistic regarding the quality of the show, if there is anything I have learned from watching hundreds of anime, it is that sometimes good shows can fly beneath the radar. I am glad I decided to pick it up after it’s completion and give it a chance, because I just found a series that has easily earned a spot on my top 10 list. 

(4) Is this anime sad? Yes. Is it too sad to watch? No. The biggest obstacle that stood in my way for this show was the fact that it pretty much promised from the get-go to be sad. “But love is supposed to be happy and have a happy ending,” you might say, “so how can that be possible when one of the protagonists is destined to commit suicide.” I don’t want to spoil it, so all I can tell you is that I was very pleased with the conclusion and it ends much differently than you are lead to believe it will. Trust me guys. My heart is made of glass. I would not recommend this show to anyone if I didn’t think the denouement was really good

So, in conclusion, set aside a few hours one day and let this series show you its magic! 

The bond between Yuzuru and Shoma

Hero’s Special 170402

So, as opposed to the usual media angle of Shoma vs Yuzu, Hero’s has decided to put together a program about their relationship, as seen from behind the scenes footage. Most of the articles/reports are now focusing on the relationship between Yuzu and Shoma instead of the previous angle of rivals, because this time they had the shared role of Japan’s representatives as opposed to being individual skaters.

Shoma: Right now, when I’m practicing, my motivation is the desire to achieve the ability to win over Yuzu-kun. That’s the only motivation and, in order to continue growing, I would like to continue forward without changing this feeling.

Yuzu: I’ve often been told that I’m in a position of being chased by others but, if you think about it, just like how we found out with this SP, there are still many people I have to chase after. After all, after the SP the one who was standing in first place was Javier, and the one who was third was Patrick. Of course, the young skater Uno…Uno-san…U-Uno-san? *frowns at himself and laughs* Uno-senshuu** too (was in the top 3). There are many things that I don’t have, so in a manner of speaking, everything is to me, something/someone to chase after.  

In which we get a behind the scenes look at the bond between Yuzu and Shoma (as viewed by the Japanese media)

Full translation including video narration under the cut.

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Seeing Stars

Prompt: Pre-Guardians of the Galaxy fun with Peter; Letting loose for the night the reader goes out for a fun night and finds herself back in the Milano for an intimate night with loosened morality.

Pairing: Peter Quill X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Cursing, explicit sexual content, and drug use (A fictional marijuana-like space drug called Lunar Shrub)

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Tonight was going to be a night of escaping your inhibitions and indulging on impulsive desires. Full of physical pleasures and lack of responsibility. Nothing was going to come in the way of you having a good time.. But most importantly, nothing was going to get in the way of you getting laid. 

That’s what had brought you to this current situation, walking alongside the charming Peter Quill as he led you back to his ship. The handsome Terran had approached you at the bar and after a few laughs you had decided he would be the perfect escape. A nice night full of sexy fun and laughs, nothing more nothing less.

He had landed his ship in a public parking area not far from the bar and the two of you were almost there. He guided you happily with one strong arm wrapped snugly around your hips, his hand sinking closer and closer to your ass with each step.

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Someone: I hate queerbaiting. Stop baiting for ratings!

Also this person: watch and support Once upon a Time / Supergirl / Riverdale / Rizzoli and Isles /  The Shannara Chronicles /etc..

Also this person: do not watch Orange Is the New Black / The Fosters / San-Junipero / Person of Interest / The Good Fight / Orphan Black / Sense8 / Grey’s Anatomy/ etc…


Finals week went well! I’m glad I decided to do six week courses because there’s still summer left! And, Theresa and I are officially rising seniors now. I’m more excited for my last year than I thought I would be. There is the fact that I’m just ready to be done with Pitt, but I’m also kind of excited for all the last times. After I had that meeting with my advisor a few weeks ago and we discussed what I should do after I graduate it became more real. I was scared for a few weeks (I mean, I still am) about how after this year I’m supposed to be an active independent member of society, or at least that’s my goal. Now that my classes are over and I’m purely focused on my final year, it just hit me harder.

I went to Ohio last weekend for Cleveland pride and it was awesome. I also went to my friend Anthony’s Fam Fest, which is a type of family reunion. It was fun, and I was happy that I didn’t have to worry about doing homework when I came back for the week. I went up on Saturday and I was supposed to return on Sunday, but my bus got cancelled. So, I ended up having an extra day to spend with another one of my friends who lives in Ohio. It was annoying that my bus was cancelled, but I think the universe was working in my favor. Theresa left Saturday night for the whole week because she’s doing a program in Erie. I basically got an extra day with friends, and one less day of being alone. 

