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Helloo, I hope this doesn't bother you. Do you mind sharing your favorite blogs? Like your follow forevers?

I’d be happy to :D

@s-tttop @jiinkerbell @julla @sushihairjiyong @ygentrollment @ceokwons @hell-ogoodbye @mycomplex @orange-unnie @fckyeahgdragon @tabis-eyebrows @grandpatop @jiyongs @daengerous-af @smokingjiyong @smokingseunghyun @aunttanya @jiclass @thekoreanbigbang @topkun @topswisewords @tabi-ears @selva3bd @peaceminus8ne @peaceminus-ne @militarytabi @fybig-bang @bigbangtfln @imcomingtoyounow @awkwardbigbang @tabi87 @ohseunghyuns

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@minhosducks @ouinner @fatenumberfor @winneresque  @winnerbutts @leeseunghpoon @seungyoon

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  @luminousitry @khh-network @dazzlingkai @yooneroos @blndrgn @qaerin @wocjiho @y-ngguk @taegdcl1018 @waitinginthedarke @kths

first off, i really want to thank everyone that’s actually following me! like, wow, i don’t really know why you’re all here (especially 2000 of you, how did that even happen?), but i’m really thankful and excited that you are! secondly i want to thank these couple people specifically because they’re either my friends or mutuals i really admire and want to get to know better! thank you all so much and let’s all enjoy crying over bigbang together! xx

bigbnags ♡ youngbaaes ♡ darkyet ♡ orange-unniestrongbaeri ♡ kwonace ♡ tabi-dreamer ♡ kwontsunemori ♡ taeyangspecs ♡ okjiyong ♡ yyoongis ♡ tokkji ♡ ghirahams ♡ dohdoro ♡ topshouldstop ♡ daesng ♡ deannougat ♡ jiyeolie ♡ jiyonqs ♡ kwnji ♡ chaelins ♡ jiyonq-ah ♡ gupji ♡ mrsdancingboy ♡ prince-ji ♡ unfjung ♡ jithongchy ♡ vipkon ♡ nocqout ♡ pabojiyong ♡ nyongtories ♡ letsallsleepoverwork ♡ jiyong-oppar ♡ bts