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Blood and Coca-Cola: The Story of Richard Trenton Chase, The Vampire of Sacrimento

Richard Chase believed that his heart would stop sometimes, that the bones in his skull shifted, that if he held two oranges against his head his brain would absorb the vitamin C.

He also claimed that someone stole his pulmonary artery. Chase believed that Nazis and extraterrestrials were poisoning him, causing the blood to dissolve from his veins.

Richard Chase believed that if he didn’t drink blood he would die.

Chase started out life with three characteristics said to be common among serial killers: he abused animals, was a bed wetter and liked to set fires. His father was described as violent and abusive.

During his adolescence, Chase abused alcohol and drugs. While Chase was attracted to women he found he was impotent and incapable of having an erection.

Chase was sent to counseling and was told his problem was suppressed anger.

After high school, Chase moved into an apartment with some friends but the arrangement didn’t last long. Chase was often drunk or high on LSD or weed. He also walked around the apartment naked even if his roommates had visitors.

When asked to leave, he refused. His roommates left instead, leaving Chase alone in the apartment.

Chase began to catch animals and eviscerate them. Sometimes he would eat their flesh raw.

Chase also concocted an interesting smoothie by putting their organs in a blender with Coca-Cola. He believed that drinking the Coca-Cola and animal organ mixture would prevent his heart from shrinking.

Chase was admitted to a mental institution in 1975. He became sick from injecting rabbit blood into his veins. His father had to take him to the emergency room and Chase was admitted to the mental institution from there.

Staff at the mental institution found Chase with his mouth covered in blood. He claimed he cut himself shaving. The staff found out that he was catching birds through the window of his room, drinking their blood and throwing their bodies out of the window. Chase earned the nickname “Dracula.”

Chase later said that he also fed his need for blood by injecting the blood of therapy dogs with syringes stolen from the doctors’ offices.

Chase was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, prescribed medication and released.

Back at home, Chases’ mother took him off his meds because she thought that they were turning her son into a “zombie.”

Chase’s ’ parents continued to support him and got him his own apartment. On his own, Chase’s thirst for blood resurfaced, shifting from zombie back to vampire.

He trapped, tortured, killed and ate dogs and cats. Chase made some phone calls to neighbors sometimes to let them know that he ate their pet.

Besides blood and guts, Chase was also obsessed with guns. He bought many handguns and practiced shooting on a regular basis.

Another obsession for Chase was the Hillside Strangler case that was current news at the time. Chase believed that the Hillside Strangler was also being poisoned by the Nazis and extraterrestrials.

Chase also had a disregard for personal hygiene. He became dirty and emaciated.

Chase went to his mother’s house with a dead cat. When she answered the door, he shoved the cat in her face. He then threw it down on the porch, tore it open with his bare hands and smeared the blood all over his face and hands. Chase’s mother didn’t report it.

Nevada state police found Chase near Pyramid Lake naked, screaming and covered in blood. The officers had seen Chase’s car, a Ford Ranchero, stuck in a sand drift.

Inside the car, they found a pile of clothes, two rifles and a bucket of blood with a liver inside. The liver was later determined to be a cow’s liver.

When asked where the blood came from, Chase claimed it leaked out of his body.

In December 1977, Richard Chase also started to go shooting - in residential neighborhoods. His first time out he shot into a random home of a Sacramento woman. No one was harmed and police found the slug.

But … Chase was just warming up. Two days later, on December 29, 1977, Chase would commit his first murder by drive-by shooting.

Ambrose Griffin, age 51, was shot and killed by Chase as he was bringing groceries into his house.

It was determined that the bullet came from a .22 caliber rifle. The bullet matched the one found in the Sacramento woman’s house.

Some interesting events occurred leading up to Chase’s second murder.

In January of 1978, Chase’s first recorded incident of the New Year was an assault on a neighbor. He asked her for a cigarette, then restrained her until she gave him a whole pack.

Chase continued prowling the quiet neighborhoods of Sacramento. On January 11, two weeks after the altercation with his neighbor, Chase attempted to break into a house. He later told police that he found the door locked. Chase interpreted a locked door as a sign that he wasn’t welcome and that an unlocked door was a sign that he was welcome.

He found an unlocked home to enter. Chase stole some of their valuables, urinated in a draw of baby clothes and defecated on a bed. The couple returned home from grocery shopping to see Chase coming from the back of the house. The husband tried to stop him but Chase got away.

