orange tent

This reminds me of the first time I ever slept out. The tent was orange but unfortunately it stank of mildew so much I hardly got a wink of sleep!

loveactually-rps  asked:

Hi, for the prompts, can you please write - "54. He thinks he’s a mind reader.". Thank you!

I did a thing, kind of mostly a crack!fic. I’m sorry for the wait hun, life got crazy. Here’s #54: “He thinks he a mind reader.” 

“You need to relax Der-Bear.”

Derek glared at his older sister, debating if smacking the cotton candy out of her hand was worth the backlash. It wasn’t.

“I am relaxed,” Derek said, barely weaving around another person in the crowd.

“Are you kidding me? Your shoulders are up to your ears and I can hear you gritting your bunny teeth,” Laura sighed, plopping another glob of cotton candy in her mouth, “this is supposed to be relaxing. Fun.”

“Yes, my idea of fun is walking around a circus slash amusement park all day,” he huffed.

His sister rolled her eyes, looking forward to watch where she was going. Derek didn’t like this at all. The crowd, the sounds, the smells…oh God the smell was terrible. For a werewolf this was sensory overload and he had no idea how Laura was handling herself this well. About four kids have already rushed ahead of him and stepped on his toes in the process, this dumb group of teens shoved them and cut them in line for a ride Laura insisted on riding, and it’s been well over six hours.

Laura is lucky he loves her or else he would’ve left the moment they pulled up here.

“Hey! We should try it,” Laura said suddenly, pointing to a tented booth.

Derek followed her gaze to the blue and orange striped tent –what a horrible color combination– with a bright neon sign flashing “The Good, The Bad, and The Psychic”. He couldn’t help the unamused growl that left his throat, eyes hurting by how hard he rolled them.

“A mind reader? Really Laura?” He asked.

She glared at him, “come on Derek. Live a little, plus it’s going to be bullshit anyways, just for fun.”

He opened his mouth to protest but her face was pleading at this point…and dammit he was so weak with her, “fine. Fine…let’s go waste some money.”

His sister made a happy sound only to grab him by the arm and pull him over to the tent. Inside smelled faintly of incense and greasy fries. It was hollow; one person left as they entered. Other than that it was just a woman behind a desk. She was suspended in one of those aerial performer cloths, red hair falling down in soft waves, her eyes focused in a book.

“Uh–is this–?”

The redhead looked up and shut her book, a manicured eyebrow arched a bit as she looked over them. Derek felt himself shrink into his jacket a little bit under her gaze.

“Twenty bucks per person,” she finally said, swaying a bit in the cloth swing.

Laura huffed but pulled out her wallet, “that’s a little steep.”

“You’re paying for the real deal sweetheart.”

“Uh-huh, sure, I’m just here for entertainment not for my life to flash before my eyes,” Laura said.

Derek cleared his throat and pointed to a small beaded curtain entrance, the redhead nodded and bitterly resumed her book. He motioned for Laura to follow him which she gratefully did instead of picking a fight with the desk lady. Within the room…well it was just a bunch of pillows, rugs, and tapestries.

“This is so cliche. This guy…he thinks he’s a mind reader, he has a snippy desk lady, are you sure about this Laura?” Derek asked.

Before she could respond a person stepped in through another door, looking unimpressed.

“Mind reader? I’m offended because a psychic is totally different. I read energies and auras and use them to make inferences on people then give them advice,” the guy spoke.

Derek looked him over; he was in those bizarre drop crotch pants and a loose shirt. However his skin was pale and dotted with moles, his hair was wild on his head, but what Derek couldn’t get enough of where those weirdly bright honey colored eyes. Laura’s hand on his shoulders got him to blink out of whatever dazed state he was in.

She smirked at him and he flipped her off.

“Forty bucks, do your psychic thing,” Derek snapped and sat on the carpeting and pillows.

The guy sat across from him looked at them both for two minutes, teeth gnawing on his plush pink—his lips. After a moment he sat up straight and held up his hand, “well call me Stiles. I have a feeling that this isn’t the last time we’re going to see each other.”

Derek rolled his eyes and Laura shrugged at shook his hand.