Last time Theresa left for a few days it was impromptu and I wasn’t ready to be alone in our apartment for the first time. I knew about this particular trip beforehand so I took it a lot better. Instead of being sad and nonproductive, I’ve just been nonproductive. I’ve been binge watching Orange is the New Black (I had never watched it before now) and it’s awesome. I’ve been cooking, trying new recipes, to keep myself busy. And I have spent some time with our friend Anna since she lives close by. Next week I start volunteering. I’m looking forward to having structure in my schedule again. 

Yesterday, Anna and I got together and went for a walk down by the marina. Then we went to one of my favorite cafes and I finally finished writing the first chapter of my novel for my summer research project. After that we spontaneously decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was my first time going and we ended up having a really great time. 

So far, life post-finals has been going well! 

Nine to Five (Part 2)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Father Stiles AU. All Y/n wants is to find a new family to care for, when she comes across an AD in the newspaper, she couldn’t be happier. Stiles hires a new nanny for his daughter, but he soon realizes that he hired someone that would soon become much more than just a nanny.

Do let me know what you think about this, pretty please. Feedback is always wanted. I don’t know who made the gif, if anyone does, please let me know and I’ll credit it <3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

It was eight o'clock when you were rushing around your apartment, grabbing everything you thought you would need for the day. It was your first day at the new job, and you swore your clothes were already dripping with sweat. “Best of luck!” Lydia shouted from her room as you grabbed your backpack and rushed out the door to your car.

You lived twenty minutes from Beacon Hills, but you still wanted to make a good impression by showing up early, especially since you’ve never met Rosie before and Stiles had to introduce you before he left for work.

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The Common Room Floor (Smut)

Request from @queentiffanyyy: Hi, love ur works btw! Could you do an imagine where the reader and Draco decide not to go home for the holidays because of their parents. And it gets really cold at Hogwarts, so they stay warm together on a fur rug by a fireplace, which leads to smut? Thanks xoxo

Thank you! This was so fun to write, I love it! Hope you enjoy :)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Unsurprisingly, you and Draco were the only Slytherins that stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas. Christmas with your parents sounded more like a death sentence and Draco’s parents would more than likely ignore him the whole time anyway - why suffer when you can just stay in each other’s company? You sent an owl to your parents a week before the end of term and waited on a reply that never came; they were pissed. You didn’t care. 

Staying in the Slytherin dungeons alone came with plenty of drawbacks: the eerie loneliness of the desolate bedroom quarters scared you stiff and it was unbelievably cold; in the dungeons, the only source of heat was the large marble fireplace in the common room. You lay in bed, you teeth chattering and you breath haltering before sighing. “Fuck sake.” You mumble, pulling yourself out of bed to fumble your way to the common room. You kneel down next to the fireplace, pulling out your wand to create a fire. Immediately, the warmth began to radiate throughout your body.

You leant back against the sofa that faced the fireplace, not daring to inch any further away. Your fingers traced the soft rug beneath your body, your fingertips actually managing to gain back feeling. You fell into a trance, watching the flames of the fire dancing, so entrancing that you didn’t even realise you were all of a sudden not alone. You jumped, feeling strong, cold arms wrap around your shoulders. You look to your side, smiling when you lock eyes with Draco. “Sorry for scaring you, love.” He gestures, removing his arms from around your shoulders. Your shrug. “It’s okay, you’re freezing though.” 

Draco frowns. “Came here to warm up, which I’m guessing you did too.” You nod your head, reaching out your hand to intertwine with his. Yours were basically back to normal temperature, making Draco sigh with pleasure as you began to warm his hands up. “You really are freezing.” You mention, scooting over closer to him to snuggle up to his strong frame in a small attempt to make the situation any better. You rest your head on his shoulder, his chest rising and falling with every breath. It was so quiet and for the first time in forever the two of you were fully alone - you could seriously get used to this. 

You watch the orange glow of the flames cast shadows upon his face as his lips grow into a grin. “I know what will make us warmer.” He begins, turning his head to lean closer and kiss you. You kiss him back, knowing full well he’s horny. “It’s so fucking freezing and you think we’ll be getting naked?” You question, breaking the kiss for a few seconds. “We just have to generate more heat.” He replies, cupping your face as he leans back over to kiss you. “What if someone walks in?” You ask, breaking away again. “No one’s so bored that they’re going to be wondering the castle at 3am, Y/N.” Draco replies flustered. You roll your eyes, kissing Draco back as he leans in again.

