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Don’t smoke, kids! It’s bad for you! It makes your skin yellow and your lungs rot! Luckily, the skeletons in this comic are fleshless, and can afford such luxeries!


You’re mountain of fangirls can’t make you any taller or more attractive, sorry to break it to ya.


One Direction as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (insp.)

↳ (1/5) Niall as Michelangelo

“The orange turtle. More fun-loving than his brothers, depicted as easy-going, free-spirited, fun-loving, carefree, and, while not as aggressive as Raphael, always ready to fight. As the ‘party dude’, he usually didn’t have much input in the team’s plans, although he was still just as active as his brothers. He typically spent much of his time joking and socializing with other characters. Michelangelo has a fondness for pizza.. he is essentially a provider of comic relief, alongside Raphael. Michelangelo tries to find humor in any situation.” +

Be Together

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Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thank you for requesting nonnie! And thank you for the complement (; If you have another idea for a tattoo feel free to change it in your head c:

Prompt: “Love your Donnie imagine! Keep up the good work- here’s a little request with any of the boys, although I have a soft spot for my boy in blue and the hothead ;) just something fluffy like- the boys waking up next to their s/o for the first time and catching a peek of a hidden tattoo their s/o has.”

Word count: 700

Warnings: Swearing, mention of smut

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“It’s very rude of you to make me fall in love with you. Inconsiderate, really.” Leo mumbled with his arms wrapped around your body and his thumbs running up and down your sides. You both had been together for quite a while, and you hardly got alone time. But tonight, the other turtles were out and Splinter was doing a 10-hour meditation session in his room. You were alone, finally.

You’d spent most of the night wrapped up in each other’s arms, watching movies that he’d missed out on. It was nice not to have to worry about whether he’d come back from patrol with injuries. It was nice to just lay with one another and be together.

“Not what you had in mind?” You turned around so you were placing him, one hand on his plastron, the other running along his lower lip. It was also nice to be the same height for once; it was nice to look at him straight instead of up.

“Such an inconvenience…” he’d closed the distance between you, his lips soft against yours. Your arm moved up his plastron slowly, wrapping around his neck. He gripped your waist with his hands, squeezing your sides lightly. The feeling sent waves of electricity through both of your bodies; your senses went from 0 to 100.

“I’m not sorry…” you smirked at him when you reluctantly pulled away from him, your eyes heavy and short of breath. He smiled back, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before lifting your chin up to meet his lips again for a small peck.

“Neither am I, darling.” Running his hands up your side, he brought your shirt up as well. The cool air mixed with Leo’s captivating touch sent a shiver up you side. He pressed his body against yours before gripping your hips again and sitting you on his lap. You traced circles around his plastron, staring down at him as your hair framed your face. He cupped your cheek, running a thumb up and down before bringing you closer to him and kissing you once again.

Mikey was dead when Leo got his hands on him. The young orange turtle was screaming that breakfast was ready, but Leo was nowhere near ready to get up. Especially when he woke up to the love of his life lying next to him. Smiling, he took a moment to reflect on how lucky he was to have someone like you in his life. You were amazing, unlike any other. Kissing your shoulder, he turned back around on to his side and wrapped his arms around your naked body.

It was only then that he noticed the tiny tattoo between your shoulder blades. It was small, some sort of flower. It was beautiful, but he was quite curious as to why you hadn’t mentioned it before. He ran his fingers over it, but not before leaning down and placing a kiss on it. You were utterly stunning, and apparently full of surprises.

“I got it on a whim. I forget it’s there most of the time.” You mumbled sleepily, turning around to face him. “I picked it because it’s pretty.” He chuckled as you curled into him, placing a small kiss on your forehead.

“You know what’s prettier?” you looked up at his with a raised eyebrow

“If you say me, I’m going to punch you.” Poking his nose, he chuckled and shook his head.

“Of course not, I was going to say me.”

