orange jump suit

88. "After everything I’d still choose you.“ HAPPY

Happy was going away for 14 months. Not much could be done about it. It’s just how the club was.

I was sad and upset that I’d have to see him in an orange jump suit, but it was better that having to bury him.

There were times where he’d try to push me away, but he knew that he’d never rid himself of me.

I was the glue that helped him stay together.
We laid in bed, catching our breaths. Sweat covered our over heated bodies, the cold air of the AC attempting to cool us off.

Happy rolled back on top of me, ready for round 3.

"Gonna get my fill of you woman. Need this to last me.” He said, kissing down my neck.

I groan as I felt him slide back into me. He was slow and gentle this go around, grinding his hips against my overly sensitive mound.

Leaning up on his knees, he pulled me with him, never leaving my slick heat.

With his help, he moved my hips as I sat in his lap. Hap fused his lips to mine, nibbling, sucking and biting at them.

Our lips were bound to be chapped they way we hardly disconnected them.

Whispering agaisnt my mouth, I felt every word he said, “Baby girl,” moan, “you feel,” a deep moan as I rolled my hips the way he liked, “so fuckin’ good.”

If it was possible, we were moving even slower. I could feel every single inch of him.

We were making love and it was the best feeling.

The build up of our orgasams was well worth the release. It seemed to go on and on.

Happy shouting my name in a deep groan triggered my release. I cried into his neck as he slowly pumped into me, prolonging the oh so great feeling.

Any pent up aggression and stress just melted away.

Our bodies shook as I sat still in his lap. Happy hadn’t soften, his member still rock hard and buried deep within me.

He kissed me again, moving the stray strands of hair from my sweaty face.

“You can leave now and I won’t hold it against you.” He said, giving me an out.

I shook my head, “No Hap.”

Running his hand from ass to the back of my neck, he sighed, “Just givin’ you the option.”

“After everything I’d still choose you.” I told him as he laid me back down and hovered over me.

He rolled his hips, making me hiss.

“The thought of someone else…” His voice tapered off, leaving the words unspoken.

“Doesn’t matter who comes in our lives,” I moaned again as he managed to hit that spot.

4 times in an hour and a half was a record for us.

I grabbed his ass, giving him a heafty squeeze, “you’re it for me.” I whined as I felt another release coming on.

Happy grunted, “Music to my ears, baby girl.”

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just like, stane hanging out in a cell with a camera in it and a sign like those dogshaming pics so whenever someone accuses Tony of selling weapons to terrorists he can turn on the feed and just point?

Oh god and stane is just reclining in his orange jump suit smoking a cigar and he sees the red light come on which means someones watching and flips off the camera.

Also if stane was a dog he’d be a bulldog because I’m 99% sure they smoke cigars in their spare time

“why have you got all these nuclear bombs?? …no, no, no… easier question; what’s wrong with my yo-yo?”


When it comes to the ending where Chloe is sacrificed and later accidentally killed by Nathan Prescott many assumed this was showing that he was going to jail cause of the orange jump suit

After brightening the imagine a ton it’s not a prison jump suit but rather his jacket

It shows us he’s confessing about everything that’s happened which resulted in Mr. Jefferson also getting arrested.

After we’ve been clearly shown Nathan Prescott was manipulated and clearly not sane. I don’t think he’ll be going to prison but rather a mental hospital as here he is taking a bargain.

I’m just hoping he gets the professional help he needs rather then being stuffed in a prison

Just a thought I had

you can take what you need, take the air that I breathe

you can take what you need, take the air that I breathe

summary: Jane gets a visitor while in prison - post s1 finale.

The orange jump suit sat loose around her small frame, which was getting smaller by the day. She was thinner than she had ever been, weak and frail and tired. She sat in the corner of her cell, held four floors below what she once called her workplace. It was decided that because this case was so unique in nature that she’d be held here, with them, and not moved to any other facility. It made it easier that way. It made it that much harder. Being so close to them, to the team, her team, but year, so far away.