Draco’s hands explore your body, somehow managing to remove the two jumpers and t-shirt you were wearing so that you were completely naked on the top. The cold air bit at your skin but it only matched the goosebumps that were arising because of Draco’s touch. You removed his jumper and shirts as well, revealing his muscular torso from all of the years of playing Quidditch. You leant back, laying down on the fluffy rug with Draco hovering on top of you. He pulled down your pyjama bottoms and underwear, taking off his green checkered pyjama trousers as well. Draco pauses for a few seconds, his face hovering over yours a few centimetres away. You leaned up, sealing the distance with a kiss. 

The only source of lighting in the room was the fire, which cast a heavenly contour upon Draco’s structure. “You’re so perfect.” You admired in between the kiss. Draco chuckled. “The prince is far less beautiful than the princess.” You pecked his lips, “I don’t think princes typically fuck princesses in broom cupboards.” You justified. Draco’s lips brushed yours as he replied. “You’d be surprised.” Your hands which rested on Draco’s back felt his muscles relax as he lowered himself into you, the two of you immediately feeling pleasure. A gasp escapes your lips, your initial reaction being you wrapping your arms around his chest. Draco was right - the endorphins that were flooding your body were in fact making you hot and sweaty. 

“Fuck,” You managed to utter out. His hair fell in his face and the fire’s shadows flickered over every contour on his face. Beads of sweat had began to collect on his forehead and cheeks - you couldn’t help but lean up and kiss him. “You’re so perfect.” He whispered, beginning to go faster. You gasped, keeping up with the pleasure that came flooding alongside the faster pace. Draco felt so good; a slight knot in your stomach was beginning to form and you knew you were close. “I-I’m close.” You justified, causing Draco to pick up the pace even more. The two of you groaned louder - so loud, in fact, you were sure someone would hear. In a matter of seconds, you unwound with Draco, both collapsing in a sweaty heap. “You were right.” You began in between pants. “I’m toasty warm now.” Draco chuckled, sitting up. “You can stay with me tonight.” 

You woke up the next morning, Draco was already sat up, pulling on a shirt. You sit up as well, placing a gentle kiss on his porcelain shoulder. He turns around, smiling before kissing you. “Come on, we have to go to breakfast.” You return to your own room, pulling on a jumper and jeans before joining Draco in walking to breakfast. 

The two of you were tucking in quite nicely to a bowl of Rice Crispies before Dumbledore stood up, making an announcement to all thirteen of you that were eating exempt the teachers. “Good morning, students. I wish you all a pleasant day, but first I have a few things to say. First, due to the cold conditions, we have made the decision to make the castle warmer, including the dungeons.” You turn to Draco, smiling. “And secondly, I have been asked to remind you all that walls are not soundproof; teachers that are on duty can hear everything, even in the dungeons.” You feel your eyes widen and your cheeks fill with blood as Dumbledore quickly averts his gaze to you and Draco. “Shit,” You hear Draco whisper before continuing. “At least we warmed up though.” 

Opposites - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Could you please write something where (y/n) and Jughead have been keeping their relationship secret from (y/n)’s parents. Until one day they find out about (y/n) and Jughead’s relationship and disapprove because Juggie is from the wrong side of the tracks which makes Jug feel insecure about himself but (y/n) reassures him that she will always love him no matter what her parents think.

A/N — Thank you so much for 1k! I haven’t been on Tumblr for very long and all the nice stuff I get everyday is amazing and it means so much to me. Hope you enjoy this imagine!

Words: 2141

Warnings: Insecurities and strict parents

(Y/N) , (Y/L/N) , (E/C) , (S/C) — Your name, your last name, eye colour, skin colour

It’s been 6 months, 12 days and 15 hours since you’ve been dating Jughead Jones. Why were you counting? Because you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. A very long time, if you want it as a fact. Although you’ve basically grown up beside Jughead for as long as you could remember, you’ve never left his side and he never left yours.

It was only just six months ago when the two of you had the nerve to confess each others feelings about the two of you. He invited you to go see another one of his favourite cult classic movies at the Drive-In where he worked. That night he had the chance to make his move, cliche to be true, but he did the stereotypical ‘arm over the shoulder whilst yawning’ trick. Jughead wasn’t very good at expressing his emotions, or flirting in general. But he watched enough movies to learn the technique. From then on, the two of you were together 24/7. Whether it was dates at Pop’s, trips to the Drive-In, or even just spending time alone at school whilst working at The Blue and Gold. You couldn’t ask for a better relationship because Jughead was perfect to you. But the only thing that you wish was that your parent’s could accept him for who he was, a Southside.  

