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DC COMICS/DCU: KYLE RAYNER is the lantern i want to see in the DCU more than HAL, JOHN or GUY he has been shown the least, but is the most powerful of them all he started as a GREEN LANTERN & with his background of being a artist, sculptor, photographer & designer KYLE’S constructs are amongst the most powerful. KYLE’S constructs are much more elaborate than those of any other LANTERNS. Then he was able to master all of the different emotional spectrums within the corps thus turning him into a White Lantern. Because he was now able to wield not just GREEN but also BLUE, RED, YELLOW, INDIGO, VIOLET & ORANGE the colors fused into the ultimate “spectrum”, WHITE, which is the “color” of life & now wields the WHITE LANTERN RING

Sheldon’s Star Sapphire T-shirt

If you’re in The Big Bang Theory fandom, you’ve seen this shirt before. But I’m fairly sure many viewers unfamiliar with comics don’t understand the significance of this shirt. In the DC comics there are different lantern corps, the most common of which is the Green Lantern Corps (I’m sure even fans not well versed in comics will know Green Lantern.) Well, the Green Lantern Corps is only one of the lantern corps. The lantern corps have power rings that bestow powers on the wearer, who is chosen because they have certain ideals and attributes that that particular lantern corps values. The Green Lantern Corps values willpower, and thus the rings are powered on willpower and the weakness of the Green Lanterns is fear. There are several more lantern corps the Sinestro Corps (fear), the White Lantern Corps (life), the Red Lantern Corps (Rage),  the Orange Lantern Corps (avarice), the Indigo Tribe (compassion), the Blue Lantern Corps (hope), and the Black Lantern Corps (death). Each lantern corps conducts itself differently and has its own unique oath. The Star Sapphire Corps represents love, and its oath is:

“For hearts long lost and full of fright

For those alone in blackest night

Accept our rings and join our fight

Love conquers all with violet light”

Notably, Sheldon wears his Star Sapphire shirt at the end of “The Gorilla Experiment”

and again when he has dinner with Penny in “The Spaghetti Catalyst”

Whether intentional or not, Sheldon’s Star Sapphire shirt gives these Shenny scenes a deeper romantic subtext.