Stiles smiled, “now…let’s start with you Missy, I’m sensing you’re caught between…a few…no wait three guys and I think I can help–”

“Oh my God, Laura…three?” Derek gasped.

He’s never seen his sister look so red and regret forty bucks so much.

“–please. Her guy problem isn’t as bad as yours.”

It was Laura’s turn to gasp, “wait since when are you into guys?!”

“Since he saw me,” Stiles supplied with grin on his face.

This has been the best forty bucks Laura has ever spent he decides.


Fancy Meeting You Here

Part 2

Imagine y/n was a part of Rick’s group, but  she’s been kicked out by Rick, cause Daryl & her were always fighting (mostly cause Daryl had a lil crush)

After being alone for few weeks, the reader stumbles upon Negan’s men. They bring her back. Negan tried several time to get her as his wife but she always refuses.
When the line up comes y/n is here, hidden. She grabs Negan’s arm when he’s about to kill Glenn & just say Yes, so he knows she’ll become his new wife and doesn’t kill Glenn. All Rick’s group is surprised to see her” - Thank you for the prompt! @perseusandmedusa C:

Ships: Negan x Reader

Words: 2,007

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of smut, violence.

“Well you know what, Daryl?! Fuck you! Go to hell!”

You were having another one of your frequent arguments with Daryl. He was insisting that you shouldn’t go out on a run when you were perfectly able to go and help the group. You didn’t know if it was because he though you incapable or because he just didn’t like you getting some of the limelight for a change, but he would argue with you every. Damn. Time.

You had stood up and went outside for some air, making sure to slam the door loudly so that it woke up everyone in a kilometres radius of you. You put your hands on your head and took in large lungful’s of cold air. You stood there for about ten minutes, calming yourself down until you felt someone poke you from behind.

“Hey! Watch it- Oh. Sorry, Carl. It’s been a rough night, you know?” You said apologetically to the boy before you. He didn’t reply and he was determinately not looking at you in the eye. “Carl?”

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Sweet [Sugar] Attachment (M)

►Character: Winner’s Mino || You

►Summary: Mino started to develop feelings, attachment

►Genre: Smut; Sugardaddy!au

►Word Count: 3, 229

I wouldn’t mind having a sugar daddy as hot as him though, any volunteer?

The calming music resonated across the ballroom, sneaking into your far away thoughts. Your hand was lazily draped into the crook of Minho’s arm as he chatted away with his group of companions that you never even remember their names, as there were too many of them. Minho had asked if you could accompany him to this ball, promising that there would be an ample reward for you later on. Coming from an average lifestyle, you’ve never been to any exclusive events like this before meeting him. This rich-ass billionaire with the look that was carved by the God himself (with a touch of the devil) named Song Minho, is your sugar daddy. You met him through your friend a few months ago after seeing that you’ve been struggling with your part-time jobs to cover your study fees and debts. She was also a sugar baby and Minho is a friend of her sugar daddy. Since your first meeting, both of you had clicked. The chemistry between both of you were undeniable and you know attachment is a big no-no in this kind of relationship but you can’t help being attracted to him. Who wouldn’t? With the look that could kill with just one smirk and that unlimited zeros in his accounts, any girl would be head over heels for him. Not that you’re saying you’re a gold digger. Minho has an amazing personality too which added to the list. He was perfect in every way possible. As if sensing that your thoughts are no longer in the room with him, Minho ducked his head towards the side of your face.