Chase entered the home of Teresa and David Wallin on January 23, 1978. Wallin, age 22 and three months pregnant, was taking out the trash when she met Richard Chase at the door. Chase shot her three times, then dragged Wallin into the bedroom. Chase stabbed her multiple times with a butcher knife as he had sex with her corpse. Wallin was found by her husband in the bedroom with her pants around her ankles, legs spread and sweater pulled up over her breasts. Her left nipple was cut off and her intestines were pulled out of her abdomen. An empty yogurt container was found near the body with some blood at the bottom of it. Dog feces was shoved down her throat.

Chase committed his last murders on Jan. 27. Evelyn Miroth, age 38, had been babysitting her 20-month-old nephew David Ferrara. A friend, Danny Meredith, age 51, was also visiting and Miroth’s son Jason, age 6, was also home.

The group was found dead by a concerned neighbor when Jason Miroth failed to show up for a play date with her daughter. Danny Meredith had been shot in the head with a .22 caliber handgun, Evelyn Miroth was found in her bedroom eviscerated like Teresa Wallin. Chase had sodomized her corpse. Her son Jason was found on the other side of the bed shot to death. David Ferrara was missing.

Chase left behind hand prints and a bloody shoe print.

Chase drank Miroth’s blood. He took David Ferrara into the bathroom, opening up his head and spilling pieces of brain into the tub. It may have been a knock at the door that caused Chase to run out of the house with the body. Chase took the baby’s body home with him and decapitated it. He then ate little David Ferrara’s organs.

Police were closing in on Chase. Eyewitnesses provided a description and the FBI had developed a profile.

Chase recognized and approached an old classmate, Nancy Holden, at a local shopping center. Holden didn’t recognize the filthy disheveled stranger until he asked, “Were you on the motorcycle when Kurt was killed?” Holden had dated a boy named Kurt who was killed in a motorcycle accident. She asked Chase who he was and was shocked when he replied, “Rick Chase.”

The person standing in front of her bore no resemblance to the Rick Chase she knew from high school. Holden spoke to Chase briefly looking for a way to get away from him. She described him as behaving agitated and nervous. Chase followed Holden into the store parking lot but she managed to jump in her car and drive away.

Holden had read about the crimes in the newspaper. She recognized Chase from the description of a dirty, disheveled, tall, skinny man in an orange parka who had been seen in the neighborhoods where the crimes were committed. Chase fit the description right down to the orange parka he had been wearing when he approached her in the store. Holden reported Chase to the police.

When detectives looked into Chase’s background, they found that a .22 caliber semiautomatic handgun had been registered to a Richard Chase, his history of mental illness, a concealed weapons charge, some minor drug busts and his arrest in Nevada. Detectives found out his address and went to the apartment complex on Watt Avenue, apartment number 15.

When Chase didn’t answer the door, detectives pretended to leave but waited for Chase outside. Chase came out of the building holding a large box and detectives closed in. Chase put up a struggle but they managed to arrest him. They noted dark stains on Chase’s orange parka and that his shoes were bloody. Dan Meredith’s wallet was also found in Chase’s back pocket along with a pair of latex gloves. The box contained, bloody rags and paper.

At the station, Chase wouldn’t talk about the murders He would only admit to killing several dogs. Police went to Chase’s apartment to search it.

Detectives were horrified at what they found. The apartment had a horrible smell and there was blood everywhere. There were dishes in the kitchen with body parts in them, one with human brain tissue in it. There was also a calendar with the word “today” scrawled over the dates of the Wallin and Miroth murders as well as 44 more dates.

The body of David Ferrara was found on March 24. Chase had left the child’s remains in a box beside a church where it was found by a janitor. David had suffered multiple stab wounds and a gun shot to the head.

Chase pled guilty by reason of insanity. But, believe it or not, was judged sane by the jury. He was sentenced to death and sent to San Quentin State Penitentiary.

FBI profiler Robert Ressler interviewed Richard Chase in prison. Chase told Ressler that he drank blood to sustain his life and that Nazis and extraterrestrials were poisoning him through his soap dish. Chase explained that if the soap is wet and gooey underneath, that this indicates the presence of the poison but if the dish underneath is dry there is no poison. It’s the poison that turns blood into powder, he said. The powder then depletes your energy and starts to eat away at your body. Chase took a handful of macaroni and cheese out of his pocket and told Ressler to have it analyzed for poison.

