orange subaru


how do I go about captioning this??…..

| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) ???

I finished the DL macarons!!!!! 😝💫Flavors: Shu is orange, Subaru is almond, Ayato is raspberry, Reiji is blueberry, Kanato is candy marshmallow and Laito is kiwi!! Which one would you want to eat? 😳This kinda effect is like a vague dream…☄🌙idk how to explain but I really like this style~💋the pastel colors are my favorite! 😍

anonymous asked:

What are the boys favorite flavors of anything?

((I just did this for sucker flavors, but it applies for whatever you mean I guess XD))

Shu- Cherry

Reiji- Grape

Ayato- Strawberry

Laito- Pink Lemonde

Kanato- Cotton Candy

Subaru- Orange

Kino- Cherry

Ruki- Peach

Kou- Blue raspberry

Yuma- Root beer

Azusa- Blueberry