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Part Two

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: not really, except Jughead may be slightly ooc but just a little

Summary: Jughead is reunited with (Y/N), after meeting her in juvy six years previous.

Part One

“Max, you can’t just pick all the vegetables out,” (Y/N) scolded, as her brother pulled a ketchup-soaked lettuce leaf from his burger and dropped it onto the side of his plate, where it fell with a wet splat.

“Wa-watch me,” Max stuttered smugly.

(Y/N) didn’t force the issue. She watched him take a huge gulp of his milkshake then screw his eyes shut against the brain freeze. In the soft neon glow of the diner, Max couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else’s brother, with his (Y/H/C) hair falling in his (Y/E/C) eyes, he was (Y/N). Minus the criminal record.

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Mayor Angel of Eden (Yes, Angel is my real name lol)

• Orange Tulip
• Doctor’s mask
• Orange Overalls (made by me)
• Pleather pants
• Black ankle socks
• Steel-toed boots

• Quirky & creative
• Lucid dreamer
• Spends free time writing poetry
• Loves harvesting & farming
• Values all of his friendships
• Skilled in the art of pottery
• Lover of God
• Supports autism & anti-bullying
• HUGE cat person
• Mysteriously shy but isn’t afraid to speak up
• Listens to emo/punk/rock music

(This took me WAY too long to make but, this is my first Character Reference, so please excuse how choppy it may look. He is also based off of me.)

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1) Name: Andrea (ann dray uh)
2) Nickname: Dray 
3) Zodiac Sign: Cancer
4) Height: 5′4″ or 163cm
5) Ethnicity: Filipino-Mexican American? mostly american tbh
6) Orientation: This is my body |  | and this is my orientation |  |
7) Favourite Fruit: mango and bananas !
8) Favourite Season: summer.. even if it gets 100°F and higher here
9) Favourite Book: Fahrenheit 451! i like thrillers tbh
11) Favourite Scent: lavender, vanilla, and coconut :3c
12) Favourite Colour: orange overall. but also every other color in pastel tbh
13) Favourite Animal(s): octopus/squids tbh
14) Favourite Beverage: any iced tea.. and currently iced rose tea lmfao
15) Hours to Sleep: 7-9 every week 
16) Favourite Characters: Edward Kenway + Connor Kenway + Arno Dorian from Assassin’s Creed, America + Netherlands + France from Hetalia, Scout + Sniper + Medic from TF2, and… filthy frank.. 
17) Blanket Number: 2 in the summer, 4+ in the winter 
19) Follower Number: 1319 (and that’s after 7 years @_@)
20) Blog Created At: June 2010.. i grew up on this damn site i’m old now  

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anonymous asked:

16 & 27? =)

16.  Favorite drink.
Fresh squeezed orange juice, and overall orange juice with pulp.
I’d love mojitos and whiskey, but the allergies… ToT

27. Favorite artist?
For art;

Ayami Kojima (I waited for her art book for 15 years..!)

Takehiko Inoue (went to his exhibition in Osaka in 2009 and it was one of the best things ever!)

Kaori Wakamatsu (I’ve got her art book, waited for it so long!)

000[REi] (No art book available, bohoo, but I got her postcards. I’d LOVE to have this pic as a huge poster and frame it.)

Sachiko Kaneoya (I have a privilege to be familiars with Sachiko-san. I went to her exhibition in 2014 in Tokyo)

For music my fave artists are Divine, C.C. Catch and Billy Idol

So yeah, my fave art artists are all Japanese and fave music artist are from the 80′s!