She smiled briefly when she saw her visitor. He was the only one she’d seen since her arrest, the only one who’d come to see her, to talk to her, and even though she knew he was o my doing it because he had to, somewhere deep within her, a small flicker of hope remained positive that he would’ve come anyway. “How are you doing this morning, Jane?” Dr. Borden asked and she just nodded. He could see how she was doing and lying to him was never a good idea. The guard opened the cell door and he walked in taking a seat across from her on the bench that served as her bed. Dr. Borden was the only one she had talked to, really talked to. The only thing she would say to anyone else who came was, “I’ll only talk to Kurt.” But of course, Kurt never showed up. It had been almost three weeks now and she still hadn’t seen Kurt. Or Tasha. Or Reade. Or Patterson, even. She was pretty sure at this point they knew about Mayfair, but whether they knew about her involvement she didn’t know.

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Vauseman Parallels Season 2 (SPOILERS)

We knew we would get few Piper and Alex scenes this season due to Laura Prepon’s other filming commitments (thank god she is back full time in season 3 because I missed her so much in season 2). I think on a whole people hoped for a couple more scenes than we got but most were pleased with quality of scenes. I certainly was. I did notice a lot of parallels between the scenes from season 2 and the Vauseman scenes in season 1. In some instances it may be a case of looking to hard but many were obvious and clearly filmed and written that way on purpose. So I thought I’d write about it (even though I really should be doing things other than obsessing over OITNB right now!).

The most obvious of these parallels was:

I Love You Flash Back 2x10 - I Heart You 1x11

They are lying in a bed together discussing a drama before sliding onto the topics of feelings (in 1x11 Piper asks Alex why she seems so inevitable to her and in 2x10 she asks Alex if she loved her former girlfriend). In both instances Alex responds by expressing her feelings towards Piper. In 2x10 she says ‘I love you’ says it first and then giggles nervously (she’s actually quite insecure) and encourages Piper to say it back…which she indeed does. In 1x11 Alex isn’t quite brave enough to say I love you so she sticks with 'I heart you’. A sentiment that Piper mocks in good humour before repeating the same words. The kisses in both scenes are almost identical except this time Alex is to the left of the screen and not the right. In both instances she places her hand on Pipers cheek and the kiss is chaste but meaningful. In both scenes they look at each other with the same kind of wide eyes loved up expressions especially Piper’s whose facial expression after both kisses is identical.

I’m going to stick with the scenes from 2x10 for now. So…

Going Down Flash Back 2x10 - Get Over Here Flash Back 1x01

The venue for both scenes is the same (the bed in Alex’s apartment) and both scenes involve conversation peppered with caresses and kisses. In both scenes we have brazen physical sexual references (2x10 Alex emerges from the covers after going down on Piper and in 1x01 she shoves her hand in Piper’s underwear) and verbal references from Alex (2x10 'gone down on a woman before’ and in 1x01 'I want you to come and I want you to cum’). Although the season 2 scene is more adult rated the feel of the scenes are very similar with Alex being the confident, sexual and experienced one (Laura Prepon’s spider analogy of her character) with Piper the very willing and lustful victim. If you watch the scenes closely you can see a lot overlap with Alex’s light hearted and humorous prodding of Piper as well as the very specific way she smiles at Piper in both scenes. Also, how about this for an excellent bit on continuity…the pillow covers are the same in both scenes.  


I Want to Taste What You Taste Like Flash Back 2x10 – Chapel Kiss 1x09

It may seem like there is little to compare here but if you ignore the sheer quantity of dialogue in the season 2 scene and the near lack of it in the season 1 scene and just focus on what is actually happening then things become apparent. In both scenes it is Piper not Alex (the normal aggressor) making clear moves. In 1x09 Piper does this despite the fact she is in a relationship and in 2x10 she does so despite the fact she knows Alex has a girlfriend. Larry is Piper’s fiancée and in the 2x10 flashback Piper tells Alex that if 'that’s her future wife out there’ then Alex can tell her to back off. A strange choice of wording.