“Wanna get out of here?” Your eyes flickered to his, seeing a glitch of playfulness in his eyes and a small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. You nodded silently. He smiled at you before turning back to the group, excusing himself before pulling you away from the crowd. Both of you silently slipped out of the double door and out of the luxurious hotel. While waiting for the valet to fetch his car, Minho shrugged his blazer off to drape it over your shoulder making his scent wrapping you warmly. You mumbled a quiet thank you. Minho let out a sigh as he watched you quietly. He watched how you buried your nose into the material of his blazer to inhale his scent and how your hair tucked underneath the heavy material, framing your face perfectly, earning a smile from him. The low rumble of his car’s engine interrupted his thoughts. Minho proceeded to open the passenger seat door for you, ushering for you to get inside before sliding in the driver seat himself. He drove out of the hotel’s driveway. “Where are we going?” You quietly asked. Minho smiled. He took a left turn as you scanned the unfamiliar street. “Let’s find something to eat. I’m hungry.” He parked his car in front of a bar. When you got off the car though, he pulled you away from the bar making you frown. “I’ve been wanting to do something that I haven’t been able to do for a long time.” He laced his fingers through yours making your heart race. Both of you walked through the streets for a while. You were surprised that the streets were still alive at this hour. There were stalls selling different kind of items from girl’s accessories to antique collectibles. The crowds also differs from a small happy family to couple dressed casually, hands in hands, contrasting to both of you who were dressed rather formally, Minho in a dress shirt and bow tie while you in a red lace maxi dress with a high slit up to your mid-thigh (a gift from Minho). You grabbed the attention in the crowd but you couldn’t care less about it. Both of you walked for a while, pausing on different booth to marvel at the items sold, arguing with Minho that you don’t need any new hair pin at the moment when an orange tent came into your sight. You grinned. “Ahh… Street food?” He mimicked your expression before quickly pulling you towards the tent making you giggle. Sitting down at the stools provided, Minho ordered beers for both of you and some food. He then sat next to you with a sigh.

You scanned through the crowded tent as Minho’s eyes fixed on your features. Throughout his life, it’s been awhile since he could let loose like this. After being dubbed as one of the most successful businesspersons in Korea, Minho’s life had been hectic. He didn’t even had time for himself. Even his marriage failed because of his chaotic lifestyle. After meeting you though, his life changed. He felt more at ease and less tense than before. Slowly he started to feel himself sinking into you. He started to become attached to you. Day by day, he started to take notice of small things about you. Your favourite food, how you would moan in delight whenever you eat something good, the baby hairs at your nape whenever you had your hair up and even the feel of your soft skin underneath his calloused fingers were embedded deep inside his memories. When Seungyoon first suggested him to get a sugar baby to fill in his loneliness, Minho never thought he would become too attached. You were not that gold-digger and sex-crazed kind of girl he would expect. Instead you were so nice to him, always be there when he needed someone to listen to and someone to comfort him. A small smile appeared on his face. He didn’t regret his decision to meet you, if you ever wonder. When the order arrived, Minho thanked the lady before taking a sip of his beer and heaving out a breath. You watched at how he broke into a wide smile. You reached forward to grab the chopstick, picking up a piece of tteokbokki and bring it to his mouth. You giggled when he swallowed it whole, moaning in delight to mimic the action that you regularly make. “It’s been a while..” You sipped on your beer, as your eyes never left his. Automatically Minho’s hand reached forwards to swipe his thumb at the corner of your lips. The action made your heart skip a beat but you tried to hide it. He was so natural with skin ship that it sometimes took you by surprise. You tugged his blazer tighter around your body so that it wouldn’t fall off, your eyes watching as Minho took a piece of kimbab and popped it into his mouth. Picking up another one, he brought it to your lips, urging you to have a taste. You complied, letting the small roll of rice into your mouth. Minho continued to devour the dishes in front of him as you watched him chewing in delight. For a while, he looked youthful and his smile was contagious that you could feel your cheek risen from a grin.

After a few glasses of beers, chit chatting and giggling at his cheesy jokes, you were now leaning towards him, your chin propped on your hands as your head was feeling a bit hazy from the alcohol. Your legs were crossed exposing half of your thigh due to the slit of your dress. Minho’s hand sat on your exposed knee, his thumb caressing your soft skin. Both of you were quiet now, staring into each other’s eyes. You were so close to him that you could literally count his eyelashes. You tilted your head a bit as Minho’s lips curved into a small smile. His hands glide upward towards your thigh. Your eyes dropped to his lips, feeling yourself drowning in his presence. “Ready to go now?” His deep voice pulled you back to reality. You nodded but your eyes never left his lips. He leaned forward to peck on the corner of your lips. “Let’s go.” You pouted a bit. What a tease. “Let’s go home and claim the reward that I promised you before.” You perked at the sentence he just whispered into your ear. He smirked when he saw how your cheeks flushed.