(Y/N)’s parent’s were similar to the Cooper’s. They helped out around town, they baked cookies and invited new neighbours over for dinner, and they disapproved of certain people, the Jones’ being one of them. Her mother knew Jughead’s dad, FP, since high school. Before he met her dad, the two were lovebirds and were similar to the relationship her daughter was already having with Jughead. The only thing that split them apart was when her father came into the picture. He was new to Riverdale, capturing the hearts and eyes of almost every girl there. Of course FP felt protective over her and was anxious that he’d loose her, to which that happened. Shortly after that, he joined the Southside Serpents, a gang a little out of Riverdale. From then on, (Y/N)’s mom changed the eyes of FP, and to most who were alive before the next generation. She got lectured on her first day of school to be careful of FP’s son, so she didn’t get hurt or betrayed, to which she thought happened to her when in reality she left him.

It’s been 9 months, 7 days and 4 hours since you’ve been dating Jughead Jones. A week ago, the two of you celebrated your 9 month anniversary with a burger date at the one and only Pop’s. The two of you laughed the whole night away before he walked you home straight after. Not in sight, he kissed you goodbye and ran off before her parents could notice. Earlier that day, she convinced her parents that she was staying over at Betty’s to complete a school project for the following day. Luckily, the two believed it, and that whole night turned out perfectly. Last night you were told that your parents were going away on a business trip to New York, giving you and Jughead a little more time to spend alone together. They left in the morning, giving you plenty of time to clean up your room and romanticise the atmosphere a little bit. After school, Jughead met you after class to walk you back home.

“So, what’s the plans for this evening, Miss (Y/L/N)?” Jughead asked in a posh accent, making you laugh.

“Well, Mr Jones, I was hoping we could binge watch Orange Is The New Black and eat our hearts out with popcorn?” She replied, mimicking the posh voice he used before. The two of you were hand in hand in the cold winter’s breeze. This was all you ever wanted when you got the chance to be with Jughead without overthinking about your relationship with him.

“Sounds divine, madame.” He said in his usual voice, a cheeky grin plastered on his face as he leaned against you, kissing the top of your head.

The two of you finally made it to your house. Jughead never got the chance to see your house, due to restrictions with everything from the past. You were nervous as you thought about what he’d think of the place. You fumbled with the keys, managing to unlock the door before walking in with him straight behind you. A satisfied whistle escaped his lips as he checked around the house, closing the door behind you as you stood in front of him shortly after.

“Is it bad? I actually tried cleaning up the place a little.” She chuckled awkwardly, a small blush dancing on her (S/C) cheeks.

(Y/N), what are you stressed about? The place looks fine from what I can see.” He reassured her, before turning his focus to her once again. She smiled at him, leaning up to peck his lips a couple times before slowly pulling away.

“Come on, I’ll show you my room!” She gushed, taking his head as she lead the two of them upstairs, Jughead rolling his eyes at the way she was acting. The two of them made it to the top of the stairs, her opening the door as she let him in.

“So this is where the magic happens! And by magic I mean nothing.” She mumbled, closing the door behind her. Jughead smirked at to what she just said as he crossed his arms now standing in front of her.

“Speaking of magic…” He said with his playful smirk still attached to his lips. He leaned down holding her cheeks, closing his eyes as he passionately kissed her. She smiled in between the kiss, closing her (E/C) eyes and got consumed into the sparks he just created. Every touch, kiss or movement he did made her heart flutter with joy and lust. His tongue managed to sneak its way into her mouth, deepening the kiss as he moved to sit on her bed, bringing (Y/N) down with him. She sat on his lap as she cupped his own cheeks, kissing back with just as much love. Jughead’s hands crept under her shirt, clinging onto her hips as he supported her balance. Suddenly, the familiar sound of her parent’s car drove its way to park inside their garage.

“Shit, Jug! I think my parents are home!” You frantically said as you pulled away from the kiss. You hopped off his lap, as you looked out the window. “I don’t know what to do! They’ll flip if they see you!”  FP never told Jughead about his high school relationship with (Y/N)’s mom, so Jughead was confused to why she was freaking out.

“..Why would they flip, exactly?” Jughead scoffed, standing up as he walked over to where she was standing beside her window. Since her parent’s were about to get out of the car and the window was open, she pushed him aside and dragged him to the corner of the room.