Both scenes are Eureka moments in their relationship. In the season 2 flashbacks it’s basically the moment Alex chooses Piper over her 'complicated’ and failing relationship. In season 1 it is Piper choosing to renew a physical relationship with Alex which leads to an intense emotional relationship again. In both scenes the kiss blatantly leads to sex in an inappropriate/public location.

 Onto 2x01 and it’s less obvious but existing parallels:

Through The Bars 2x01 – Laundry Room Dryer 1x08

Both scenes involve a physical barrier between the two women allowing them the confidence to be close, talk and reconnect after negative events and feelings. In 1x08 Alex is stuck in the industrial tumble dryer and they have the thin plastic door between them as the talk/rant about the anger that has built up inside the since splitting in Paris/reuniting in prison. In 2x01 they discuss Alex’s (lack of) anger towards Piper through the metal bars despite Alex telling Piper in 1x13 that she may never come to her with her needs and problems again. Yet there they are discussing Piper’s fear that she had killed Tucky. In both scenes Alex is the one isolated from the surrounding world whilst Piper is in an open laundry room (1x11) or dining hall (2x01). Finally, in both scenes Alex has crazy 'wig out’ moments. In 1x08 she starts beating the crap out of the dryer and in 2x01 she starts talking about losing it in solitary (and the roach).     

Prison Wife 2x01 - Are You Cheating On Me and Larry with Crazy Eyes 1x11

Both scenes involve them talking about the concept of doing the right thing (against doing the easy thing) and take place with something putting a bit of distance between them. In 2x01 they are handcuffed on different sides of the van to each other and in 1x11 they have a table between them. In both instances it makes the conversation more impersonal than if they were alone and without scrutiny. In both scenes Alex jokes about their relationship, using humour to suggest her feelings. In 1x11 she asks Piper if she is cheating on her and Larry with Crazy eyes because there isn’t enough room for four of them in the relationship. The message is actually 'it’s already overcrowded enough for me with Larry included’. In 2x01 she retorts to Piper’s accusation that she is trying to emotionally blackmail her into doing something ('or what? We’re over?) with the quip 'No I want to be your prison wife’. Alex is hinting at the reality of the situation…if it was up to Alex they would never be over…that is always Piper’s decision. Of course the irony is in 1x11 Piper decides to do the right thing whilst Alex does nothing whereas in 2x01 Piper does the wrong thing and Alex does the right thing (because of the plea bargain? Because Piper told her too? Both?).  

 Pool Flashback 2x01 - Shower Flashback/Playing House Flash Back 1x06

Not many parallel’s exactly but it did make me think of the beginning of episode 1x01 when Piper is talking about her love of water and we see a flash of her and Alex all over each other in the shower. In 2x01 they are in a swimming pool together and it is a far less sexual scene but they are intimately draped all over each other. It also has a feel of the high life and extravagance we see Alex and Piper experiencing in the flashback of Alex’s party in 1x06 where she is drinking champagne from the bottle. Her immediate boss is also lingering around in both scenes. In the party scene we see one of Piper’s links to her previous life, her friend Polly, and in the pool flashback she speaks to her father on the phone.


What the Fuck Alex 2x01 - Fuck You Alex 1x12

Very minor comparison here but in both scenes we see Piper’s reaction to an Alex fuck up. In 1x12 its to the news that Alex had indeed sold her out to the feds. She reacts by pushing Alex aggressively and shouting at her, not allowing Alex the chance to explain until much later in the scene. In 2x01 Alex has clearly done the opposite of what Piper has expected her to do and Piper begins to yell at her aggressively (there are bars in the way) without Alex getting the chance to explain (until much later in the series) because her lawyer is dragging her away.

Another little nugget…the first time we here Piper say Fuck you to Alex in season 1 is when she is wearing the orange jump suit. The first time she says fuck you to Alex in season 2 she is in an orange jump suite.

