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Cranes (Joshua Request)

YAAASSSS!!! I love it and totally went overboard. Also, if anyone wants to ask me to prom this is totally how you should do it.

Genre: Fluff

Member: Joshua

AU: School

Word Count: 1326

The morning light flooded your desk as you waited impatiently for your history class to be over. It was too bright, almost blinding. Today was just one of those days where the thought of doing anything was torturous. If you didn’t have school, you would definitely be watching TV in bed all day. The bell rung and the class collectively rose as the teacher tried to spurt out a few more sentences. The halls were flooded, but the negative aura around you split the sea of students. They all knew well not to disturb you in this mood. Arriving in Calculus, you trudged over to your usual seat by the window. From there, you could forget the subject matter and pretend you were outside and far away from this hell hole. It wasn’t that you were bad at school. No, you were actually an amazing student. As long as the work got done, your participation didn’t really matter too much. You got out the homework to be turned in and looked out at the new green leaves on the trees. On the windowsill sat a small folded paper crane. You picked it up and inspected its intricate creases. On the bottom of one wing was some scrawled writing. “Unfold me!” it read, so you did. The inside was home to a short note in the same writing.

           “Hey, Y/N! I know how much you like scavenger hunts, so I made one for you. This is your first clue. To find the next, go to the loudest place on campus. –J”

           The loudest place on campus? Where was that? The excitement of a scavenger hunt overcame your unkempt mood. As you mulled it over the teacher walked around to pick up the finished assignments. He walked over to your desk and it startled you.

           “Y/N, homework please?” He tapped his foot impatiently.

           “Yeah, right. Here.” You handed him the assignment and hid the creased clue in your backpack. Where could the loudest place on campus be? From the corner of your eye you saw one of your classmates trying to sneak in late, placing a small note on the teacher’s desk.

           “Where have you been?” came a skeptical rumble from the back of the classroom. Your teacher raised his eyebrow waiting for an answer.

           “Band. I had band. There was a problem with my horn and I had to fix it. I’m sorry,” apologized the student, anxiously taking her seat. The teacher nodded, satisfied.

           Band! That was it! The band room was the loudest place in the school. “Excuse me, but may I use the restroom?” you blurted out as the teacher passed by your desk on the way to the blackboard.

           “Sure, Y/N,” he replied absentmindedly. You rushed out of the classroom, almost running down the hall.

           The band room was silent now, much unlike its usual state. You began looking around, searching every seat and stand for anything. The main room was devoid of any clues. You kept searching, walking into the band lockers. A pop of color caught your eye. In one of the clarinet cubbies sat a bright turquoise crane and a small paper bag. You went over and grabbed it, quickly unfolding it. There was another note inside.

“Good job finding this. I couldn’t hide it in the main room because someone else might get nosy. I left you a treat with this one. Your next clue will be in your favorite spot outside. –J”

You fumbled with the paper bag, opening it to find a bunch of small chocolates and other candies. Eating one, you knew exactly where he wanted you to go next. Your favorite climbing tree that stood near the edge of the woods. Even though it was easy, there was no way to get there now. You decided to wait till lunch when no one would get suspicious of your actions. Walking back to class, you couldn’t wait for the next clue.

You dropped your bag on the pavement and ran over to the edge of the woods. Standing under your climbing tree, you saw a bright pink crane tied to one of the low branches, swaying in the wind. You grabbed it and untied the string. Inside was another note.

“This one was pretty easy, I know. This next one should be harder. Find the window with the orange flowers. Your next clue will be there. –J”

Orange flowers? What was he talking about? You began to walk back towards the main building, searching for anything. From the corner of your eyes you saw a vase of bright orange Zinnias from a window on the top floor. A window with orange flowers! You rushed up the stairs to find the next clue. You looked through ever door on the hallway until you found the right room. You pushed open the door and flicked on the lights. On the front table sat a bright orange crane and a small cupcake. You walked over and opened the next clue, taking a bite of the treat.

“For your efforts so far, have a cupcake! You’re almost there! Your last clue will be in my favorite place. –J”

Last clue? And where was his favorite place? This was something you should know, right? Suddenly, the bell rang to signal the end of your lunch period. In shock of the time you ran back down and grabbed your bag before heading to the last class of the day.

The teacher droned on as you tried to figure out where his favorite place would be. His locker? No, that wasn’t it. The roof maybe? No, he wouldn’t hide anything up there, it was too windy. Maybe…no…no… The teacher pulled you out of the trance.

“Y/N, hello? Please read line 80.”

“What?” you asked, startled.

“Act 1 Scene 2 Line 80, please.” You pulled out your book and read the passage. When finished, you tried to catch your thoughts again. Where was his favorite place? Was it his favorite place in general? His favorite place to study? To eat? To be with you? Maybe that was it. You knew that one; the practice rooms! He would always make you come listen to him practice his guitar there. That could be it, but you couldn’t leave now. There were still 30 minutes left in class and leaving would be virtually impossible. You’d just have to wait.

The last bell rang and you were finally released. You ran down the halls towards the practice room. It was dark inside, but a quick flick of the switch showed a bright yellow crane on the piano bench. You sat down and unfolded the last clue.

