orange speaking

he’s gonna start reciting a poem any minute.


Shalom. You know that means “hello” and “goodbye”? Just like ‘aloha.’ But you probably knew that. Something that you may not know is that today my boyfriend got a tattoo of the Kool-Aid Man. Oh yeah. And believe me, Al it’s no “Love is pain." This is Piper, by the way. Blast from the past.

question time!!
  • white: are you a virgin?
  • grey: favourite type of weather?
  • pale-blue: can you swim?
  • blue: what do you think of the last person you spoke to?
  • navy-blue: what's your latest text message?
  • purple: describe yourself in three words
  • lilac: favourite mythical creature?
  • pastel-pink: if you had to dye you hair, what colour would you dye it?
  • pink: self-confident or insecure?
  • fuschia: favourite subject at school?
  • red: calm or agressive?
  • crimson: describe what made you hate the person you dislike
  • brown: what languages do you speak?
  • sunset-orange: do you have any psychic abilities?
  • orange: favourite video game (pc games)?
  • yellow: favourite time of day? why?
  • yellow-green: how do you feel right now?
  • green: favourite flower?
  • dark-green: favourite god and goddess?
  • black: do you believe in life after death?
My favorite queer fictional characters

Either canon or not (please don’t add “you forgot ___” post. This is my list. If you want to make your own list then do so in a different post)

Poussey (Orange is the New Black) Lesbian

Bill Potts (Doctor Who) Lesbian

Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal) Michiru: Bisexual Haruka: Non-Binary Lesbian

Sophia (Orange is the New Black) Trans lesbian

Deadpool (Marvel) Pansexual

Ruby and Sapphire (Steven Universe) Non-binary Lesbians

Blinky (Trollhunters) Gay

Trini (Power Rangers 2017) Lesbian

Nicky (Orange is the New Black) Lesbian

Yuri and Victor (Yuri on Ice) Yuri: Bisexual Victor: Gay

Urbosa (Breath of the Wild) Lesbian

Harold (Captain Underpants) Gay

I love all my queer babies

Edit: Saw Deadpool 2 and have to add this on the list

Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio (Marvel) Both lesbians

Modern AU: Uzumaki Naruto

Here are some headcanons for your favorite hyperactive ninja Normal Boy ™

  • Adrenaline junkie
  • Doodles on himself (with sharpies, Sasuke is severely concerned)
  • ADHD to the max
  • Lol but what is medication
  • Hyperfixations include ABBA, frogs, outer space (it’s so big y’know!) and conspiracy theories
  • Aliens exist btw
  • Chronic leg shaker, lip biter, and head scratcher
  • Fingers dyed permanently orange with Cheeto dust
  • Speaking of orange
  • His shirts are orange, his pants are orange, his boxers
  • Are actually green PLOT TWIST
  • But his braces were orange too
  • He was actually sad to get them off
  • At least his retainer’s orange 
  • Which is why his teeth are 100% straight
  • (Unlike him….)
  • Religiously watches every trashy reality show in existence
  • Including RuPaul’s Drag Race, America’s next top model, the bachelor, project runway, bridezillas, kitchen nightmares and literally everything else
  • Loves team sports
  • Soccer, basketball, baseball, anything that lets him form bonds
  • Grew up ‘ugly’ and shunned but at least that stuck-up bastard next door agreed to be his best friend
  • No concept of personal space
  • Esp w/ Sasuke
  • Maybe he’s hoping for a repeat of that accidental kiss
  • Naw that would make him gay
  • He’s not gay
  • He likes Sakura-chan
  • Well not as much as
  • But that’s just because
  • Fuck it he’s a little gay
  • Cuts his own hair and fuck what anyone thinks he’s good at it
  • Tried piercing his own ear too because Kiba double-dog dared him also poor impulse control
  • It Did Not Go Well™
  • But that’s fine since Sasuke decided to be a doctor and treating Naruto’s stupid injuries is good practice
  • Also he likes the attention and the touching and
  • Fuck it he’s really gay
  • When he confessed Sasuke rolled his eyes
  • And called him dead-last
  • Because apparently as usual he was the last to figure out what everyone else knew for years
  • Oh well better late than never
  • They kissed again
  • And this time, it wasn’t an accident
  • Believe it
✓ ID #38368

Name: Lou
Age: 18
Country: Brazil

I’m Lou, nickname, 18yo bisexual woman.
I’m looking someone to be friends with. Note: if you want to be friends with me, please, be aware that I have problems with loosing people. So I’d like you to stick with me. I made a friend here before, but contact with her so I’m putting myself out here again.
As I’m bisexual, I’d love to meet people from the community as I don’t have many friends, let alone from the community.
I’m Brazilian so I speak Portuguese (no I don’t speak Spanish, I wish I did though). My English is pretty decent and I’m learning French and DuolingoLearning Norwegian. But if you speak any other language I’d love to know more about it and your culture.
My fav tv shows are currently One Day At A Time, Sense8, Skam and Orange Is The New Black. Also love Orphan Black, Black Mirror, Jessica Jones…
I love to talk about feminism and gender/racial related stuff. If you do too we’ll get along.
I’m trying to give a good imoression here, but I’m not this serious. Actually, I hope to have a lot of fun with you.
I’d like to start firstly online but I could snail mail gifts and all if you have patience enough to teach how to send a letter. Z generation!!!
I love to watch films. If you have recommendations I’ll watch them all.
I study informatic at high school. I like programming, even if I suck at it.
I love to talk. So if you want to have late night Skype conversations, depending on your time zone, I’d be down for it. Another thing, I’d prefer to do video/audio calls instead of writing, because I like to hear people’s voices. But if you only want to write I’d be ok too.
I just really want someome to talk too.

Preferences: I have no preferences of gender nor country nor age. But, Be Respectful of other’s existence religion, sexual orientation, etc…
Be ready to stick with me.
If you’re LGBT+ I’d be really happy.
If you want to learn Portuguese or English I’m here to help.