TMNT Human Au! Mikey

Meet Teppei Koike, aka Michealangelo! He was recommended by a follower and he is perfect. Bonus! Human Mikey loves to skate and has even won some competitions. He would go pro if he wasn’t so devoted to the family dogo. He and Raphael have the most tattoos in the family. Mikey’s are very colorful and of the many, his favorite is his brother’s names. He loves to design and makes a lot of his own clothes. He even designed the dojo logo and some merch for it. He’s a major flirt (of course) but has only been in a few relationships, the longest lasting three years. The kids at the dojo adore him (and have an endless amount of nicknames for him) but also know that he’s super kickass. They have huge arguments over whose the best ninja, Mikey or Leo. He loves to dye his hair, starting with simple highlights until he does an all around dye job. Mikey doesn’t remember their mother, she died when he was barely a year old. So his brothers have him the most pictures and tell him stories about her.

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Mikey x Reader

You loved your days off.
No pushy customers or creepy guys, no manager breathing down your neck. You could wear your favorite leggings instead of that polyester vest and (your favorite part) you could be with your boyfriend.
Sure, dating a mutant turtle could be a bit difficult at times but days like this made it all worth while.
“Knock knock!”
You sat up and smiled, eager to goof off with your favorite ninja.
“Who’s there?”
“Boyfriend that’s who!”
You giggled and finally opened the window, allowing Mikey to stumble inside.
“That was the worst one yet.”
“I know, I know. But I didn’t have anyone to tell them to! Raph does not appreciate knock knock jokes.”
You kissed his cheek and then his lips, melting a little inside.
“I missed your bad jokes,” you whined. “I missed you.”
“Me too, babydoll. But I brought movies!”
The sound of your doorbell caught your attention and you jumped up.
“And I got the pizza! Be right back, babe.”
Mikey made himself comfortable on your bed and flipped through the movies until you returned with three pizzas and a couple packs of soda. You set everything down and began to get everything ready, happily gossiping about work as Mikey inspected the pizzas.
“-and this little old lady just started cursing me out! Hey, can you get me a soda?”
“Oh, yeah, angelcakes.”
You fluffed the pillows happily when Mikey suddenly said
“Hey, babe?”
“Yeah, Mikey?”
You turned and saw him giving you the most goofy grin in existence as he asked
“Did you want an orange crush? Or do you already have one?”
It was a second of silence before you started laughing, half because it was such a lame joke. But it was Mikey and what would have been dumb for anyone else worked for him. You tossed a fluffy pink pillow at him, still giggling.
“Just get over here and cuddle with me.”
“All day, every day.”

(based on the post I just reblogged!! Fun fact, orange crush is my favorite soda AND my nickname for Mikey. I need to come up with lame lines for the others.)

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Hello! I'm Angel123, and I have a question for Raph: are you pretty protective of your baby brother, Mikey? Kid can't keep himself out of trouble for more than five minutes, can he?

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(Mesa here:   Raph lost his eye protecting Mikey from the Shredder.  The ‘not being able to protect him last time’ refers to when Mikey lost his arm. Okay,bye)


Alrighty so these poses are based from a scene in the 2003 series that I’ve always wanted to draw so I finally did (except it was Raph and Mikey instead)

Anywho, they are suppose to look younger (10 years old) in this but I forgot till I was half way done so use your imagination please, haha thanks! ^^’

This is around three months after Mikey’s arm is amputated and Don is still working on the robo arm.
The team is down to two turtles (Raph and Leo), they are sent on a really tough mission. Leo and Raph got separated in the fight and Leo is down.
Before the enemies can get to an unconcious Leo, something from the shadows takes them out.
Guess who the shadow was…Mikey! He saves Leo’s but and tries to haul him off the ground and get him out of there before reinforcements show up. But Mikey is still quite weak and is still recovering. Which leads to what Leo is saying in the second picture “Mikey!? W-what are you doing here? Your not healed enough.”
When Mikey speaks up to inform him “I’m doing better than you are.”
Oh Mikey, you little stinker.

Mikey wasn’t supposed to be there, but he snuck out of the footclan HQ. Donnie is gonna spazz when he sees Mikey’s gone.

It’s rough but it’s all I had time for at the moment. Hope you enjoy