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Here it is everyone. To try and keep the demo down I stuck to just showing the differences in clipping options. 

If you want me to play more riffs with different EQ settings or more stuff with the Baritone Telebird just like the video or drop a comment. 

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jamesmikelly-deactivated2017062  asked:

I have an Orange Rocker50 combo that I love but wish I could get more volume from it. I'm considering buying a cab to run with it but how would my clean headroom be with 50 watts running 6 speakers instead of 2? Would it be better to get a road case and just set it on that live so it has the same headroom but is easier to hear from not being shin level?

If true loudness is what you’re after, more speakers will provide that best because the more speakers you have, the more air you can displace. Assuming your impedance is matched, you should be able to get as much or more clean headroom by adding a cab. Since the extra speakers are producing more sound, you won’t need to turn up your amp’s volume as high before it starts to seem loud enough. If you’re concerned about overdoing it, you could get a 2x12 or even a 4x10 instead of a 4x12.

If your main problem is that you can’t hear yourself live, the road case may suffice in the absence of proper monitoring, but it’s more of a “workaround.” It depends on the type of gigs you typically have. You may be able to hear yourself better if the amp is on top of a case, but that won’t do anything in terms of amplitude. Plus, if you play on a stage as opposed to a floor-level area, raising your amp even higher above the listener’s head probably won’t do you much good. Live monitoring is tricky, and gauging it against the audience’s perception of your levels is even trickier.

For my money, adding an extension cab is a more comprehensive solution. If you pick up a slanted 4x12, you get the best of both worlds - extra speakers, two of which are aimed up at you.