orange stilettos

ohfuckingballs  asked:

You literally made my day with that lipstick post. I have just started to get into lipstick and crazy colors and this made me so happy and it was so ON POINT LIKE EVERY WORD WAS FACT. So thank you for existing. Also, what is your opinion on grey or blacks? Mostly grey. Thank you!

oh hey, i’m so glad! you know, i personally don’t wear grey or black, but literally not for any reason other than i don’t like the way it looks on my own face. a friend of mine wears black lipstick and every time she does i want to like, carry her around on my shoulders and shout LOOK AT THIS GIRL SHE IS MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!! to people looking at us.

also, the most incredible Look i have ever seen included black lipstick. a friend of mine in college was (/still is) not particularly sold on either gender and loved playing with both so one day they wore like a full-on baby blue bro polo (a brolo, if you will) with khaki shorts and then these BRIGHT NEON ORANGE stiletto heels and black lipstick and i got totally called out at work for just putting my chin on my hands and gazing amazedly at them. WHAT A LOOK!!!! GOD. SO AMAZING. I JUST WANTED TO PHOTOGRAPH IT AND HANG IT IN A MUSEUM WITH THE TITLE “BETTER THAN UR FAVES LMAO.”

anyway, my feelings on grey/black lipstick fall into the category of “anything wildly outside the range of human face colors.” i mean to me gray is 10,000x more chill than black, which is an aggressive power lipstick. grey is like, gentle soothing Warm Bodies zombies, and black is like 28-Days-Later zombies. you know?

anyway, those are……my feelings.

Orange Stilletos

Title: Orange Stilettos

Manga: Naruto

Paring: NaruHina

Rating: M (PWP)

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the lint in my pockets and my flimsy bank account.

Author’s Notes: I’m shameless. Also, this lemon is a bit long…longer than what I thought it would be.  Been sitting on this fic for very long time.

Summary: Hinata visits Naruto for some loving. Sex ensues.

She spent a week practicing. Every time he would leave for work, she would slip them on and parade around in them, until she was comfortable enough not to trip and fall flat on her face.

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