orange penguins

Lenka Clayton (British, b. 1977, Cornwall, England) - Sculpture For Keyboards. Every letter key of a keyboard rendered useless by an object beginning with that letter: Quinoa, Wood, Eye, Rock, Thumb Tack, Yarn, Upholstery Nail, Insect, Orange Peel, Penguin Almond, Sequins, Die, Foil, Glitter, Hand Cream, Jewelry, Kool-Aid, Lima Bean Zip(per), X-Acto Blade, Candy Cane, Vitamin, Button, Hazelnut, M & M  Conceptual Arts


“When Hastings and myself, we first came to the Grand Metropolitan Hotel, there was a man at the desk. He was elderly. He must walk with a stick. But when he goes to his room, which is on the first floor, he proceeds not to the lift that is waiting, no, but to the staircase. It was a performance, Monsieur, but a performance that, to Poirot, did not ring true.”