orange is the new black confessions

Jealous (Bucky x Reader)

Request: @benjamincookismyrace Could please do a Bucky imagine where he sees tony flirting with the reader only to find that tony is doing it on purpose and Bucky confesses his love to the reader?💕

Words: 1,127

Warnings: None that I can think of 

I’m binge watching Orange Is The New Black and its so good omg

“I don’t like this.” You crossed your arms and pushed your lip out in a pout. Tony threw his head back and groaned, his feet stomping across the room as you two walked. 

“You don’t say? It’s only the millionth time you’ve mentioned it.” Tony flicked his eyes open and squinted them in your direction. “It’s going to work.” 

“Yeah but how do you know? This plan could fail epically, or worse! He won’t even care, oh god, maybe he’ll support it-” 

“Oh he won’t support it,” Tony held the door open for you. “He’ll hate it. Which is what we want. Listen, you want Barnes to finally confess his heart to you, then this is what you gotta do!” 


“No buts!” Tony stopped walking and turned to face you, he placed his hands on your shoulders and gave you a small shake. “All you have to do is stand there and look pretty, I’ll do the rest. Got it? Besides, you’re not the one risking your life, here.” 

You giggled, “He’s not gonna kill you Tony, it’s just me we’re talking about.” 

“Yeah, exactly, it’s you we’re talking about!” 

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C: I am so pissed right now!!! I just started watching OITNB season 4 and as I’m in the middle of the season, I learn that Poussey (one of only THREE queer black women on the show) was killed at the end of the season. She had always been one of my favs and she just got into this adorable relationship with another characters, Soso, which I loved and just as I’m getting into this ship, they decide to kill her?! But what pisses me off even more is that all these white girls, both straight and lesbians, on here are saying that her death was justified because it brought to light issues with police brutality and the black lives matter movement and I haven’t watched the episode and I don’t know if I’m even going to because I’m SO UPSET RN, but they say Poussey was killed by one of the timid, likeable guards by “accident”, so to me instead of that sending a message about how police brutality is bad, that sends a message that when police kill black people, it’s not on purpose, which basically negates the whole anti-police brutality sentiment. They said on the show that the authorities of the prison tried to cover it up and that no one was punished so that sends a message that our prison system is messed up but STILL, why couldn’t you find another way to do it???!! Poussey was probably the most likeable character on the show, she was a lesbian, and she was BLACK. First of all, I don’t care what message you were trying to send, you don’t kill off your most likeable character!!! That’s just common sense. And secondly, lesbians hardly get any representation as it is, so for there to be a BLACK, HAPPY, LESBIAN, it’s extremely rare and you’re just going to kill her off to spread a message that could’ve been spread and impactful in 100 other ways. 

As a black lesbian myself, it’s very hurtful and it’s even more hurtful when I see all these bitches, most of whom are white, on Tumblr trying to justify the death by saying that it sent a social justice message. BITCH I DON’T CARE!!! They killed off a type of character that probably won’t pop up in entertainment any time soon and I think that it’s just so inconsiderate for them to immediately try to justify it instead of giving people time to grieve. The reason they’re so quick to justify it is because they’re not black queer women and they didn’t see Poussey as a model figure like black queer women do.

When Lexa died on the 100 (she was a white lesbian), I totally stanned for all the white lesbians who were devastated. Sure, Lexa was shot by a stray bullet and in a meaningless way, but I didn’t justify it by saying, the actress was a main character on another show so she had to leave, no, I let people grieve, I said it was wrong, and I stood by them, even though Lexa’s death didn’t directly impact me as a black queer woman. White people always do this!!! (I’m not talking about the few white people who have been respectful and stuck by us queer black women on the issue–you guys are good) They never put themselves in other people’s shoes or try to be considerate, they always have to justify something if doesn’t directly affect them and they still think that they’re being progressive and open-minded and I’m sick of it. The writers could’ve found another way to send the message without killing off one of the only happy, black, queer, and woman representation that we have. I’m done with this show.