I’m Skipping Town 2x13 - I Pick Him 1x13/50 Shades of Crazy Eyes 1x10

A lot of people will have picked on the parallels between the main Vauseman scenes from both season finales. They involve them sitting at a table and discussing their future…or lack of one. In season 1 it is Piper causing the heart break with her admission that after just getting Alex’s hopes up by talking about their future she has now chosen Larry instead. In season 2 It is Alex telling Piper that she is in danger and she has to skip bail and leave for good, leaving Piper forever. In 1x13 this leaves Alex very much alone and in 2x13 it leaves Piper alone now that Larry and Polly are playing house. In both scenes the person 'leaving’ says 'I love you’ but the person being left doesn’t say it back even though by their words it is implied.

In both scenes the other person’s reaction is on the unreasonable side. In 1x13 Alex rants about Piper never coming to her again with her problems and needs etc Later in the episode Alex turns Piper away because she is angry…this directly leads to Piper being very much alone when Tucky attacks her and therefore the end of season 1 drama. In 2x13 Piper selfishly tells Alex she can’t leave her despite the fact Alex is in a lot of danger. Later in the episode Piper makes sure Alex can’t leave by getting Polly to report her for breaking parole. This leads to the drama of Alex being caught with a gun by her Parole Officer at the end of season 2. Both scenes set up possible conflict between them for the next season.

There are also some parallels between the 2x13 scene and the scene in 1x10 when they are playing cards. Again they are sat across from one another at a table and despite the fact there should be lingering resentment between them they still manage to quip and make each other laugh. In 2x13 Piper admits that she is not angry but confused by Alex. In 1x10 that sentiment is matched by her admittance that it feels so normal for them to be smiling and laughing together, something she is obviously confused by. Both scenes highlight the point Alex makes in 1x10. That no matter what has happened you snap back to being important to each other because you are important. They are inevitable to each other come rain or shine.     

 A couple of random points…

 The two heaviest Vauseman episodes of each season were episode’s named after Mendez (Pornestache). 1x11 Tall Men With Feelings (with the I heart you, the chapel hug etc) and 2x10 Little Mustachioed Shit (with a lot of the early relationship flashbacks including the I love you scene).

In both season we have an obligatory Piper and Polly girly chat about Alex flashback (with Polly not really approving). In season one that happens in the 1x06 flashback at Alex’s fancy party where Piper justifies her relationship with the announcement of her seven orgasms filled previous evening. In the 2x10 flashback Piper tells Polly that in dating Alex she feels she has finally discovered what sex is meant to be like (and by the look on her face its wonderful).

In season 1 Piper ignores Alex’s early olive branch attempts at communicating with her (saying hello at the end of episode 1, trying to sneak her food when red is starving Piper out, trying to get her to sit next to her at induction, ruining her yoga Zen etc) before Piper finally gives in. In season 2 Alex bombards Piper with letters even though she knows she probably won’t read them. When you see the pile of letters you can see the envelope’s are all different colours like she is hoping she might trick Piper on a day she isn’t really concentrating into reading one by mixing the style of envelopes up. Eventually Piper gives in and reads the latest letter.

 In 2x01 Piper pretty much spells out her feelings for Alex in court in front of Larry’s father (her lawyer) who tells her after her statement that he is done with her. Larry tells Piper he is done with her after making her confess her feelings towards Alex over the phone in 1x11.

General observations…

Most actors/actresses look uncomfortable and awkward in sex scenes or scenes of a sexual nature. Laura Prepon on the other hand actually looks like she is having great fun which certainly adds to the authenticity of the scene. I’ve never seen anyone look quite so gleeful to be doing something prevocational on camera or so willing to cheerfully grope her acting partner at every available opportunity. Laura Prepon I salute you. 


Taylor Schilling just looks thrilled to have Laura Prepon lying on top of her…which is fair enough really considering she’s being paid to be groped by one of the hottest women currently on television. 