“You’d flip because she doesn’t want you dating me.” She mumbled quietly.

“Wait, you haven’t told your parents about us?” He rolled his eyes, about to grab his jacket and leave as she blocked the door for him walking out.

“Look, Jughead. My mom dated your dad when they went to Riverdale High. I don’t exactly know what happened between the two, but from how my mom told me and what her opinions are on you guys are like now, it’s not good. But God, Jughead, I love you. I’ve tried so hard to tell her on so many occasions about our relationship and everything. Jughead Jones, I will. I will tell her, and…  I-I will right now.” She removed her arms from blocking the door, still standing against it. Jughead slipped his arms through his jacket before he leant down to softly and slowly kiss (Y/N)’s lips before pulling away. The two of them smiled at each other before she turned around and opened the door. As Jughead sat at the top of the stairs, (Y/N) made her way down to greet her parent’s as they just walked in.

“H-hey, how come you came home early?” She asked awkwardly rubbing her arm as she looked up at her mom and dad.

“Well, our flight turned out it was suppose to leave tomorrow night so we are just waiting until then, sweetheart.” (Y/N)’s dad said, looking over at her beautiful daughter standing in front of him

“Besides, we heard about some shenanigans happening around the Southside and we just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” Her mother cut him off, standing in front of him as she now directly faced (Y/N).

“W-Why wouldn’t I be okay?” You asked, a scoff escaped her lips.

“Don’t act like we don’t know. Is he here?” Your mother’s face became stern and emotionless. Your mind rushed with thoughts, as she found out about her relationship with Jughead. You crossed your arms, staring up at your mother with a face matching hers.

“What do you mean?” (Y/N) tilted her head, a sarcastic hint in her tone of speech.

“That imbecile! That freak! That dirty gothic, Southside boy!” As soon as she said that, you felt your heart drop into your stomach. How dare did she think it was okay to say something so harsh to her daughter about the boy she loves.

“Excuse me? I’m sorry, what did you just say? I honestly can’t believe I’m related to you. But this boy, this so called “imbecile” is the guy I like. No, the guy I love. He is my boyfriend, mom, and I would never give up on him because you said so,” she paused, looking up at the staircase as she knew Jughead was listening in. She walked upstairs, grabbing his hand and brought him back down, the two of them now standing in front of her parents. “I love this boy with all my heart. Just because you still can’t get over your high school grudge over FP doesn’t mean you can go around dissing his family, especially Jughead. He’s going through so much right now, but obviously you wouldn’t care because of how selfish you are. This boy, this beautiful boy, is mine. And I won’t let anyone get in the way of us because I love him. I love him so much and God, if you could just open your eyes and realise it we wouldn’t be having this argument right now, mother.” Tears now escaped the corners of your eyes. You clenched your hand tighter around Jughead’s as you started shaking. Your throat was dry, your face was red and all your focus was on your mom.

“I-I…(Y/N), I’m sorry. This is my fault. I-I just, I’m sorry.” Your mother teared up too, now clinging onto your father’s arm as he escorted her out of the room and upstairs to their bedroom, shutting the door. You felt Jughead’s hand leave yours as he went to grab his bag that was sitting by the door. He picked it up, slung it over his shoulder, and reached for the doorknob, but he paused as he turned his glance to you, tears flooding his green eyes.

“She’s right. I am just some stupid Southside. Why are you still with me when you could go for Archie or Reggie? Anyone but me?” He said, trying hard not to break in front of her. A smile formed on her lips as she walked back over to Jughead, standing under his nose once again.

“Well, I can’t date Archie because he’s with Veronica, and quite frantically he’s not my type anyway. Reggie is annoying and only goes for girls appearance wise. And the rest? Well, they aren’t like you, Jug. You’re different, and that’s what made me fall in love with you.” She reassured him, placing her hands on his cheeks as she used her thumb to wipe away a tear that fell down his cheek. “I love you so much, Jughead.” She whispered softly. He smiled, lifting his hand as he wiped away another escaping tear. He closed his eyes, leaning in to kiss you slowly and softly, before the two of you pulled away. You removed your hands from his cheeks as he adjusted the strap that clung to his shoulder. He pecked your cheek before he reached for the door and left. You stood against the door before sliding down and sitting on the ground. Your phone vibrated, making you take it out of your pocket to read what was just sent.

Jughead: I love you too, (Y/N).

A/N — I’m so sorry this took so long to write, this is my last week of term and then I’m on school holidays which means more writing!


