orange vanilla bean


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: bath & body stocking stuffers | 12.8.15

featured: bath bombs by ticktickbloom

i used to love the bath stuff that dyed the water blue when i was little — and these bath bombs have even more fun features, like glitter and crystals and color surprises and fun scents. what a creative gift!

For a little bit of extra uplifting, that little boost you need to power through your studies, or for the motivation to get a new project started!

You will need:

-Orange roses
-Vanilla bean (vanilla extract will do, but won’t smell as sweet)
-Cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon


1: Make rose water. This is simple to do; add distilled or mineral water to the fresh rose petals in a pot, just enough to cover the petals. Simmer them out until there’s no more colour left in the petals. 

2: Remove the rose petals. While still simmering, add in the rosemary, vanilla and cinnamon.

NOTE: You’ll want a 3:2:1 ratio: - 3 parts vanilla, 2 parts cinnamon, 1 part rosemary. However much vanilla you add to the rosewater, however, is up to however strong you want the spell/ending scent.

3: Remove the cinnamon sticks from the water if you’ve used them. Let the water cool.

4: Pour the new ‘perfume’ into a spray bottle and mist yourself/your space with it whenever you need!