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What is it like writing a character hated by everyone for cucking Satoshi?

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The short answer is: Alain is very fun to play and I love every minute of it, thank you for asking. But since I know that isn’t what you’re getting at…

How do I feel about Alain being hated because he “cucked” Ash? Well, I think that Alain deserved to win. Ash was never going to win in the first place, so if it wasn’t Alain, it would have been someone else. Would you have hated that character? Probably not.

Ash never wins the league championship (except Orange Islands, but that doesn’t count) he just doesn’t. There is no reason to have believed that Kalos would be any different, because it’s just something that doesn’t happen. But even if Ash was a past winner, I would still be rooting for Alain and I would still be happy that he won.

Pokemon XYZ is not about Ash. He is not the main character, Alain is. Now, if you go into XYZ without watching the Mega Evolution Specials, this may be confusing and even upsetting to you. Who is this moody dark haired guy with ugly pants and a precious Charizard? Why do we care about him? Who is the red-haired girl and who the hell is Chespie? Why is it so significant that Alain joins the league and does well?

But if you watch it all, everything is clear. The specials and then XYZ is all about Alain’s journey. The fact that he was able to break through Lysandre’s control just enough to get his badges, join the league and then win?! That means a lot.

It was through Ash that Alain was finally able to feel like a human being again. That he was finally able to experience true joy in battling (and that boy battled a lot). Ash’s role in XYZ is to further Alain’s story along.

And I know a lot of the controversy is around the fact that Charizard beat Greninja. But if you’re complaining about that, then you must also complain about Greninja beating Sawyer’s Sceptile (and I don’t see any of that). It honestly just further proves my point that Alain is the main character. He’s the protagonist that we all are in the games, and Ash is the rival. Ash has the type advantage, and he’s the one encouraging Alain to do it, to keep on going. And through it all, Alain wins.

It wouldn’t have meant anything if Ash had won. It wouldn’t have been gratifying to see, and it would have just been bad writing.

So how does it feel to write such a hated character? It feels great, because even though you all unfairly hate him, Alain is perhaps the best character that pokemon has ever created. In the course of four specials and a season, he went through more character development than Ash will ever go through. Alain grew up so much, and he overcame everything that was thrown at him. I feel honored that I get to give further life to such a character. And I will defend him to my last breath.

An Ode to Kayzie Rogers

If you’ve heard or seen the newest episodes of Pokemon Sun and Moon, something is different! Longtime Pokemon voice actress Kayzie Rogers has decided to retire, after being on the show since the very beginning.

Probably her best known character vocalization is Wobbuffet.

That role has gone to Erica Schroeder. 

Kayzie voiced hundreds of other Pokemon over the years, from Eevee to Cyndaquil to Corsola to Mimey and others.

If I tried to fit the amount of Pokemon she voiced here it would break Tumblr. She’s also voiced plenty of important and characters of the day. From Professor Ivy to Brutella to Max in Battle Frontier.

Thank you, Kayzie, for all the memories and fun. Happy Retirement!


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