Lesbian History:

Frieda Belinfante (1904-1995)

  • a cellist and conductor
  • a member of the Dutch Resistance in WWII - she forged documents for Jewish people, as well as helped organize and execute the bombing of an Amsterdam registry so that Nazis could not compare forged documents to real ones
  • she disguised herself as a man and lived that way for three months before being traced by the Nazis. She escaped via the French Underground and crossed the Swiss Alps by foot in the winter.
  • she eventually emigrated to California where she would go on to found the Orange County Philharmonic
  • watch her speak about some of her war experiences here

anonymous asked:

Currently suffering from a cold so SHINee gets a cold?

SAME (hope you feel better baby!)


  • so congested that it’s difficult for him to hear 
  • keeps yelling what???? whenever someone tries to talk to him 
  • honestly the members are just moving their lips to fuck with him 
  • absolutely no appetite which disturbs him more than anything but had some soup to have some kind of sustenance
  • took cold medicine and knocked out for 12 hours (minho: *holding a mirror to his face* well he’s breathing) 
  • afterwards good as new!!! he bounces back fast 


  • “doesn’t my voice sound kinda sexy like this” 
  • soulfully croons “lonely” in a raspy voice 
  • wearing a turtleneck and a sweatshirt over it 
  • chugging orange juice while watching reruns of one piece 
  • at first he poured the juice into cups but it took too much effort so he’s curled up on the couch with the carton and just drinking straight from it 
  • “ummaaaaa can you make me jook” (rice porridge) 


  • breaks out the hanyak (chinese medicine) immediately and heats it up 
  • stares at the bowl of black liquid with dread
  • “it’s okay kibum since your nose is stuffed you won’t even be able to taste it”
  • he was so very wrong omg WHY 
  • takes a long hot shower to clear his sinuses and he feels more human afterwards 
  • gets pho to heal his soul 


  • “i’b nob sic” / shinee: what / “I’MB NOT SIK” 
  • jong: minho your fever’s so high it hurts me to touch you 
  • loud sneezing v often and key jumps every single time 
  • sniffing so obnoxiously that tae’s looking at him in open disgust and pelting tissues at him 
  • *blows nose* “it’s just allergies” 
  • literally cannot understand how his body could betray him like this 


  • looks suspiciously at all the members like “who got me sick”
  • alternating between being elated that he could stay in bed and being v pitiable for not feeling well
  • has to be dragged away from the computer bc “taemin pls you really don’t have pneumonia” 
  • eating ice cream but then it occurs to him that he can’t actually taste it so he’s sad af again 
  • throws off his blankets “I HATE BEING SICK” but picks them up immediately bc he’s cold now 
Humans are Weird - Part 4

Here’s the fourth part! And, the second thing Xylion noticed about humans! Enjoy!

Xylion was sitting in the cafeteria with the humans, though he wasn’t really paying them any heed. He was too busy focusing on eating his food. It was his favorite. However, he was stopped when he noticed Human Fredrick take a bite of his and grimace.

“What is the matter, Human Fredrick?” He asked, turning away from his food to look at his coworker.

Human Fredrick sighed. “It’s nothing major, just…this is very bland.”

Human Isaac scoffed. “You and your fancy taste buds. This has enough flavor.”

“’Flavor’? It tastes like cardboard!’ Human Jenny cried, slamming her utensil down on the table.

Xylion didn’t know what ‘cardboard’ was, but judging by Human Jenny’s reaction, it must be bad. His shoulders slumped. Was his favorite food not good enough for them?

Human Mason sighed. “Just put something on it if you can’t handle it, you two.”

Xylion watched the two humans contemplate it for a second before nodding. Human Jenny and Human Fredrick both stood up and ran off, leaving Xylion highly confused. He looked at Human Mason and Human Isaac for answers, but they two were gone.

He sighed and continued to eat his food. If the humans didn’t enjoy it, then it meant more for him.

It couldn’t have been more than two minutes when the pounding of feet were heard. Xylion looked up to see them running back over to the table, all carrying something in their hands.

Human Jenny sat down first and set her vibrantly colored bottle on the table. Human Isaac was next, though his was tamer. Human Fredrick set his dark bottle down, and Human Mason set his neutral colored bottle down as well.
Xylion pointed at their bottles. “What are those?”

Human Jenny grinned. “This here is known as Sriracha! It’s spicy!”


Xylion watched as Human Jenny flipped the bottle over and squeezed the edges of it. He watched an orange colored substance begin to fall out of it, hitting the white paste. Xylion felt his heart shatter. They were ruining it!