“You’ve finally found the last clue! Your final destination is the brightest place on campus. Good luck! –J”

Brightest? What did he mean by that? Smartest maybe? No, that wasn’t like him. It would be somewhere special to him. Brightest as in lights maybe? Where could that…the stage! It had to be the stage! That was one of his favorite places and certainly bright. You rushed out the door and down another hallway to the theater.

You entered from the back of the house. The entire room was only lit by a single spotlight pointing to the middle of the stage. In the light sat Joshua, sitting on a stool surrounded by hundreds of tiny paper cranes. He heard the door swing open and rose to see you. You walked slowly down the aisle, unsure of what was going on. He motioned to come up on stage. You obliged, wading through the dark towards the light. As you arrived, Joshua pulled a rose-colored crane from behind his back. You took it and began to unfold it. Inside was a final note.

“Will you go to prom with me?”

You looked back up at his smiling face. “Of course I will, Joshua!” you said, smiling back as you pounced on him with a hug.

Zinnia hybridization

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I love my zinnias. And I wish I could have a permanent garden so that I could continuously harvest and sow naturally hybridized zinnia seeds each year.

This year, in my community garden plot (USDA Zone 6b) I grew some of each variety of zinnia seed that I have accumulated.

And they have started flowering!

Of all the varieties my favorite so far has been the Candy Cane Striped mix variety. The reason I love this variety is because it’s visually interesting to look at and because you can easily tell hybrids of this variety

This picture shows an orange variety of zinnia the second year I let them self sow in the garden and it has ½ of a petal that shows that it was crossed with one of the candy cane striped guys from the year before. My hope is to continue collecting and growing seeds from these zinnias over time and continuing to create fun new hybrids of my own. And one day I might have weird looking zinnia hybrids up for seed swap! :) 

Ps. send me your zinnia seeds ;D

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meeting in a flower shop?



“Now, see there’s actually a system associated with this,” the young brunette man was saying, waving his hand around the room at large, his eyes widening in surprised pleasure when his gaze landed on Derek. “Oh, look! He can help us,” he said before dragging the beautiful, curly-haired girl over to Derek. “Hi!”

Derek raised an eyebrow.

“Ooookay, you do work here right?” Stiles asked, squinting at Derek’s hat and wrinkling his nose at the red stitching “Flower Hale-ven” in a flowery script across the top.

“No, I like to wear the company hat and uniform in my free time,” Derek rolled his eyes.

The girl tugged on the guy’s arm. “Maybe we should go somewhere else, Stiles. I don’t have to get Lydia flowers.”

“Lydia would love flowers though,” the guy, Stiles, protested, before turning on his heel to narrow his eyes at Derek. “Just because Derek here is a grumpy butt doesn’t mean we can’t ask someone else for help. Dad says Laura’s pretty nice, and she’s usually here at the shop helping out when she’s not working at the station.”

Derek paled.

"I’ll help you out!” he blurted, surprising the duo to step back in horror. “I mean,” he cleared his throat, the tips of his ears burning. “I’m sorry, I’ll help you out. What were you two looking for?”

Stiles stared at him for a long moment, before a slow smile spread across his face. “Well, okay, basically, Allison’s been going through a rough patch with her girlfriend because she’s just been so busy lately and-”

“And I want to say I miss her,” Allison finished, looking earnestly up at Derek. “I miss her,” she said quietly, and Derek felt an ache in his chest because he wanted to be close enough to someone to even fathom buying them flowers because he missed them.

“Well, we have this bouquet,” Derek gestured towards one of the brighter ones. “It’s one of my favorites,” he explained, thumbing dew off one of the petals. “It has orange and hot pink zinnias, partnered up with blue salvias, which represent that you’re thinking of them, and here,” Derek waved at the cluster of hydrangeas, “these represent remembrance, and the orange spray roses represent love and round out the whole arrangement.”

He turned back to the duo, flushing when he noticed Stiles studying him carefully. He shifted his gaze to Allison, who was staring at the arrangement thoughtfully.

“I like it,” she said finally, her bright smile revealing dimples on both her cheeks. “I’ll take one of those thanks.”

“Sure,” Derek said with a small smile, nodding at the counter. “I’ll grab a fresh one from the back and be right out.”

Allison left him a good tip, and kissed Stiles on the cheek when Derek came back with the flowers, leaving with a parting goodbye, Derek watching her leave with a small smile on his face.

“So, flowers, huh?” Stiles asked, startling Derek into whipping around to face him. He was leaning against the counter and studying the photographs of exotic flora on the wall, and Derek had never seen a more appealing sight. “That’s a pretty awesome business to be in.”

“It has its perks,” Derek managed, surprised at how steady his voice came out.

“I’ll bet,” Stiles murmured, turning to meet Derek’s gaze. “I’ll take thirteen roses, please.”

Derek nodded quietly, heading into the back room to grab a fresh set and ignoring his blushing cheeks.

When he walked out, Stiles was nowhere to be found, but there was a bill for the flowers and a card sitting innocuously on the counter top. Derek flipped it over, suspicious, and couldn’t help the snort that left his mouth.

Don’t be such a grumpy butt next time.
Love, your secret admirer xxx
P.S. I hope you don’t mind I’m getting your number from Laura next time I see her.

Laura was going to give him so much shit when she got home.