orange reptile

Hi! quick psa here that the post titled, “The electoral college does not vote until December 19th. We have 40 days.” is deeply flawed and lacks a comprehensive view of the nature of American politics. While it’s tempting to believe that Hillary could actually become president if only we can just get the electors to vote in her favor, this will NOT happen…..not only would that be entirely unprecedented, but it has the possibly to quite literally thrust the country in chaos, especially in the face of our already tumultuous political atmosphere. TRUST me, the last thing I want to do is accept this racist orange reptile as my president, but unfortunately, that is exactly what we must do as a nation in order to move forward.  

You know what? I’m so fucking tired of Americans right now.

Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016. I cannot believe I’m even typing that sentence out right now. It’s so fucking sad right now.

To you people that chose not to vote, fuck you.

To you 11,000 morons who wrote in Harambe, rot in hell.

To all you idiots who took this election as a joke, fuck you, too.

Most of all, to all you Trump supporters, I hope there’s a special place in hell for you sickos.

As a bisexual, black, teenage girl, it pains me that I’m gonna have to live the next 4 years with that orange reptile as president.

I mean maybe he’ll get impeached or maybe he’ll get assassinated. But until then… fuck it.

I don’t care anymore. I’m so fucking tired.


Deceptive Angel Fire Salamander / Dragon head

**Photos were taken on a rainy day, so I had to edit them the best I could, sorry!**

This is part of a bigger commission, but I thought since I’d finished up the head, I’d post it now!

This suit is going to feature a lot of padding, so I’ve decided to make it as a bodypod, allowing the more drastic shape of the character to come through, and to make it as lightweight as possible, making it comfortable to wear :)

The materials I’ve used on this head are:
- Slate Grey Seal fur
- Black seal fur
- Orange seal fur
- Fleece
- Artic black fox

The tongue is silicone, the teeth are resin, and both were made by myself. The earrings are removable if the owner so wishes for them to be taken off. This also has room for glasses inside of the head!