Richard Chase committed suicide. He died on December 26, 1980, having overdosed on his psychiatric meds which he had been storing up.

    The playground was getting boring after so many day’s! Craig was well just standing around with his hands in the pocket of his blue jacket as his hat rested on his mop of hair like normal. Sure he was not hanging out with Tweek today, because he was not gay. Plus recess was Tucker’s alone time away from this idiot’s of class mates along with his best friend Clyde. Well soon enough his dark eye’s fell upon the boy int he orange parka, the most annoyingest kid besides for Eric in the class. A sigh left his lips trying to walk away, not wanting to get into some trouble or a fight with any of them. 

“Go away Kenny, I don’t want to talk with you”

Craig’s nasally voice spoke as he tried to walk away from the spot he was in. Let’s just say his gay little kid mind did not want to have Ken in it, bad enough with Tweek in his mind. Clearly he was not gay! It was also going to stay that way between himself and Tweeker’s for a good while. 


[  unto the breach. ]

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving, my lil turkeys! A little Captain Swan Black Friday AU for you.

Be careful out there. xx

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Who knew the decent into hell would be so cold.

Emma burrows further into her down parka as a blast of icy air rattles her bones as she rushes across the dark parking lot, one hand gripping the beanie pulled low over her ears. It’s barely dawn and all she wants to do is crawl back into bed, to pull the covers over her head and escape into dreams. But she can’t, and everything is terrible, so she mentally works to steel herself, to prepare herself as best as she can for what she is about to experience.

The darkest day of the year.

The seventh level of hell.

Black Friday.

The mall is quiet still when she steps inside, and she hops momentarily in place to restore feeling to her extremities. She desperately needs a new pair of winter boots. But that would require engaging in the one activity she is most loathe to do: shopping. She swallows a sigh. Once upon a time, she had loved to shop. She loved the thrill of the hunt, the spark of victory when she would find the perfect thing for the perfect price. That feeling of wearing something new and shiny, the fun of trying a new style and the little metamorphosis it would bring. But that was before.

Before she was cursed. Cursed to a life in retail.

She hurries down the quiet halls of the mall, weirdly relishing in the cloistered stillness of them. She’s clearly losing her mind. Soon enough they will be transformed into a waking nightmare; throngs of people foaming at the mouth to get deals and steals, clawing and ripping and grabbing as they clamor to embrace the spirit of giving. Happy holidays, indeed. Approaching her home away from home, Granny’s Outfitters, she makes three swift raps with her knuckle on the door, and then Mary Margaret is there, ushering her in with a hug and a cup of coffee. Emma has never loved anyone more.

She waves at David as he counts money into the registers, smiling when his eyes travel past her and land on Mary Margaret with unveiled longing. One of these days, she thinks. Ducking into the small break room, Emma sheds her layers, hanging everything neatly in her locker. She’s struggling with the stupid pin of her nametag when he comes in.

“Morning, Swan.”

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Hey su, today is my birthday and would like to ask you what sns headcanons do you have?

Happy birthday to you, Rachel! May all your dreams and wishes come true, cutie. How old are you now? :D I hope you have a looot~ of fun today! 💕

🍰 Naruto has spent every birthday with Sasuke since he’s back in Konoha, and he doesn’t plan on changing that.

🍰 Sasuke doesn’t care much for his birthday, but he does enjoy spending time with Naruto, so he allows his usuratonkachi every year to throw a not so surprising surprise party for him.

🍰 Every year, Naruto gets a coupon for 20 free bowls of miso ramen with crispy pork by Ichiraku from Sasuke.

🍰 This year, Sasuke got him also a ridiculous orange oversized parka (that actually looks like all the other parkas Naruto has, but he still screamed when he received the gift).

🍰 If Naruto ever goes out for ramen with Sasuke on his birthday, he always gets away with not paying because, “It’s my birthday! I shouldn’t have to pay!”

🍰 Every night on Sasuke’s birthday, Naruto and him (and sometimes Sakura and Kakashi) end it with a sleepover at Sasuke’s house and watch silly horror films, trying to fall asleep, though they usually stay up until the next morning.

🍰 Naruto always eats the leftovers from the birthday cake for breakfast.

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Wei pounded down the sidewalk to the familiar orange parka with legs, slamming into him from behind and wrapping her arms around him. "KENNY!"

“Wei!” He turned around, “how’s it going?”