So that is all folks. If anyone can think of any others add them on :-)

untitled [chapter one]| miraculous

prompt: My own post. It basically gives the run down of everything about to happen.
pairings: Love Square
notes: I’ve been thinking about writing something multichapter for the Miraculous fandom and I could never really think of anything, until I had a sudden thought today. This may be a bit out of character at first, but bare with me, it’s all apart of character development. Also, this is a bit different than you’re used to seeing from the show, bare with me, please. :] So please enjoy this!


She didn’t mind the word, her entire life revolved around it so she had learned to become accustomed to the two syllable word. It defined her in ways that she couldn’t ignore. So she became it until she couldn’t be it anymore.

“Marinette, are you listening?” Alya waved her hand in her face, disrupting her blank stare just as the afternoon bell released them from school. 

Marinette gave a curt laugh, brushing her bangs awkwardly out of her eyes. “Yeah, sorry, off in a daze again. You know me.” 

Alya shook her head as they both headed out of the room. “What am I gonna’ go with you Mari’.” But no matter how air headed Marinette seemed at times, Alya was there wrapping an arm around her shoulder and asking to grab coffee which Marinette always declined. 

It wasn’t that she didn’t like Alya, the girl was her best friend after all. It was that having these emotional attachments wasn’t something she wanted. At least not now as she was becoming more accustomed to the lifestyle of being Ladybug. If something had happened to her, she didn’t want these emotional ties with people. So being on her own became a natural part of her everyday life. She often wondered how she got hold of the ladybug miraculous. If it wasn’t for Fu, she would have never put on the earrings and transformed. Maybe the old man saw something in her that she couldn’t see yet. 

“Ah, well, all right. At least let me walk you home.”Marinette could never turn down Alya when she smiled, so she had no choice but to agree.

Today the Parisian air was thick, dark clouds hung over head and she could smell the moisture from the dirt. Overhead the clouds rumbled with their threats that echoed through the streets. And she could have sworn she felt a rain drop of two on the end of her nose. 

It had been gloomy for several days, and with each passing hour it seemed there were more clouds gathering - thick and heavy with their gray coloring. Yet it still hadn’t rained, but when it did she wondered how slippery the tops of the roofs would be. 

“Did you see that Marinette?” Alya jostled her shoulder, grabbing her attention and looking to where her fingers pointed. 

There was something floating in the sky, a single black speck in the overcast of color. But then there were more, several more. In fact they kept multiplying every time she blinked. Then suddenly there were hundreds. 

“Akumas.” Marinette cursed the word under her breath. 

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prisoner escapes from jail in orange jump suit, runs to forest, blends in as hunter.  skeptic cop says where’s your gun.  prisoner says i only eat what i can kill with my bare hands.  cop says ok.  prisoner free at last.  reblog if you were inspired


Word Total: 971

Request: Anonymous asked: Can you do a kylo x reader with this, “You can hate me, you can dislike me but how can you cheat on me?”

Pairing:  Kylo Ren x Reader

Notes: I love writing in the cold weather… though my fingers are freezing


They sat in silence eating the last meal of the day. Metal hit the ceramic of the plate. “Are you sick?” Kylo Ren stated looking at the woman in front of her. Y/N raised her gaze of her lap up to Kylo. She hadn’t even touch the glass of water in front of her.

Y/N shook her head and tried not to stare too much at Kylo. He had removed his mask. She admitted that he was handsome but he got mad all those times when she took time to admire his face. “I am feeling sick of late. That’s all” She replied looking down at her lap.

Kylo looked at Y/N closely. There was something off with her. He closely inspected her. His eyes widen when he heart it, three heart beats steadily on his ear.

Y/N looked up from her lap at the sudden leave of Kylo. Did he was upset because she had not been eating with him? Maybe … she never knew with this man.

She was married to him. Though she didn’t know why he had accepted. It was merely a business transaction. Y/N was intrigued, but she never asked.