The drive towards his house was quiet with Minho’s hand caressing your thigh. You bit your lips as your eyes flickered towards him. He pulled his hand away only to park his car in the garage, next to his other cars. Minho has a few mansions and luxurious apartments. He said he also owned a penthouse but you never went there. Once both of you stepped inside, Minho has his arms around your waist, pulling you flushed against his chest making sure there was not an inch of space left before colliding his lips with yours. Your arms wrapped around his neck naturally before sinking your fingers into his hair. The blazer draped over your shoulder was now abandoned on the floor. Minho pulled on the bow tie on his shirt before flinging it away. His fingers also found their way into your thick mane, tugging on your scalp. Minho nipped on your lower lip making you part them. Without waiting anymore, he charged his tongue into your cavern, caressing the roof of your mouth as you sighed, melting into his arms. You couldn’t hold in your moans anymore, letting it spill out of your throat. Minho broke away from the kiss before lifting you up, making you gasped. His arm under the crook of your knees and the other on your backside, your fingers unconsciously gripped on his shirt. He carried you through the mansion, ascended the stair towards one room you know so well was his. Once both of you reached the destination, Minho gently placed you on his mattress.

The smooth texture of his silk sheet grazed your bare arms. Minho sat back to tug on his shirt before hastily unbutton it, his eyes bored into yours. You bit your lower lip, one action that could make him go crazy. Once he had released the last button, he leaned back down to shower kisses on your cheek down to your jaw, pausing on the soft skin of your neck to scatter a few marks down to your collarbone. You threw your head back to arch your body into his chest, fingers tangled in his hair to rake on his scalp drawing a deep groan from Minho. His hands snaked around you to your back, pulling the zipper of your dress down before pushing the garment down. You shivered when the cold air greeted your skin. Minho let out a breath, his eyes fell down on your body drinking in every of your curves. His fingers grazed your bare waist, making your breath hitch as he moved lower. Minho mapped your body in his mind, knowing every curve and every sensitive spot that could draw out moans only for him to hear. He started to caress your thigh, giving the right amount of pressure to make you whimper, arching your back for him. “Please…” He cocked his head; a small smirk lingered on his lips. “What is it, baby?” You bucked your hip up making him chuckle. “You have to use your voice sweetheart.” Before you could protest, Minho bowed down to press an open mouth kiss on the mound of your breast. You felt your bra’s hook snap before Minho took the piece of clothing off of you, revealing your nipples to the cold air. Your fingers gripped on the sheet on either side of your head, your lips parted to heave out hot breath as your heart beat risen and your body was feverish from Minho’s teasing touches. He reattached his lips on your chest, scattering kisses before catching your hardened nipple between his lips rolling it between his teeth and sucked hard. Your hand flew to the back if his head, tugging on his hair as chains of moans and whimpers drawl out of your lips. His arm wrapped around you, one hand splayed across your curved back as the other one glided down to grope your ass before going lower to grip on your thigh.

Releasing your nipple with a lewd pop, Minho dipped his head downwards, pecking on your belly while his finger hooked on the elastic of your panties to push the flimsy fabric down revealing your dripping core to him. Your eyes fluttered close, you could feel the heat had started to graze the apple of your cheek, beads of sweats dripped down the side of your head.  All of that forgotten when Minho parted your thighs further to wedge his head between them, his tongue darted towards your core making you suck in a sharp breath. “Minho…” He clicked his tongue making your eyes flew open. “Daddy…” Correcting yourself, as your eyes flickered to his. He smirked. “Good girl…” With one fluid move, Minho sunk one finger deep inside of you. You shrieked, your fingers tightened on the sheet that your knuckles had turned white upon feeling his thick digit scrapping your inner wall. Minho felt you clench on his fingers, your dripping juice made it easier for him to slide in another finger making you whimper. His fingers curves deep inside of you to graze against your sweet spot making you whine. “God, Daddy please…” Minho watched with a mischievous grin on his face as you writhed underneath him, begging for more as he started to pump his finger in and out of your slick channel, your hooded eyes dark with lust as they stared up at him.  His arm muscles rippled when he started to increase his pace. Slowly he lowered his head to your core, swiping his hot tongue on you sensitive nub earning a lewd whimper from you. When he abruptly pulled out of you, you cried out in protest, your eyebrows knitted together and your thighs clamped around his body. You pried open your eyes only to be greeted with the view of Minho licking his digits clean. He dove towards you before reconnecting his lips to yours, making you taste yourself, your grip on the sheet transfers to his unbuttoned shirt, pulling his body closer to yours in desperate need to feel his body on yours. You arch your back before pushing the offensive fabric off his shoulder as Minho slid it off. Your fingers danced down his hard chest, gleamed in thin sheet of sweats savouring the feeling if his built body underneath your nimble fingers.