Human Jenny picked up her utensil and scooped some of the orange stuff up with her food and popped it into her mouth. Xylion saw her eyes begin to mist up slightly, but she swallowed it anyway.

“Man, this is some good stuff!” She cried out, a grin spreading on her face. Xylion could feel the heat spilling out near him, even though she sat the furthest form him.

Human Fredrick grimaced. “Ew.”

Human Jenny stuck her tongue out at him, which he then copied.

Human Isaac sighed. “Ya’ll, that shit is nasty! Here, let me show you how delicious mine is!”

Xylion watched Human Isaac as he pulled a cap off his bottle and squirt the yellow substance onto his paste. He then took a bite. Human Isaac’s eyes lit up as he swallowed it. “Ah, good ol’ mustard! You’ll never fail to keep me going!”

Human Jenny seemed fearful of him. “You…you monster! Who dares eat mustard so casually?”

Human Isaac rolled his eyes. “Better than what Mason is about to put on his.”

Xylion turned his attention to Human Mason, but the sound of a horrific noise filling the air shocked him. He turned to Human Fredrick, who was squeezing the edges of his bottle too. The horrible noise filled the air again. Xylion watched as the substance dropped onto Human Fredrick’s food.

Human Fredrick scooped some up and put it into his mouth, and then began to shovel it in. Xylion was shocked at the speed he was eating it at. However, he stopped when he saw everyone staring. “What?”

“Ketchup, really? Why ketchup of all things? Please, do tell.” Human Jenny said, her tone odd.

Human Fredrick rolled his eyes. “I’m not the one putting spicy Sriracha on my food!” He cried, some bits of food flying out of his mouth. Xylion sighed. What terrible manners.

Human Mason shook his head as he squirted some of his substance onto his food. Xylion watched the brown substance easily fall out of the bottle. He glanced at the other humans and saw their schocked and horrified expressions.
“What’s that?”

“Ch-chocolate sauce.” Human Isaac stuttered.

Zellnor blinked in shock. “And what is chocolate sauce?”

“Something that should never go onto the paste. They had me try each one, and to be perfectly honest, it was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. Each one tasted of death, though Human Mason’s was the worst. Chocolate sauce is, as Human Isaac described it as, a ‘savory’ meal, not a ‘sweet’ one.”

“What else? Anything, good?”

Xylion shook his head. “I haven’t even gotten to the worst one yet, Captain.”

“Oh, Galactia help us.”

How’d you like this part? I’m having fun writing these…I hope you enjoy reading them!

Also, sorry if this post looks a little weird. I was doing some editing on my phone and accidentally posted this, so it had to be copied and I had to make a whole new post, and the spacing became weird. Anyways, hope you liked it!


Pens and paintbrushes

It was late and he knew he should be home, he knew he had work at the publishing office early tommorow morning, but Jughead Jones was not one to do what was expected of him, especially not when he had the worst case of writers block he had ever come across.

He was staring blankly at the open poppy field in front of him, New York City was definitely nothing like Riverdale, the pushing and the yelling and the overpopulated streets, so when he came across this hidden gem he had been eternally grateful for the tiny bit of peace and serenity it provided.

Archie snored loudly from the back of the beat up pick up truck Jughead was currently perched on top of, He smiled at his obnoxious best friend and went back to scribbling in his notebook. Jughead needed inspiration, he was at a standstill with his novel and Archie was happy to tag along, happy to be away from the studio for a bit, even if he couldn’t keep his eyes open for longer than an hour. Archie was an up and coming musician and he worked tirelessly to get his music heard, something Jughead had always admired about his best friend.

His eyes were fairly close to glazing over themselves as he watched the orange and purple sunset dip lower behind the hills.

“Betty! Please, these are givenchi! I’m going to get Pollen all over my new cape!”

Jughead eyes snapped open at the sound of a very agitated female voice, squinting into the distance he saw what had the dark haired girl so up in arms.

Honey blonde hair and long tans legs peeking out of a long flower white maxi skirt, slit up the side and blowing behind her as she pulled what he assumed was her friend through the flowers

“I’m gonna miss it Ronnie, I just found the perfect color for the sky and I’m gonna miss it if we don’t hustle! Move that Pilates sculpted booty!” She giggled, her hands gripping a variety of colored pencils and a thick white sketchbook.