Y/N hated this ship, it was very complicated to navigate through it. Everything looked the same to her. She hadn’t seen Kylo for the last few days. Maybe he was busy with important First Order matters. She quickly spotted a known face.

It was one of the few people Kylo, let her talk to. It was one of the Knights of Ren. “Iris” the small female stopped in her tracks and looked over her shoulder. “I need to see your master; I have something important to tell him”

Iris frowned. “I thought, master. Inform you”

“Of what?” Y/N asked.

“He left a few days ago… “Iris stated

Y/N walked through the lonely halls of the spaceship. She had heard from Iris that Kylo was back. It had been hours that she had waited for him in their room. “Where he possibly is?” she whispered to herself looking to her left.

Kylo Ren woke up with a sudden jolt. He had seen it. Y/N laid dead in the white linen sheets, blood was everywhere. “Master Ren” Kylo glared at Iris. “She has been asking for you”

“Didn’t I tell you? To not let her wonder around” Kylo growled pushing all the stacks of papers from his desk. “Do I have to do everything myself?” he gritted his teeth. How could a dream affect him so much?

Y/N was just a pawn. Leader Snoke needed the planet’s resources for the new Death Star. A simple and useless pawn, in his game to complete what his grandfather had started. “Tell her I am busy. I am not in the mood for her childish demands”

“As you wish, Master Ren” With that the door closed behind her.

More and more nightmares started to plague his nights. He was not going to take this to the Supreme Leader. It was his foolishness… and he needed to get rid of the problem.

Y/N sat across Kylo as they ate. It had been a month since she had seen him. His eyes were swollen and dark bags appeared below them. “Is there something bothering you?” Y/N dared to ask.

“Nothing that concerns you” Kylo said darkly looking down at his food. “Iris, said that you needed to tell me something”

Y/N sighed; of course, the almighty Kylo Ren would not ask for forgives or give an apology. “Nothing” she replied taking a bite of her food. She protectively put a hand over her small swollen abdomen. She was a month in the gestation of twins. Of that’s what the medical droid told her…

Kylo ignored her more and more. It was like he was avoiding her like a plague. A contagious disease, Kylo Ren hated her; she had concluded. Of course, he had sent his servant to tell her that she was being noisy.

Y/N was two months pregnant, when he saw him again. “I have come to the conclusion that you need to return to your home planet” Kylo stated as they silently ate again. Y/N’s fork fell down the glass table. “You are of no use here. I will send Iris, to go with you” he ended without even looking at her.

“Why?” Y/N asked balling her fists. At first she had not believe it, that Kylo Ren was cheating. She thought it was just rumors. But now the pieces fall into place, of course it made sense. He was disposing of her like a used tissue.

Her blood boiled as the more she thought about it… Kylo had been avoiding her for months and didn’t want to see her…

“You can hate me, you can dislike me but how can you cheat on me?“ Y/N shouted at him. Standing up from the table, she smacked her hands down the glass table. “I am your wife” tears cascaded down her cheeks.

“You are aware, this was never a mutual agreement” Kylo said as he swiftly stood up and glared at Y/N. “Unlike you, I never agreed to it” with that he turned around and left the room.

Y/N sat in the ship that was taking her to her home planet. “Make sure that she arrives safely” She heard Kylo told Iris.

“Yes, Master Ren” Iris replied, Y/N crossed her arms and glared at the knight.

Y/N glared at the knight as she told the pilots to leave at once. “I’m sorry, master’s orders” Iris said raising her hand.

“What no… you ca—“

Y/N woke up in a complete white room. “Oh you’re awake” She turned her head and looked at a man in a orange jump suit smiling at her.

“Who are you?” Y/N asked

“I’m Poe. Poe Dameron”

Winter Premiere Rant (I really need to rant)

1 - The Liars are ridiculous. They are literally becoming so stupid that it’s physically hurting me. They are almost proving that evolution can go backwards.