Despite having a hectic lifestyle, Minho still managed to keep his body in shape. Your fingers found the head if his belt. You tugged on it, a silent sign for him to take it off and be as bare as you are. He smirked through the heated kiss you shared before parting away from you, releasing a hot breath onto your parted lips as you panted and gasped. Sitting back, he reached towards his pants to unbuckle his belt before unbuttoning and pulling down the zipper. Pushing the soft fabric of his slacks down, his brief following suit with your lustful eyes following each of his movement as he freed his erection from the strain of his slack. You swallowed seeing him stroking his rigid shaft before rolling on a condom that you never noticed him taking out earlier. “Enjoying the view, baby girl?” Your eyes flickered to his amused pair, beaming with desire as he crawled back on top of you, his fingers grazed your thighs pulling them apart so that he could settle himself in between, aligning his erection to your dripping slit. He holds down your hip, enough pressure to make you stay still though a whimper slipped past your lips. Slowly, he sank himself into you, groaning as your heat envelops him. “Damn baby…” You threw your head back, a long sigh spilled from your parted lips as your eyebrows knitted together, your nails digging into Minho’s forearm forming a deep crescent mark. Your back bowed away from the bed, moulding your chest against Minho’s, feeling his ragged breath and thumping heart faintly vibrate along with yours. His erection stretched you deep inside as he holds still. You rolled your hips making him growl, teeth clenching. “Hold still for a minute.” He rasped. You looked up to his face, seeing his eyebrows form a frown and his eyes tightly closed. His arms bend to support his weight above you, entrapping your head. You could see the muscles of his biceps tense as he gripped on the sheet underneath you as he tried hard to regain his control.

You reached up to cradle his face in your delicate fingers, he leaned his forehead down on yours as he sighed, his eyes fluttered open to stare into yours. You nuzzled your nose to his, signalling for him to move. Swallowing, Minho adjusted his position before slowly pulling his hip back, leaving only the tip in your heated core. As slowly, he push back in making you sigh. “Oh god, Daddy.” Minho groaned upon hearing you whine his title, dropping his head on your shoulder as he tried hard to not pound into you. He wanted to pleasure you, to feel your searing channel wrap around him longer. Your toes curled as your arm wrapped around his shoulder to rake your nails on the skin of his back, leaving a nice stinging marks all over. Your trembling breath filled Minho’s ears, his eyes fluttered close as he kept the rhythm of his hips slow and sensual feeling you clenching around him with a whimper. “Daddy…” He cooed at you. “Just a bit more baby, hold on a bit more for daddy.” Gradually increasing his pace, his hips slapped against yours making the sound resonated across the room. You hooked your legs around his waist while crying out his name in ecstasy. “Cum baby…cum for Daddy.” You arched your back as his name erupted from your lips, your juice dripped between the crack of your ass as a result of your orgasm but Minho was still thrusting into you. After a couple more thrust, he paused deep inside of you, a throaty groan escaped his lips as he threw his head back, his eyes fluttered closed at his newly achieved ecstasy, filling the protective sheet of rubber with his cum. Dropping his head down on the pillow next to your face, he breathed in your ear, tickling you making you smile. Once both of you had regulated your breathing, you pushed at his chest making him groan, pulling his soften length out of you; making you sigh at the emptiness, before collapsing next to you. You turn towards him to be greeted with his soft gaze that startled you. He scooted towards you to pull you flushed against his chest. You circled your arms around his body, burying your head into his chest to hear his soft heartbeat that lulled you to sleep. Minho nuzzled his nose into your hair, savouring the silkiness against his skin as he felt your deep breath blew on his chest, signalling that you’ve sailed to the dreamland. He smiled before softly kissing the crown of your head, pulling the sheet over both of you before settling down himself. Maybe he had become too attached to you. Just, maybe, he wanted for you to become only his.


