Team Voltron themed drinks!

In light of season 3 releasing soon and planning a viewing party with some of my friends, I recently started thinking about making themed drinks after certain characters and what-not (seeing as I’m the designated bartender of my friend group lol). There’s obviously TONS of different drinks you can make to fit a character, but I took a bit of liberty to fantasize what drinks I’d love to make (had I the time and money); these aren’t arbitrary choices either. I primarily chose drinks that I thought reflected certain character aspects, so I’ve included a small analysis along with each drink choice.

note: for practical reasons (like if ppl actually wanted to make themed drinks) I’ve included both a simplified mixed drink alternative (which, let’s be real, that’s what I’m actually making) AND a non-alcoholic alternative (which are super basic im sorry but it’s the best i could do)

Let’s get mixing!

Shiro – “Boulevardier”

This is one of the few drinks I chose based more on personality than appearance. Most purple cocktails just didn’t quite ring true for Shiro’s full-bodied character, so I went with my gut feeling and started browsing some bourbon based drinks. After going through a few classic recipes, I settled on a Boulevardier. What it contains:

  • 1.5 oz Bourbon
  • ¾ oz Sweet vermouth
  • ¾ oz Campari
  • Orange or cherry as a garnish
  • Served over ice optional

Shiro, as a character, radiates a sense of maturity and warmth. He is kind and caring, but knows when to take charge of his team and push harder. The subtle sweet undertones in bourbon and the warmth of dark liquor, I feel, reflect these aspects of his character very well. Sweet vermouth, like bourbon, has those husky, herbal undertones; it’s basically a wine spiked with brandy and slightly sweetened. Campari is a liqueur made from infused herbs and fruit, a sweet and spicy flavor. This is, in essence, a darker drink, and one that is probably an acquired taste; aka, this is not a beginner or casual drink. It’s a drink I think is well suited to our beloved enigmatic leader, the Head of Voltron, pilot of the Black Lion. It has warmth and depth, a complexity of flavors that matches Shiro’s nuances in character.

Practical party alternative: any type of whiskey and coke (though I still recommend bourbon, it tastes better imo); you can also do a spiced rum and coke if you’re not a whiskey person.

Non-alcoholic alternative: honestly? cherry coke or like…diet coke with lime strike me as very Shiro for some reason lol.

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9. Nightcrawler

Not many people can pull off being entirely covered in fur, or being entirely coloured blue, or having a tail and a habit of chilling out upside-down, but Nighcrawler does all these things and is consistently voted by dudes and ladies who are into fictional male characters as the most unbelievably sexy mutant of all time. It helps that he’s got a mean accent, and also that he’s… you know. Flexible.

But he’s more than eye candy, you sick fuck, he’s a person with feelings! And this BAMF is the nicest guy around, as well as the world’s leading expert of teleportation. He’s not just a piece of meat. God.

1 oz Blue Curaçao liqueur 
1 oz orange liqueur 
4 oz lemonade 
grenadine syrup

Pour the Blue Curaçao, orange liqueur, and lemonade into a highball glass full of ice. “Sink” the grenadine by dropping a few dashes down the side of the glass so that it sinks to the bottom. Alternatively, just teleport it straight to the bottom of the glass like the bamf you are. Drink through a long straw while talking about your time in the circus.

William Nylander - I Love You

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

Another Willy smut coming right up!

Anon Request: Could you write a smutty William Nylander imagine where you’re best friends and you end up admitting you love each other? Thanks!

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Eorzea Cafe menu translations

Marinated Ultros ~Genovese Style~

Ultros, lover of many. Regretfully defeated and then marinated. However, even after being cooked, his mind still continues to be filled with thoughts of his “bro”…

Cured Ham Platter of Eorzea Monsters

Meats one might imagine include that of the Dodo, Coeurl, Aldgoat, Antelope, and etc… We have attempted to arrange a wide variety of meats on a platter. Adventurers such as yourselves ought to have no trouble figuring out which monsters they belong to?!

Mandragora Bagel Sandwich

A Mandragora recreated with a bagel. Please enjoy this dish with some black tea.

Malboro Green Salad ~Bad Breath Sauce~

If you eat this with the purple bad breath sauce, then perhaps your breath will become as smelly as that of Toxic Tamlyn, the giant morbol you encountered on that Guildhest…?

Deep Fried Chicken

A deep fried plump Dodo. Add lemon for zest.

Bomb Croquette

A recreation of a flaming Bomb. Inside is an ultra spicy piece of camembert cheese!!

Demon Wall’s Honey Toast

THAT Demon Wall in honey toast form!? Be wary of knockbacks and area attacks and defeat (consume) this Demon Wall before you run out of ground!

Colibri’s Round Cake

A cake made in the pretty pink of the much adored Colibri. Its large, beady eye is made of heavenly, super sweet chocolate. Please enjoy it with this tropical mango gelato.