2 - Emily. Seriously woman what are you playing at?! You begged Ali to come back, you talked her into it, you protected her in 5x06 and now you’ve turned your back on her and for what? Blinder than Jenna. You deserve to be banged up with Ali for incriminating evidence.

3 - Paily. See you later Paige have a safe flight. That scene on the bed was just eek. Least said about that the better (I’m not a fan of cringey goodbyes). And I still think Paige is shady to some degree; the airport thing was strange, like she knew something but wasn’t telling.

4 - Spencer. Fuck you basically. Fuck you. (Good job I love Troian).

5 - Aria. You are a muppet. A should have nail gunned you to the wall properly. And that whistle hahahaha. Been bombed out of houses, trapped in boxes on trains, held at gun point (and then you killed the girl who held you at gun point) and you’re running about blowing a whistle at Ali?!

6 - Hanna. I’ll let you off this episode since Mona was your (ex) best pal but that’s about it really. Even Hanna knew Ali’s not A at the end of the ep.

7 - Ali: Is. The. Star. Of. This. Show. It’s as simple as that. She’s an incredible asset to the show. I want to see MORE of her not less. Her story this season has been wrecked imo. They made such a hype about her return and it’s been garbage viewing so far. Also how talented is she? In a cell and can set off fireworks miles away in the shape of an A. Incredible so she is. On the plus side how good does she look in her orange jump suit? Unreal!

The Liars’ face when they finally ’GET’ it that Ali is not A will be the best thing about season 5 and that’s saying a lot.

Rant Over.

Major Life is Strange spoilers for the Ending of the Game

Okay so you can yell at me if you want I guess but I have a question? Why is everyone just assuming that Nathan goes to forever prison never to be heard from or see the light of day again after he’s arrested in the Sacrifice Chloe ending? There’s not really a lot of evidence to support that? I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know a whole lot about the arrest and trial process but you do not just go to forever prison because you’ve been arrested. 

They show him getting arrested here: 

And here: 

Like okay yes Nathan was clearly arrested. But of course he was? Chloe is dead and it’s pretty obvious that Nathan did it, they’re not just going to let him go. As for the second picture he’s obviously handcuffed (he was arrested for murder and they are going to keep him handcuffed), and obviously has an orange prison suit next to him, but considering that this picture replaced the picture of him and Warren fighting I’m guessing it occurs around the same time on the timeline, and this is not Nathan being sent to forever prison. (he wouldn’t have been sentenced even in the week of time Max skipped let alone in the few hours since he shot Chloe.) Most likely he’s being processed and interviewed, and will then be held until bail is posted and payed. This all means that there are plenty of possibilities for Nathan’s future. Is one of them prison? Possibly yes. Is prison the most likely option, given that Nathan has clearly been manipulated and abused his whole life, and all the dirt he has on Jefferson? No. They could try and bully him into a plea deal, but any good lawyer isn’t gonna let him do that when he clearly has so many other options, and if for no other reason Mr. Prescott (The asshole) will probably shell out for a good lawyer to try and stop the embarrassment of Nathan going to prison from happening. It’s not the best situation to be in and it’s shitty that he’s going through this after everything that’s happened to him, but it’s not the end of his life and it could possibly lead to him getting some help. 

tl;dr: The Bea probably isn’t going to go to forever prison just because he was arrested guys pls calm down. 

Edit: Ey so I just got an ask from spookychu correcting me on part of the above! The thing laying next to Nathan might not actually be an orange jump suit but his jacket, considering he still has his regular blue and white shirts on and his Jacket seems to be missing for some reason. It looks orange to me but that just could be because i have crappy eye sight, my computer color resolution is pretty shitty and the screen cap isn’t great either. Either way that is mostly probably just an image of Nathan being booked. 