Jughead couldn’t tear his eyes away from the blonde, her midriff was bare and toned underneath the loser white crop top as she made her way towards him, her eyes were looking directly past him at the sunset in the distance and he could make out bright hazel green irises. Apparently all the commotion woke sleeping beauty from his slumber and Archie crawled towards the roof of the car, setting his eyes on the approaching girls.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me there’d be chicks, look at the dark haired one.” Archie rubbed his eyes sleepily, leaning forward to get a better look.

Suddenly the two girls were directly in front of the dark green pick up truck and The blonde was climbing on top of it.

“Elizabeth!” The raven haired girl shouted, her eyes wide and appalled.

She continued to climb
“I’m so sorry, but I really need this view, I’m so sorry!”

She pushed past Archie and dropped beside Jughead, ripping the sketchbook open and immediately sketching the sight before her.

“I am so sorry about her. She’s an artist, I’m sure you know how temperamental they are. It’s the heat I think, it’s gotten to her, made her forget her manners.” Her friend stated pointedly, her hands on her hips as she shook her head.

Jughead was speechless, this absolute enigma of a girl was seated beside him, her thigh pressed against his as she effortlessly drew the most beautiful piece of work he had ever seen, he watched her draw strokes on the paper, the colors perfectly matching the scenery in front of them. He vaguely heard Archie helping the dark haired girl into the bed of the truck, when the beauty in question glanced up , placing her pencil down and sighing relived, apologetic eyes meeting his captured ones.

“I really am so sorry, it’s just the sunset moves so quickly ya know, I haven’t been able to capture it all week. And this is perfect.”

Jughead shook his head
“I get it, don’t worry about it. You can climb my truck anytime.” He smiled at the light blush that rose to her cheeks. She stuck her hand out

“I’m Betty Cooper, it’s nice to meet you.”

Betty Cooper?! His jaw visibly dropped as he stared blatantly. Betty Cooper was one of the most well known young artists in all of NewYork, her work was hung in the some of the best galleries in the cities. People begged for her work, she chose to remain anonymous in the sense of face to face. The only thing people knew of Betty Cooper was her and name and her talent.

From behind him he heard a giggle
“That’s not usually the reaction she gets.”

He looked over and The pearl wearing girl was perched on Archie’s lap

“I’m Veronica Lodge. And yes I am the world famous fashion designer, no need to drop your draw twice James Dean.”

Jughead raised a brow, he had never heard of her but from the looks of her he could tell she wasn’t lying.

“She’s very proud of her work.” Betty giggled from beside him, he could tell that the quiet blonde didn’t share the same outgoing personality as her friend, but from the soft way she smiled at Veronica it was clear they were very close.

“I’m Jughead Jones. Definitely not as accomplished as you but Jughead Jones nonetheless.” He gripped her hand, holding it for a second longer than necessary. His stomach flip flopping at the unfamiliar feeling, something in her eyes shifted and he knew she was feeling the same thing.

“He will be famous though, he’s writing a book and it’s really good, his publisher is just waiting for it to be finished.” Archie said from below, his arm slung lazily around Veronica’s waist as he whispered in her ear.

“You write!” Betty smiled, her hand moving to grip his arm as she looked at him excitedly.

Jughead blushed rose petal pink, and nodded shyly

“Something like that.”

“Id love to read your work some time.” She was so soft and gentle, Jughead wasn’t accustomed to this type of woman, growing up on the Southside of Riverdale, girls were bitter and angry, moving to New York he hadn’t been interested in finding anyone, but with her soft hand around his forearm and her long blonde hair brushing his cheek.. well maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. He shook his head quickly, like she would be interested in somelike you, her a grip Jughead, His mothers nasal sharp voice echoed in his head.

“Well lover boys, we better get going. I have a meeting in Paris tommorow morning and then I’m back here by lunch.” Veronica shrugged, daintily stepping off the bed of the truck as Archie helped her down.

Betty rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at Jughead as he laughed quietly, his hands wrapped around her waist and he carefully dropped her in front of him, her feet on solid ground, she stared up at him.

“Id like to see you again Jughead Jones.” She whispered.

Jughead swallowed heavily, his eyes boring into hers

“Id like that Betty Cooper”

She pulled her sketch pad out and scribbled her number down on torn piece of paper. Handing it to him she threw him a final glance and followed Veronica towards the trail.

Jughead watched her retreating back his fingers clutching the number in his hand, Archie came to stand beside him, holding his palm open

“Dude! You got her number too? Awesome! Veronica wrote hers in lipstick so I can’t really close my hand until I can find my phone…” Archie rambled on and Jughead smiled staring down at the piece of paper.

Jughead Jones life was about to become a whole lot different.