War God Odin

A drink created in the image of the Black Shoud’s wandering ancient primal, “Odin”. A potent alcoholic drink complete with Zantetsuken.

[Blavod Vodka + Grape Syrup + Tonic]

Flame God Ifrit

A drink portraying the scorching flames emanated by Ifrit. The added raspberry sauce depicts the flickering of the flames.

[Raspberry Sauce + Lychee Liqueur + Blood Orange Juice]

Ice God Shiva

A drink resembling the freezing cold ice primal. The stirrers are topped off with Shiva’s tears…

[Passion Fruit Collagen + Chardonnay Concentrate + Water + Blue Curacao (float)]

Thunder God Ramuh

Collect the lightning balls inside the drink and brace for Shock Strike!

[Lejay Cassis + Grapefruit Juice + Ginger Ale]

Good King Moggle Mog XII’s Tropical Pineapple Battle

A drink created in the image of King Moggle Mog XII featuring a whole pineapple! Perhaps his vassals are lurking within!?

[Pineapple + Colorful Tapioca + Fruit Cocktail + Mango Juice + Guava Juice]

Dragon God Bahamut

A representation of the ability “Akh Morn”, meaning “Circle of Death” in the language of dragons. Possibly traumatic for tanks and healers!?

[Lemon Syrup + Black Pineapple Liqueur + Soda]

Water God Leviathan

A carbonated drink with Water God “Leviathan” in mind! The edge of the glass is made to look like a Tidal Wave.

[Blue Raspberry Syrup + Soda + Grapefruit Juice + Lychee Syrup]

Storm God Garuda

A Japanese-style cocktail for Storm God “Garuda” called forth by the Ixali. Mixing the drink with a stir stick conjures up a storm in your glass!

[Yoshinogawa Sake + Umeshu + Lemon Concentrate + Gomme Syrup + Tonic + Shiso Leaf]

Beet and Orange Liqueur for Love and Luck

I tried out this recipe when I ended up with some beets and had no idea what to use them for. I had cooked with beets in the past and found that I didn’t really like the way they interacted with savory dishes but also didn’t know any sort of sweet recipes that were easy enough for my lazy ass. So of course I decided to soak them in some alcohol and just use them that way. The result is pretty darn delicious in a rather unique way. It’s definitely sweet (the orange and the simple syrup make sure of that) but the beets give it kind of an earthy taste too. It went really well with the tonic water I mix everything with which is all that really matters to me. It’s also a really pretty dark pink/purple color which is a nice bonus.

The most frequent association I found for beets was love and love spells. Mostly romantic love, from the European lore I see referenced. I haven’t researched beets for magick before this, so I was surprised at how much was out there about it. I see a lot of the same for oranges. I instinctively figured they were connected to the sun and all that comes with that association, which also includes an association with love, though I’ve also seen an association with luck pop up. So that’s what this recipe is best for, either finding love or strengthening the romantic love you might already feel for a partner. The luck can tie in by granting you the luck you need to find the right person or the luck you need to stay out of bad or upsetting situations with your partner.

Recipe after the cut

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Cocktail recipes inspired by my margarita bill drawings  and of course this ama ◔ ◡ ◔ ヽ

THE SLIPPERY BILL - sweet●creamy●orangelemon●blue

½ (half) part whipped cream vodka
2 part sprite or lemonade
½ (half) part Blue Curacao (an intense blue-coloured orange liqueur)
Coloured sugar for rimming
Crushed ice
Margarita glass - Slice of orange - Tiny straw and umbrella

NON-ALCOHOLIC ALTERNATIVE “THE HONEST BILL”:  Replace the whipped cream vodka with actual whipped cream and replace the Blue Curacao with orange juice and 1 to 2 tblspn Blue Curacao Syrup (if you can’t get a hold of it substitute with blue food colouring)

BILL ON THE BEACH – pineapple●coconut●fruity

1 part vodka
1 part pineapple juice
1 part passion fruit juice
¼ (quarter) part coconut cream (infusion of coconut and water)
Salt for rimming
Cubed ice
Wine or martini glass - Pineapple wedge - Umbrella

NON-ALCOHOLIC ALTERNATIVE “BILL NOT ON THE BEACH”:  Replace 1 part vodka with 1 part mango juice.

★ parts/measurments can be altered ★ for minors: the non-alcoholic alternatives will taste just as good ★ warning: suitable for the palates of dream demons only ★ good luck

March 8 is International Women’s Day - “La Festa della Donna” is a popular holiday in Italy. It’s a day on which women’s economic, political and social achievements are celebrated. Its roots lie in the feminist struggle for equal rights and recognition of the dignity, value, and contributions of women worldwide. Today, in Italy, the celebration has become more similar to Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day in the sense that women receive bouquets of yellow mimosa flowers from the men in their lives - husbands, sons, friends, or employers. The flower was chosen by Italian feminists as the symbol of the holiday in 1946 for its bright color and fragrant scent, and because it’s in bloom at this time of year and abundant, and therefore inexpensive. 

