• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:poussey washington was such a kind, sweet person and was genuinely good. heck, even her inmate picture is adorable. she was so sad and alone for such a long time but she finally found someone to love who loves her back and were actually planning their future together. she found an interest in cooking and planned to get a job doing that after prison. she deserved the world and had so much going for her but now she just gets to have her own headstone in the byg trope graveyard


WHY THE FUCK DID POUSSEY HAVE TO DIE??!! I loved Poussey and she was really cute and she made the show worth watching………….also she’s super hot. Why couldn’t they have strangled Skinhead Helen instead? The only way the writers can make up for this is to either have her be alive again or have Piper die or get let out and have the show continue sans Piper. I am going to do some ugly things to those writers. I channeled all of that angst into finding a ton of adorable pictures of Poussey while I cry endlessly. C’mon!! She had a girlfriend and was going to get a job!!! Those writers know how to break your heart and they just had to use the best, sweetest character to relate the show to the real world. Fuck.

Hello tumblr world,

My name is Jazmyne, I currently am 17 years of age but turn 18 in December. I live in Australia and into sports, gaming, watching YouTube videos 24/7, cinematography, fab tv shows like Orange is the New Black & American Horror Story. I am sort of new to the tumblr scene so I wouldn’t mind making new friends from anywhere around the world! Oh and I am single too lol

Tumblr URL:

I don’t know why I love this screencap of Alex so much…but I do.

Maybe it’s the way Laura manages to capture the stillness beneath the storm that is Alex’s whole damned life….. The way she manages to hide the hurt and the sorrow…up to a point and then sometimes the feelings she has dammed up break through. I don’t know, but I know it’s damned good acting and I, for one, am so grateful she was cast in this role.


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Am I Not Enough? (Flaritza One Shot)

Prompt 1: “A new inmate starts to flirt with Flaca and Maritza gets jealous and angry.”

Prompt 2: “Flaca and Maritza have their worst fight as a couple and without thinking, Flaca slaps Maritza.”

It had started out innocent enough in Flaca’s eyes. One of the new inmates had kind of latched onto her and treated her as some kind of mentor, which Flaca thought was cool. Someone was looking to her for guidance for once. Maritza, on the other hand, had seen right through the new girl’s act. She saw the way she looked at her girlfriend, the way her gaze would follow her everywhere, the way her “innocent” touches would linger. Maritza was sick of it.

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ID #77285

Name: Cinthya
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hey there!

My name is Cinthya, I’m 18 (turning 19 in September), and I’m from a small suburb near Chicago, Illinois in the US.

I love old movies, romance novels, cooking and binge watching. Some of my favorite shows are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Supernatural and Reign.

I want to say more, but I’ll save that for the letter.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Preferences: I’ve had a few pen pals in the past and would really love some more. I’m looking for someone interested in snailmail, though I’m not opposed to emailing either. Gender or location doesn’t matter, as long as you’re 16+, I’d love to talk to you. :)

Hey! My name’s Joana, i’m 16 and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal.

I identify myself as pansexual.

I speak fluent portuguese and almost fluent english.

Fav artists: aurora, lo fang, troye sivan, zella day, melanie martinez, lapsley, fleur east and Ji nilsson 

tv shows : the whispers, orange is the new black, ahs, bates motel, mr.robot, the 100..

While I am not procrastinating over school work i usually like to embroider and to anything related to art or just go out with my friends anywhere and explore. 

I attend an art school and i’m studying textiles so it would be really nice to have a penpal who’s interested in art too so we can exchange stuff related to art. But if you don’t I don’t really mind at all.

I can also teach you portuguese if you want to.

I’m open minded and looking for a penpal any age/gender/sexuality/nacionality, we can only talk through social media or e-mail but we can also exchange letters if you want to.

( and yeah i only know how to take selfies with snapchat filters )

snapchat: heyitsjoanaaa                                                                               facebook:                                   e-mail:                        

ID #81097

Name: Jenny
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hey, I’m Jenny! I’m an 18 year old nerd, feminist and introvert. I love reading almost as much as I love cats. I’m obsessed with Marvel & DC comics. Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black and Bob’s Burgers are some of my favorite shows. My taste in music ranges, but I’m mostly into Crown the Empire and Twenty One Pilots. I’m looking for a pen pal because I want to meet new people and see the world through other people’s perspectives.

Preferences: Anyone in the age range of 16-24

Hellooooo, My name is Kerri. I’m 18 and i’m from Ireland.

Interests: Reading ( Harry Potter, Looking For Alaska, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Art of being Normal, Only Ever Yours, The Great Gatsby  etc.), Tv shows (Gossip Girl, Orange is the new black, Impractical Jokers, Little House on the Prairie, Full House etc), Movies ( Superhero movies, romcoms, Now You See Me, Me Before You, The Princess Diaries, Bridget Jones etc), travelling, Polaroid pics, photography.

Dislikes: Racist, Homophobic, judgmental people. Other than that I am interested to talk about anything even if we have different interests. Gender, religion, race, sexuality etc do not matter. 

I speak fluent English and also Italian, but my Italian is not the best. I would love to learn a new language. I would prefer someone around my age. 

Contact me on my tumblr    if you are interested in being penpals and writing to each other :)