orange rhyming dictionary starters II
  • Cut the heart out of your chest, they’ll come for that as well.
  • Why don’t you start crying for all that you’ve got left here?
  • Why don’t you stop dying before you go and get it right?
  • You cut the heart out of your chest to let the light in through your arm.
  • Must keep writing if I’m to be better than everyone else.
  • Living in a hotel, but I’m not traveling.
  • Between two points in mid-air, I’m levitating.
  • In my three feet from bed to wall, there sleeps a genius.
  • Leave me here to my devices.
  • They’re playing love songs on the radio tonight, I can’t relate to that right now.
  • Note to self: no one cares, your voice is average.
  • I will begin, I will put right, this morning terror.
  • I have been kissed between the ears by human error.
  • They’re playing love songs on your radio tonight. I don’t get those songs on mine.
  • You keep fucking up my life.
  • This day could someday be an anniversary.
  • Living by the hour, I stop for every flower.
  • Like they handed me my life, for the first time it felt right.
  • Thank you for making me see there’s a life in me, it was dying to get out.
  • Touching you, I start to bloom.
  • Thank you for taking me from my monastery, I was dying to get out.
  • For the first time it felt worth it, like I deserved it.

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