Our Things for Wings order came in today! I ordered a big haul a few weeks ago when the CAD exchange rate was down to .69 USD. It saved me a ton of money, which more than made up for the $20 shipping.

Danita is the owner operator of T4W and the Avian Avenue forum that I’m a member of. She’s really great and her handmade toys are BEAUTIFUL! I told a coworker I probably wouldn’t let Gilly have the valentines toy until after v-day was over. 😂 My coworkers aren’t bird people and one in particular doesn’t even have/want any sort of pet, but even she commented on how pretty and adorable the toys were.

I got a big foraging perch for the birdies & two toys with Sam specifically in mind. Both toys have bells, his fave! I think he’s going to LOVE thrashing that yellow/orange toy around and make lots of noise.

I picked up the Avian Organics Pepper Bites (crackers) in hope that Sam will take to them and I can scale his Cheez It intake waaaaaay back!

I also got a sprout mix and a sprouter (not pictured) so I’m going to venture into sprout territory. It’s honestly scares me, but I’ve been doing research and I feel like I can do this successfully now. I hope!

HEMP SEEDS! You’ve never seen a bird savor a seed like the first time Gilly ate a hemp seed. These are supposed to be great for beak health (flakiness in particular) so I got a baggie to add into their diet.

Finally, I got the Jungle Gems mix. It’s best suited for Sam since it’s a larger mix. It’s got whole almond and macadamia nuts, dried apples, yams, coconut flakes, garden peas, chili peppers, etc. etc.

And with the final memento from Peaches/Cream-san, I have officially won Neko Atsume. The cats have been conquered. I can finally rest.