“Home ” 

2012 - 2016

This is a personal series that will continue throughout my years depicting the places I call home in my lifetime.

My small commentaries on Home throughout the years:

2013, Age 19: I’ve been thinking about moving the last couple weeks. Or maybe even longer. It’s been in the back of my mind since I began to recognize people on the street. I’ve been in this apartment for 9 months. That is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place since leaving my childhood home. I’m not used to things being familiar and sometimes I feel uneasy. I’ve been leaving the city a lot the last couple months; going upstate with friends, taking NJ transit to Little Silver to shoot a music video, hopping on 20 hour trains to Chicago to see my love, edging ever slowly away from New York. My Home is so many different places now and with so many different people. People keep hiring me to leave. To shoot in Toronto or DC or wherever, and I used to get anxiety. Homesickness. Now I only sleep well on moving trains or with my face pressed up against a bus window on my way to see another fragment of my family.  I don’t need a big change, I want to move down my street. A subway stop or two away. Somewhere I don’t recognize every face in my local bodega, somewhere I can continue to expand my knowledge of this city and myself and what I want and where is home and who are my friends and where am I going.

2014, Age 20: I’m going to Oregon again in 5 days. I calculated today and I’ve spent 4 months of the last 6 months of this year on the road traveling to little bits of my family or shooting and stressing for clients or up in Oregon with my love. What’s the point of a home anymore? Why was sleeping in the living room of a foreign apartment for two months home and why was 4 hours of buses and trains upstate to see my mother speak at a conference home? Why did I cry when I left her and my brother that week more than I ever did leaving New York? When did I start calling New York my home instead of Canada my home? Why is it when I get off at Brooklyn Museum on the 3 train or Morgan or 8th Ave on the L I can feel my feet pull me to my old homes and haunts and I can picture walking down that street a million times and I can be 17 or 18 or 19 or 20 but it always feels the same? I’ve realized home is becoming muscle memory to me, and I’ve been having spasms lately.

2016, Age 22: Home really feels like home these days. Sometimes I wake up to children playing loudly in the streets or car alarms going off or the construction crew diligently tearing down the house across the street and I yearn to be in a small orange tent surrounded by forest, or on a train heading south, but mostly every step I take I feel roots sinking in but I keep tearing them free just to keep things interesting. I wake early these days, and often I lug my equipment to different parks in Queens and spin around in the woods in a blue dress and remember what it was like to be 17 and stringing up paper stars in my basement. Some day soon my childhood home won’t exist anymore. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more unsure about what Home is, or more certain of it. I’ve noticed as I look back on my previous commentaries for this series how frequently I mention travel as a means to understand Home. I’m not sure of the significance of this yet, but I am trying. I don’t know how to ask the four walls that I’ve called home over the last few years to give me the same monumental joy of waking up in a new city alone and curious, and I don’t think it’s fair to. But I know home is wherever he is, wherever our pink and blue towels hang next to each other and I trip over his slippers going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. All I know is I’ve never felt as comfortable and as free in my Home as I do in This Home, so that’s got to count for something.

It is summer. You are content.

You are lying on your stomach with your head upon your folded arms. Your torso rests across a black rubber inner-tube. It is pleasantly hot against your skin, while the river water that laps your belly and dangling legs is cool. The air smells of green things and seems to vibrate gently between the water and the sun. If you open your eyes, you will see your riverside campsite - a cheerful orange tent, a cooler full of drinks, a picnic table. Your friends will begin preparing for dinner soon, but for now, someone is playing acoustic guitar and everyone is singing along. You smile when the lyrics are botched. A damsel fly lands upon your moisture-beaded shoulder, soft as a whisper. It is electric blue and startlingly beautiful.

