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Sawada Tsunayoshi, #4 for the unusual inheritance prompt? Thank you!~

hahaha poor kid

It happens after Tsuna’s grandmother dies. The funeral is a small, solemn affair, almost entirely family that Tsuna knows.

There are, however, a few strangers, all with the same hair, cut to jaw-length, identical dark suits, and delicate golden accessories, all set with golden-orange stones. Tsuna watches them, curious, and wonders why they’re at the funeral. He wants to talk to them, but they’re strangers, and he doesn’t know what to say.

It doesn’t matter, because when he leaves school a week later, lagging behind his schoolmates, there’s a woman waiting by the gate, dressed in a dark suit, her pale hair cut neatly along her jawline.

He pauses, blinking at the sight of her, and that’s all the opportunity she needs to take him by the arm and pull him away from the gates.

There’s a long moment, where she looks at him, dark eyes searching, and Tsuna stares blankly at her, before she drops to her knees, bowing her head and pressing a fist against her heart.

“Sawada Tsunayoshi-sama. You are as your grandmother described you.”

Tsuna blinks, and then steps back. “I don’t–I don’t know what you’re talking about? Why are you kneeling? Who are you?!”

The woman looks up, and there’s something Tsuna doesn’t understand in her face, something fierce and and unyielding and frightening.

“I am Yamauchi Ameyuri. Your grandmother left our order to you, upon her death. Whatever you ask, we will do, and we place our lives ever before yours.”

Tsuna can feel the blood draining from his face as he stares at the woman on her knees before him, swearing loyalty to him. He’s not even twelve years old, a failure already, and this woman, who is old enough to know better, is telling him that who knows how many people are willing to do whatever he asks.

For a long moment, he just looks at her, hearing his heartbeat thumping loudly in his chest.

And then he turns and runs.

Bonus, four-five years later because timeline? what timeline? Who wants to make a fourteen year old the heir of a mafia syndicate, including responsibilities?

….not that a sixteen year old is much better, but! here we are!

When Reborn reaches Namimori, he’s struck first by how quiet the town is. More than one mafioso has retired to the town, but there’s no sign of any kind of tension.

Then he starts observing the Sawada family, and suddenly he can’t help but feel like someone is watching him in turn. He tries every trick he knows to shake surveillance, but can’t seem to find whoever is spying on him, or rid himself of their eyes.

It continues to grate on his nerves until the day he walks into the Sawada house, and attempts to meet his new student for the first time. All seems well, until Sawada Nana leaves the room, and the watchfulness coalesces into laser-focused killing intent, half a second before a knife buries itself in the floorboards where he was standing.

“Ameyuri, hold.” Tsunayoshi snaps, and a shadow freezes, crouched by the door, knife in hand.

Reborn steadies himself, tightening his fingers around the grip of his pistol, feeling Leon prepare on his shoulder.

The woman stands up, sheathing her knives at her hips and staring at Reborn with murder in her eyes.

“He’s a hitman,” she says, her eyes not so much as flickering from Reborn as she speaks to Tsunayoshi.

Reborn doesn’t dare look away from her, but he hears the rustle of cloth as the boy shifts.

“I know,” Tsunayoshi says. “Jun and Kou told me. But I want to know why he’s here before you render him incapable of speaking.”

The woman bares her teeth for a moment, before she steps back, looking away from Reborn, who takes that as permission to finally look at Tsunayoshi.

The sixteen-year old is perched on his bed, head cocked and golden eyes intent. The faint tendrils of a tattoo curl out from under his unbuttoned shirt, and on a chain around his neck, a heavy-looking golden ring hangs.

“So,” the boy says, “What brings the world’s greatest hitman to Namimori, without speaking to us?”

“Us?” Reborn asks, because there has been nothing about a syndicate taking over Namimori, let alone one headed by the teenaged potential heir to the Vongola.

A slow smile curls over Tsunayoshi’s lips.

“Oh, you hadn’t heard? After my honored grandmother died, I became the leader of the Children of the Mountains. They couldn’t very well leave my home unclaimed territory, could they?”

Reborn stiffens, and bites back a litany of curses. No one knew that the Yamauchi had changed leaders, let alone taken new territory. The only saving grace of that particular military order used to be how reticent they were about leaving their mountains.

He’s going to kill Iemitsu for not telling him what family his wife came from.

Strange magic is so good? Why do people shit on it all the time??? Yeah the story is a bit cheesy but that’s what I love about it. I love that the hero gets with the “villain”, I love the music numbers, I love all the songs. The movie is beautiful, it’s probably the best animation I have seen in a long time. Like?? Sorry that you have a stick up your ass and you can’t enjoy at least some of it. Hell I wouldn’t be mad if they just didn’t like it, but to go out of their way and say it was cringe worthy? That was a bit much.

reasons to watch orange:

  • healthy friendships 
  • girls supporting and sticking up for fellow girls
  • boys comforting boys without it being portrayed as weird
  • a boy that encourages his crush to go out with her crush solely because he wants her to be happy and doesn’t play the “I got friendzoned” card 
  •  hagita babysitting
  • they don’t alienate mental illnesses
  • the animation is gorgeous
  • it will make you cry but in a good way
  • theres only 7 eps out so far so it won’t take you 53 years to catch up

    here’s a link to episode 1

Guys omg if you are into anime, I have a huge recommendation! I just watched the first five episodes of Orange and I’m fukidng sobbing. It’s got major tropes but it’s so cute and good! I have cried in 3/5 of the episodes I’ve watched like omg (I’m also watching this instead of doing homework which is a plus.)

Quick Thing: For those of you that watch either Boku no Hero Academia or Shingeki no Kyojin (or both), reblog and tag with your favorite summer 2016 anime(s?). Also, tag Boku no Hero Academia or Shingeki no Kyojin or both so I can see which group you belong, too. Thanks! 

vote for 24k

When other groups come back there’s usually posts about voting going around but i haven’t seen one for 24k. So here’s what i know about voting:

1. Vote for MTV The Show here (just press the orange button to watch the video and increase the views). 24k is 10th right now. You can replay it as many times as you want.

2. Tweet to SBS MTV (@sbs.mtv) and mention #투포케이 and #더쇼 (if i’m not mistaken). (example)  You can tweet it as many times as you want.

3. There’s also prevoting for M!Countdown on Mnet. Vote here. (you have to log in to vote. you can use twitter, kakao or facebook)

Watch the official music video on Choeun’s profile and 1TheK’s profile (yes, it counts if you watch here too but idk if it does for all shows? if you can watch on both).

I know some shows have live voting too and i can try to find out more about that if you are interested.
In the mean time please please vote for 24k and show them a lot of love! You can write to them using this helpful post too. I think it is very important that we show them support this comeback!

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i’m 2 eps from finishing code geass R2 but tbh i don’t want to….i don’t want it to end again. I don’t want to feel absolutely destroyed like how the finale makes me feel every time.