orange lipstick review


The spectrum of orange lips - from left to right

Australis Velourlips in Rio-D - love the colour and the pigment, find it unwearable - the way it wears on my lips flakes away so grossly???

Topshop lip cream in Pout - if I were more of a glossy lip girl, I’d love this even more. Great pigment, really pretty true orange. Got it as a gift with purchase in London, own it in a purple as well, love it, really everyday.

Beauty Cottage lipstick in No.7 Romanesque - this is a Thai(?) brand that I can’t find online, received as a gift, but this colour is totally unique. A kind of grown up, burnt orange. Grown up orange. Very cool.

BYS Matte lipstick in L311 Fury - amazing full on intense orange. Super super pigmented, true orange, cheap and everything is wonderful…except the shitty shitty packaging.

Pupa Volume lipstick in 403 Euphoria Red (maybe this is a red not an orange? Who knows) - as red as an orange can get without being classed as a red. Lovely and volumising, my roman souvenir, but a colour I turn too less often as it isn’t matte and the colour is quite…red, whereas when I reach for an orange I want it to be ORANGE.

C-II satin lipstick in Morange - look, I hate rip offs. But mac have the lipstick market cornered and they charge a fortune ($36???) and although I love their colour and the packaging and the scent, I can’t afford it. And these babies, despite being rip offs…they apply like a dream and the colours are bang on. If I love them (like Russian Red), I’ll buy the mac lipstick. But to give it a try, five bucks I can extent on a pretty decent quality lipstick in an awesome shade like this true creamy orange.

Sportsgirl Pout About It lipstick in Orange Crush - I raved about this recently. Like Morange made matte, with possibly a hair less red? Great quality, great price, no more drying than your standard matte.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Audacious - I’ve sung constant praise for this line of matte balms, which are demi-matte and moisturising and have amazing colour payoff. This shade is super summery and the light minty scent is always appreciated.

Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in Make an Entrance - quite a red orange with a hint of shimmer, but I actually love this range so I’m super glad I took a risk on it on my last day in England. No major scent, great colour payoff (although I find that the light colours in this range lack it while the bright colours are bringing it hella strong), affordable and awesome for a power pout.

L.A Colors lipstick in Tropical - my lest favourite but also totally different to any others I own. It was a one pound impulse buy, a true orange with a gold glitter through. Not majorly wearable, but cute for cheap. Definitely fun.

Sportsgirl Pout About It lipstick in Fruit Tingle - a difficult to describe colour - an awesome pastel neon orange coral colour? Reads different on everyone I see it in. Matte and pretty unforgiving, but stunning on well prepped lips.

BYS Matte lipstick in Damsel in Distress (I think! Or Daydreamer??? Will double check) - Similar colour to the above sportsgirl but a dash more orange, less pink. Pastel neon coral orange. Very matte. Awful bys matte packaging.

Astor Heidi Klum Colour Last VIP lipstick in 003 Cheeky - my Austria souvenir! Less orange than my other corals, with a sheen and maybe a slight shimmer which isn’t ideal but it suits the colour. Wears nicely and feels good on the lips, and the packaging feels classier than the price tag would indicate.