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Bandit The Panther I Have This Town

Bandit The Panther are a lo fi acoustic-folk-punk-ska group from the London area. I found out about this band by finding one of their badges in my pocket after a night out with no memory of how it got there, so i thought i would check them out. First impression, like The Clash but acoustic, but upon listening to it more i realised i like this more than i ever liked The Clash.

This first track from this six track EP is called ‘Landing The Sleep Attack’ and if Johnny Hobo’s Love Songs for the apocalypse wasn’t proof enough trumpet and acoustic guitar sounds great this song will do it for you. This song is also a great start to showing off the great sing along moments this whole EP features throughout it.

The second track is titled 'Turning Rebellion Into Bunnies’, which is generally about the music industry and what the band think is wrong with it; “this worn out indie craze, has seen such better days”. This song also has this amazing acoustic ska breakdown part which is a great addition to the song, along with the whistling bit just after, which i find myself doing to myself when not thinking about it. This and the third track 'From Summer To Streatham’ really show how this is the bands interpretation on a 'summer’ album. 'From Summer To Streatham’ is a ska song, with a great fast beat (as to be expected). And also features an amazing sing along part which is just 'I feel it in here’, which is hard to not want to join in with, and just wraps the song up nicely.

The fourth track is the title track from the EP 'I Have This Town’, this is a fun very summery track which although may not be the best track almost encapsulates the EP as a whole. It is upbeat with 'wo-oh’ bits, and an easy to pick up and sing a long chorus. By this point a clear theme in these songs.

Next is 'Landmarks’, which is a slower reggae type song, with more great sounding trumpet. I especially love the reggae strumming on the acoustic in this song, probably one of the best examples of acoustic reggae i’ve ever heard. And it then ends on this great happy guitar riff and one last repetition of the main line. This song or the last would probably be the best from the EP if i had to choose one (which i still can’t it seems).

Finally is 'The Schooner’, this son takes a slightly more melancholy tone for the end of the EP, in both lyrics and music. The lyrics from this song stand out to me more than the rest of the songs, even though all the song have lyrics which truthfully speak about life and living in certain aspects, even if a little cliche, who doesn’t like a cliche. But this song has all this, and then spoils us with two amazing sing along bits, which sends the EP of on a great note. Then almost to show that this was meant to be there summer EP the last word said is even 'Summer’.

Have to say i love this EP, and have done ever since i first heard it a few months ago, and have been meaning to review it for a while, with work and things our reviews have been a bit more sparse than we would like. I was goign to give the EP a 4/5 but after i got my hard copy with this note…

.. I coundn’t not give this one a 5/5…this stegosaurus made my day.