You are content.

The water rocks you gently, as if you were a baby in a cradle. You could sleep like this, if you wanted to, but although you are drowsy, you are not tired. You will sleep well tonight, better than you would expect. The patter of light rain against the tent will wake you sometime after midnight, and you will hear someone snoring softly. In the distance, you will hear a chorus of frogs - reedy and contrapuntal, a symphony in the reeds. Now and then the deep bass of a bullfrog will cut through the song. You will listen to this strange music for a time, for it is haunting and lovely. You will think night-thoughts, blown by the breeze between the trees. Then you will close your eyes, and dream.

You are content.

In the morning, there is fresh coffee, served in a blue metal mug flecked with white. You help set up the camp stove, and then someone is making pancakes. You step barefoot into the river, shaded by overhanging trees, and toss a handful of pancake crumbs into the water to watch the fish dart after them. When the crumbs are gone, you rinse and towel your feet before slipping into clean, dry socks. You notice that there are fresh raspberries growing on the other side of the campsite. They stain your lips and fingers dark with juice, but they are sweet and full as happy secrets.

You are content.

“Two’s company” -h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



The next week was hiked in silence. And though you were surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and the shudder of Harry’s camera, neither of you seemed to want to utter a word as you continued to walk towards the end of the trail. Part of you wanted the hike to end, mainly because the awkward and brooding silence between the two of you was starting to drive you over the edge. 

But the other part of you, the part that had taken a serious liking to Harry in the past month and a half, wanted to wait this hike out until something was resolved between the two of you. And that was the constant aching in your chest whenever you got up in the morning, because you only had on tent and so every morning you woke to his fingers brushing against your skin in his sleep, and the remembrance of the times you’d spent in that tent together previously. 

It was during the night though, that you couldn’t seem to sleep and it was wickedly hot in the little orange tent in the middle of the rainforest. Harry had gotten to sleep rather quickly after he’d exhausted himself earlier in the day by almost dying. 

It had primarily been your fault, but you two had bickered for nearly an hour - the longest conversation you’d had in a while - about whose fault it was. See, you’d sat down to rest during lunch time, or what you considered would be lunch time, and it was along some river (you’d lost track of what things were called nor did you really care at this point) and as Harry had sat down you’d shifted slightly to get away from the close proximity. 

The shift had caused your pack to fall into the river, meaning that all of your navigational equipment, your tent, and the machete were all slowly starting to swim away from you. 

And being the idiotic hero Harry thought he was, he’d jumped into the river to save your pack, nearly being swept up in the current, screamed like a little girl at the approaching of what he swears was a crocodile, and inevitably reenacted a feat of Tarzan by climbing up the vine you’d thrown to him, only to topple down onto the ground on top of you. 

You let him lay there for a moment, considering he didn’t seem to remember how to breath at that moment, but as soon as he was able to move, you pushed him off you, grabbing your pack and making sure everything was still there. 

“Thanks,” you mumbled.

“I almost died,” Harry grumbled, still slightly wheezing, “And all you can say is ‘thanks.’”

“What do you want me to say?”

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don’t play the song until it tells you to

You clapped along with the audience as you witnessed Phil and his fianc– wife kiss. You and Dan were invited to Phil’s wedding. Dan was Phil’s best man, which was not surprising, and you were the maid of honor, as it was your best friend that got married to Phil. You glanced over at Dan who was smiling widely; was there anyone who wasn’t? You were so happy for (Y/F/N). No words could describe your happiness.


It was time for the after party. You were wearing a peachy pink dress, and Dan was wearing a tux. The location of the party was in a large tent outside. You felt your feet sink into the grass when you walked. There were paper lamps strung from the ceiling creating an orange glow inside the tent. Accompanying the lamps were fairy lights to imitate the effects of stars.

“It’s so pretty in here.” You said with amazement.

“It is. Phil and (Y/F/N) was pretty happy with the way it turned out.”

