orange lantern ring

Time to talk about how great the Orange Laterns are

Firstly, Greed my favorite emotion on the spectrum. It fits me best
Rage is great, but it’s too wild and chaotic, too content to just strike outwards at everything

Larfleeze, the sole Orange Lantern, was content as long as nobody fucked with him
Some Green Lanterns accidentally stepped into his turf and he so he started to fuck shit up

Secondly, he is the ONLY ONE
It’s all him
He was introduced sitting on a mountain of orange lantern rings

Each corp has 5,000 or so

The Orange Lanterns are just Larfleeze

Every lantern can make light constructs, Larfleeze takes his enemies, absorbs them into the battery core and he makes light construct copies of warped versions of his defeated foes. The Orange Lanterns are his property

Thirdly, his battery
Every lantern core has a master battery every ring must return to once a year or so to properly recharge

Most are the size of houses or apartment buildings. Each holds insane levels of power and serve as the central base for their respective lantern corp

But the Orange lantern?
His is portable. He carries it around with him, coveting it
Nobody else does that, nobody else CAN DO THAT. He keeps INSANE LEVELS OF POWER on his person at all times. And it’s like, the size of two basketballs when every other one is the size of a building

And it’s all his

Anyways, rambling over

Drabble: DCU: MINE!

Another deandraws livestream baby


Guy blinked at the two men, mouth open in shock.  “Did he just hiss at me?”

The Flash chuckled and scratched the back of his unmasked head.  “Yeah, he’s been doing that when people get too close.  He actually took a swipe at Superman with a construct.”

A red eyebrow shot up.  “Seriously?”

“Yup, thankfully there was no harm done, and Clark actually found it amusing.“ Barry chuckled again, thinking back on the incident.  "Hal’s always been possessive, but it’s been worse with the Orange Lantern Ring.  He really doesn’t like when people get near me, because apparently I’m-“

“MINE! Get back, he’s my precious!  My shinny! Mine! Mine! Mine!”  Hal was practically wrapped around the speedster, petting his hair and he pulled him closer and tucking Barry’s head under his chin

Barry just laughed and shook his head.  He looked up that the red-haired Lantern, grinning.  “Please tell me you’re recording this.”

Guy snorted and returned the grin.  “Of course I am, no way in hell I’m letting perfectly good blackmail material for the pretty boy pass me by.”