There’s a variety of culinary interpretations of the mimosa created in honor of this day. Mimosa eggs (similar to deviled eggs), Linguine mimosa (with curry so it’s yellow), Tagliatelle mimosa (with scrambled eggs), yellow Risotto mimosa, and many others. Bakeries make Torta Mimosa, a delicious mix of sugar, orange juice, whipped cream, and orange liqueur. In recent years in Italy, this holiday has become for many women simply a day to go out with girlfriends and have fun. Pubs, restaurants, and discos have special events, featuring male dancers and/or strippers who perform to delirious all-female crowds. As with many holidays, over time the true meaning of “La Festa della Donna” has become trivialized and commercialized. There’s a division in opinion, mostly on the part of women themselves, between those who embrace the popular trend of treating the day as an excuse to go out and get crazy, and those who remain faithful to the holiday’s more serious roots.

Blue Reef

Light Puerto Rican Rum - 2 oz

Lime Juice - 1 ½ oz

Blue Curaçao - 1 ½ oz

Galliano - ½ oz

Shake everything with ice cubes and strain into a snifter filled with crushed ice.

From Beachbum Berry’s “Grog Log”. Unfortunately no information about the inventor was given.

It’s another blue drink that’s actually delicious; generally speaking, none of the drinks picked out by Mr. Jeff Berry are too bad.

This is a quite a mild drink with a dry base; pronounced lime and orange flavours; the Galliano adds that very needed extra sweetness as well as a beautiful anise and vanilla finish. The drink would have been very boring without it.

Red Sangria

2 oranges, thinly sliced

1 lemon, thinly sliced

1 lime, thinly sliced

4 c fresh firm fruits, chopped

1 gallon full-bodied dry red-wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon

1 ½ to 2 c orange liqueur

1 ½ c Presidente brandy

2 bunches lemon verbena, washed and stemmed

fresh soft fruits, chopped

club soda, champagne, or sparkling wine

Combine citrus slices and other firm fruits in a large, nonreactive container. Add wine, liqueur, brandy, and lemon verbena. Cover and refrigerate overnight. When ready to serve, put some soft fruits into each wine glass and fill two-thirds full with the sangria. Top off with a splash of club soda.

Love Live Themed Cocktails

Maki: Vodka, tomato juice

Kotori: Ginger ale, black vodka

Nico: Strawberry syrup, milk, whipped cream, strawberry soda

Hanayo: Green apple syrup, macha syrup, milk

Umi: Gin, tonic water, blue syrup

Honoka: Mango juice, orange juice

Nozomi: Grape liqueur, soda, red wine

Rin: Vodka, grapefruit juice, tonic water, blue syrup

Eli: Chocolate milk, whipped cream, chocolate syrup


The Love Bite is a layered shooter, like the B52, only more fruity and less sweet. It blends cherry and orange liqueurs with a bit of cream to give it some richness. And yes, it does have a little bit of a bite, in the tart edge of the cherry and orange.

This is a fabulous drink for dates, but it’s best served in a more intimate setting. Rather than recommending it at a bar, save it for when you get home.


1 oz. cherry liqueur

1 oz. orange liqueur

1 oz. cream


Pour the cherry liqueur into a cocktail glass (not a shot glass). Layer on the orange liqueur. Top it with a layer of cream. Serve.

Magic Rock Bearded Lady Grand Marnier Chocolate Orange Stout (10.5 % abv)

So the crazy fine Bearded Lady impy from Yorkshire’s Magic Rock got another barrel dunking, this time in Grand Marnier barrels with orange peel, chocolate, and vanilla for like half a year or somethin’. Great, but if it’s as hard to get hold of as their other… Hold on, they’re canning a small amount of it? WOOP! Cue relentless assault on their online shop ‘til a half dozen cans are on my way.

A couple of days later they arrive, and I manage to last an entire two hours before cracking open my first. The pour is jet black, languid, with a gorgeously creamy mocha coloured head. Intense orange liqueur and bold dark chocolate aromas erupt from the glass. Crikey. A sip. It’s velvety smooth with a mouth filling fullness. The taste is dark chocolate led roasty malts with supporting coffee notes, bonfire toffee, subtle but definite vanilla undertones, and that liqueur working it’s orange essence magic. Bitter and toasted cacao nib flavours dominate the finish with a nicely controlled booziness warming my insides. 

That the Grand Marnier doesn’t rule the taste like it does the aroma suits me just fine, the flawless balance between it, the malts, and the additional ingredients resulting in a remarkably rich, complex, decadent, and delicious brew. So glad I’ve got a few more. Cheers!



  • 2 ounces tequila
  • 3 ounces cranberry juice
  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • 2 ounces Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur
  • Lime slice for garnish


  1. Pour the tequila, cranberry juice, and lime juice into a cocktails shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Shake well
  3. Strain into a chilled stemmed glass
  4. Splash with Grand Marnier.
  5. Garnish with the slice of lime.