Sam & Dean Pics   my endless∞spn caps   (Folsom Prison Blues 2x19)

Sam 100000000000% done w/Dean’s crap

#omg they are even really hot and sexy in orange jump suits, especially with the blue coats and omg the handcuffs 

🔒Prison AU🗝(PRIVATE RP for @little-miss-sugar-and-spice)

A group of men booked it down a long hallway, passing one numbered door after another, their heavy footsteps sounding like a stampede hitting the red carpet; sirens went off over the intercom. “Alert, alert” A female voice sounded, monotone, surrounding the group, following them as they continued to run. “This is not a drill. You have been notified to stay in your rooms. Do not attempt to leave your rooms until you have been notified, this is for your safety”

They continued to fly down the hall when suddenly a group of swats came at them from the opposite one, then another and they took the only way they could go-through a metal door and up the stairs. “Alert, alert. This is not a drill~” The warning message continued as they went up flight after flight after flight then burst through the top door and ran across the cement when they suddenly realized they were on the roof- with no where to go.

“FUCK!!!” One man shouted as a few more spread out, looking over the edge of the building, all panted hard, out of breath.

“Were surrounded!!” One called, looking back at the others as another stared down to the streets; sirens sounded below them but was blurred with the height they were at, the soft wind taking it away. One man, sporting a pair of leather pants and pointed boots calmly walked to the edge, looking down at the frenzy of cop cars hundreds of feet down. They licked over the piercing on their top lip then after a moment turned around swiftly; the group was cursing up a storm, going into utter panic as they were trapped but he said nothing.

The man looked over the scene moving his jaw to the side a bit and growled almost silently in his throat. “fuck this!” One guy said and went to jump off the roof when the the man with the piercing grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him down hard and he fell backward to the ground. He grunted in pain, looking up at at the man with glossy eyes; terrified.

The man said nothing, the rest of the group still in a panic when he turned away from the guy still sitting on the cement and walked to the middle of the roof, his heels clicking like a heart beat on the surface. He stood still then suddenly let himself fall, sitting Indian style with his arms leaning on his thighs, the man with tears in his eyes just stared. He took out a cigarette, lit it and puffed out some smoke before lying his arm back on his thighs. Another member caught him sitting then another, then all looked his way.

“What the HELL are you doing?!!” One shouted.

“Get up we need–” One member was cut off when the swat teams burst through the door, guns aimed and ready to shoot as they stormed in. All the members but the man sitting aimed their guns as well but we’re taken out quickly then the second swat team approached, surrounding the man with the cigarette, his head hung a bit low and their guns pointed dangerously close; he was calm. A helicopter suddenly flew above the building, turning on its search light with harsh noise and aiming it down, directly on the man. Slowly he lifted his head up and revealed his face, a hard but accepting look in his eyes; one brown the other blue.

The same pair of eyes shot open, the swat team gone, a harsh banging against metal waking the man up. “Wake up time- everyone up!!” A voice sounded, it echoing from behind the door; several voices sounded, annoyed and grumpy as the man sat up in bed and licked his lips. The piercing was gone but the scar still remained, he stretched cracking his neck then yawned as he put his back to the door; he was now wearing an orange jump suit. He looked down at the floor, a thoughtful look in his eyes. ’…Five years, huh’ he thought blankly.

The Kill — &yeѕ-eмѕwαɴ

                “’Sup, Swan." 

   Lana’s eyes focused on the newest convict, plump lips forming a smirk as she watched the blonde with interest. She was pretty — hellishly pretty, and Lana had made it her mission to make her, her’s. Prison was boring, the writer needed her share of fun. 

           Whether the other woman swung the same way? Well, that was yet to be tested. 
                              Sex with a woman was indeed a luxury. 
     { She’d be insanely crazy if she denied herself that. It was blissful. }

  Her body was dressed in the repulsive orange jump suit that the prison provided, hair down, resting on her shoulders. And, surprisingly, it still had as much life in it as it did when she was sent down. Thank god for the reasonably good prison shampoo and convict hairdresser. 

           At least she could be locked up and still look pretty. 

     ”I was wonderin’ if you wanted to talk a walk around the grounds? You don’t seem to have made a single friend yet and I’m pretty fucking bored.“