You look around to get a better idea of who’s here. You noticed that Phil and (Y/F/N) invited both YouTubers and close friends/family. You saw Louise, Zoe, PJ, Chris and Cat all hanging out in one corner. In the other corner, you saw Phil’s parents talking to (Y/F/N)’s parents, Martyn, Cornelia, and (Y/F/N)’s sister. Everybody sat down at a table as it was time for the speeches. Some of the YouTubers went first, then the family side. It was then your turn.

“(Y/F/N), I’m so happy for you. I’m grateful that you’ve stuck with me for over 20 years. Without your patience towards me, I wouldn’t have been here to see my best friend get married. Of course we’ll still be friends no matter what stage of your relationship you are in. Phil, my other best friend, thank you for providing the happiness to (Y/F/N) that only you can give. I hope you two stay together until the end of time.”

You finish your speech so Dan could speak. Dan talked about how he’s thankful for Phil’s friendship and wishes them a happy life. Phil was the last person to speak. He mentioned in his speech at how grateful he was to you for introducing him to (Y/F/N). Without you, he wouldn’t have met the love of his life.

The music was a mix of pop, rock, and random slow music fit for slow dancing. You walked over to Phil and (Y/F/N) to congratulate them in person. You hugged them both and Dan did the same. You talked with the newlyweds for a few minutes and then left them on their own. You felt a strong, yet a gentle tug on your arm as Dan pulled you into a slow dancing position. You settled for placing your hands on his arms since Dan was basically the same height as a giraffe. You recognized the song that was playing as “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

play song

when your legs don’t work like they used to before
and i can’t sweep off of your feet
will your mouth remember the taste of my love
will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

You swayed side to side to the beat of the song. You locked your eyes onto Dan’s. Out of the bottom of your eye, you saw Dan smile. You smile back.

darling i will be loving you till we’re seventy
and baby my heart could still fall as hard at twenty three

The air was calm, everybody was slow dancing, and the music melted into your ears.

and i’m thinking ‘bout how
people fall in love in mysterious ways
maybe just the touch of a hand
well me–i fall in love with you every single day
and i just want to tell you i am

Dan leaned in for a kiss as you tilt your head up to give him permission. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it still felt as if there was a wild fire spreading through your chest.

so honey now
take me into your loving arms
kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
place your head on my beating heart
i’m thinking out loud
that maybe we found love right where we are

Dan then rested his head onto yours and touched noses. You gaze intently at his beautiful brown eyes. You felt as if nothing in the world could go wrong.

when my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
and the crowds don’t remember my name
when my hands don’t play the strings the same way
i know you will still love me the same

You and Dan continued to dance without talking verbally. You were still communicating through eyes, and body language. You knew what Dan wanted to say.

cause honey your soul
could never grow old it’s evergreen
and baby you’re smile forever in my mind in memory

He wanted to tell you that you looked beautiful. You’ve looked into his eyes so many times that you already knew which look meant what.

and i’m thinking 'bout how
people fall in love I mysterious ways
and maybe it’s all part of a plan
i’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
hoping that you’ll understand

You closed your eyes for a brief moment to bring all of your emotions in.

so baby now
take me into your loving arms
kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
place your head on my beating heart
i’m thinking out loud
that maybe we found love right where we are

Inside your head, the room was empty except for you and Dan. The space around you was filled with baby pink fog that made it feel like you’re in a dream.

Dan dropped his arms slowly from your back and grabbed your hands on the way down. He entwined his fingers with yours. Being the shy person you are, you looked down towards the grass. You felt a hand tilt your chin up to see Dan smiling at you.

so baby now
take me into your loving arms
kiss me under the light of a thousand stars, oh darling
place your head on my beating heart
i’m thinking out loud
that maybe we found love right where we are
baby we found love right where we are
and we found love right where we are

You glanced over at the happily (just) married couple. Dan noticed you looking at them.

“Perhaps it’s our turn next.” Dan said with a cheeky smile.

“Perhaps, but let’s wait and attend this one first.” You hint him, telling him that even though you want him to propose, you should wait until after Phil and (Y/F/N)’s wedding.