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My b Andy was practising her wig making skills…

So me being me told her i would be taking it home and sending her a full review once I had the chance to. Think this colour might be my next thing when I’m done with my orange.

Try know say I’ll be changing my name to Hazelnut if I do dye it LMAO

But any opinions?


Zodiac number 5 is Leo, ‘The Lion’- Leo is a force to behold! The popular and faithful Leo has a firey streak matched by no other Zodiac- but often this passion manifests into being too prideful and dominating, so be careful! Aligns with Fire, ruled by the Sun. (Main colours are orange and gold)

last night we were losing our damn minds over the fact that in the sims sometimes when you threw a party, irl person and actor comedian man drew carey would come visit you in the game and say your party was cool. and ive never once seen anyone ever bring this up in my entire life, nor have i ever made mention of it to anyone because i thought it had to be some fever dream and i’d look Foolish if i tried to describe it to anyone. have you ever heard of anything more cursed in your life. the more i peel back the proverbial orange of sims the more it mystifies me. this was just a thing that happened and we accepted it. i never once questioned why drew carey would manifest at sim raves

upon that revelation i also remembered how there were other real people too that were like ‘celeb sims’ and had a star instead of a plumbob. and for whatever reason the cast lineup was like. marilyn monroe..ok…andy warhol…uhhhh i guess…………………………..and avril lavigne? the three horsemen of fame? this is so wild to me

i also remembered………………….she??  ??? 


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Love Island: a matchmaking game show to top all deathbycowplant matchmaking game shows! This season we’ll be helping our bachelorette, Phantom, to find true love! Or at least someone to share the prize money…

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Hi guys! I wanna share with you some backdrops for your events. There are:

  1. MTV Movie Awards 2016
  2. Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2016
  3. Netflix Premiere (Orange is the New Black and simple white/black backs)
  4. Pride 2016
  5. San Diego Comic-Con

What about simple Netflix backgrounds I advise you to insert a TV series/movie logo in Photoshop. That will seem pretty good

Tag me if you use it I’d like to see your little masterpieces 😉

Located in Buy Mode -> Paintings

Mesh by Helen-sims



7 Day CAS Challenge - day two, the Face Generator

This was hard. D: I must have gotten the most asymmetrical face in the group! Using the new sliders came in handy but I realized there needs to be a few more! Like one to raise or lower one corner of the mouth. And I guess I should have used different lighting on the Sim so he looked less orange. Meh.