orange is the new black season 1 gif


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 67 gifs of the adorable Lovie Simone as Zora Greenleaf in Greenleaf season 1 episode 1. Simone is an actoress who made her debut in 2016 starring in Greenleaf. So far she has only acted in Greenlead and Orange Is the New Black. Ethnically, she is of Black(African-American) descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were completely unintentional. Some are bigger versions of the same gif to see her face clearer. I made all of these gifs and honestly you can use them in anyway but if you add them to a crackship or gif hunt or anything of the sort please give me credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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